Guest Posting

We Accept Guest Posting on Our Website

We welcome guest posting on our blog where a writer who contributes his or her own original and unique contents. So, guest posing refers what for our site whether asking for some specific including with the contents. The guest post helps spreads services, brands or products with different audiences that drive new traffic to a site. Our blog, congratulates guest posts when it meets quality with appropriate values. So, this is a great way to make a relationship while it provides extra cash as well.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting that’s also known as guest blogging, which to contribute a post is on some other’s website or blog. It aims to post while expecting to build links, relationships, authority, and exposure. Links which relates to ranking factors in the SEO purposes while it offers a strong opportunity to secure a link from a different website. Besides, it comes with marketing considerations to others. It establishes bloggers and contributors’ relationships for the additional exposure that helps to dominate over audiences.

What 9sblog Expects & Offers for Guest Posting?

The blog, provides different types of contents what can meet the need of the daily use. It offers contents that relate the lawyer, attorney, claims, credit, decrees, hosting insurance, loans, and mortgages. So, it expects the posts to meet the needs which cover the related issues. Furthermore, the content must complete the SEO requirements along with hundred percent unique. Also expects grammatically correct, in active voice high-quality posts. When it gets all requisitions, we offer a nice compensation up to $20 which is depending on the niches.

Our Recommendation While Write a Guest Post

Here are some recommendations for our site when you want to write in it:

Prepare the field of the post: Note that you must not jump to find the opportunity of the guest writer. Because there’re several things to know when writing a post. So, prepare yourself and learn what the sites requires well before starting to write.

Know the Content of the Blog: Realization of the contents of the target blog is a key. They must have keywords and sub-keywords to use in content. So, get some knowledge of SEO which comes as the first target for some blogs, such as our one.

Types of levels: It’s another important thing when to write a post whether the post level is beginners or, intermediate or, advanced. Since a beginner level’s writer can’t make a content of the expert or, even intermediate level. Also, understand the niches while the blog or site is for general consumers or business purposes.

The Guest Posting What We Prefer

At first get a visit our sites that will make you understand its posts which are very essential for us. And then you’ll realize the pitch of the blog and keywords along with topics as well. Moreover, you can work with blog audiences that will provide you good ideas of the blog’s topics.

And finally, to increase the changes of accepting your post as a guest, make a comment on the latest post. If you share the post on the Twitter that can give you some bonus points, so it makes your change double. When there all get complete inside of you, then send content as a guest to consider.

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