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Equalizer 2 movie

The Equalizer 2 movie is one of the upcoming US thriller films. The director is Antoine Fuqua and writer is Richard Wenk. This is a sequel to the Equalizer of 2014, which is based on the similar classy TV series. The stars of the films are Denzel Washington, Ashton Sanders, Melissa Leo, Pedro Pascal, and Bill Pullman. The release date of the film is going to the theatres on July 20, 2018, in the USA.

But, you probably don’t know is coming out this year one movie. This is the movie that should find purchase atop your Must See of 2018 list. It’s coming to theaters this summer is the next sequel in a magnificently nasty old-man-revenge story. Yes, we’re talking about Denzel Washington once again partnering with Antoine Fuqua for The Equalizer 2 movie in this year.

Trailer of the Equalizer 2 Movie

Summary of the Equalizer 2 Movie

In the Equalizer 2 movie, Denzel Washington returns to one of his signature roles in the first sequel of his career. You’ll see in the movie that Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the browbeaten. But, how far will he go when that is someone he loves? Here, Robert McCall learns that one of his longtime friends, Susan, gets murdered. So, to get the revenge, McCall decides to return to his old ways and seek out and find and punish the perpetrators.

Quick Notes of the Equalizer 2 Movie

  • Director: Antoine Fuqua
  • Producer: Jason Blumenthal, Todd Black, Denzel Washington, Steve Tisch, Mace Neufeld
  • Screenplay: Richard Wenk
  • Starring: Denzel Washington, Ashton Sanders, Pedro Pascal, Melissa Leo, Bill Pullman
  • Music by: Harry Gregson-Williams
  • Cinematography: Oliver Wood
  • Editor: Conrad Buff IV
  • Production Company: Columbia Pictures, Escape Artists, Zhiv Productions, Mace Neufeld Productions
  • Distributor: Sony Pictures
  • Release date: July 20, 2018 (USA)
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Surround, DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, IMAX 6-Track
  • Color: Color
  • Aspect Ratio:  2.39: 1

Production of the Equalizer 2 Movie

Seven months before the release of the Equalizer 2 movie on February 24, 2014. With Richard Wenk penning the script again it announces that Sony Pictures and Escape Artists were planning a sequel. Also, Antoine Fuqua said in an interview that there would be a sequel to the film only if audiences and Denzel Washington wants it in early October 2014. He adds more than it was an interesting character and the sequel could have more of an international flavor. Besides, the Sony Picture had officially announced a sequel with Washington returning to his role as vigilante Robert McCall, while Fuqua’s returning was not yet set On April 22, 2015. After that, in September 2016, the movie producer reveals that the script of the film was done and Fuqua would be returning to direct the sequel with the shooting to start in September 2017.

Pedro Pascal was cast in the Equalizer 2 Movie for an indefinite role on August 21, 2017. Melissa Leo and Bill Pullman were set to reprise their roles from the first film as Susan and Brian Plummer two days later. It was reported that the film’s producers are Jason Blumenthal, Black, Washington, Steve Tisch, Mace Neufeld, Alex Siskin and Tony Eldridge. Moreover, Ashton Sanders joins the film to play a character that Washington’s character considers a father figure on August 24, 2017. And finally, it was open that Sakina Jaffrey had been cast On March 25, 2018.

Filming of the Equalizer 2 Movie

As we know the principal photography on the film began in the South End area of Boston, Massachusetts, on September 14, 2017. Besides, the filming of the movie was also done on Lynn Shore Drive in Lynn, Massachusetts, and in Marshfield.

Denzel looks for Revenge in The Equalizer 2 Movie Trailer

In the Equalizer 2 movie, Denzel Washington’s character Robert McCall exacts revenge in the first trailer. He warns in the exciting clip “They kill my friend. So, I’m gonna kill each and every one of them”. He also says “And the only disappointment is that I only get to do it once.” We break down every one of the ‘Fences’ star’s greatest performances From ‘Magnificent Seven’ to ‘Malcolm X’. Washington reprises his role as a retired special-ops agent in the sequel to 2014’s The Equalizer. But, Edward Woodward is the franchise’s efficient take on the 1980s TV series of the same name. Antoine Fuqua, the director, who helms the first installment as well. The new trailer of the sequel sees McCall venturing to Turkey, where he tries to save a little girl who was kidnapped from her American mother.

With the violently battling enemies inside a speeding train and the opening sequence features harrowing scenes of him. One of his close friends also gets murdered in the meantime. As a result, he seeks blood soaking revenge in the clip. On previous films, Fuqua and Washington collaborate. This also includes the 2001’s Training Day, which brought Washington an Oscar for Best Actor for the Magnificent Seven of 2016.

Denzel Washington is back

As Robert McCall in the first trailer for The Equalizer 2 movie, Denzel Washington is back. Denzel has just about done it all throughout his remarkable career. But, he’s never done a sequel before which was the exception though. There was finally hope that Denzel could have a franchise on his hands when the Equalizer hit theaters in 2014. Here, Sony made it real while green-lighting Equalizer 2 along with bringing back director Antoine Fuqua in the process. Equalizer brought McCall back into the world he wants to leave taking a simple premise of a man looking to put an earlier life behind him. So, when he successfully saves Teri (Chloe Grace Moretz), he made free of the Russian threat to her life. But, now, there’s another matter that demands him to interfere.

Besides, Sony releases the first trailer for Equalizer 2 movie recently. While considering the numerous release date changes the sequel goes through already the trailer is a long time coming. The first look at Denzel’s sequel shows there’s more fun to be had with this franchise yet now set to hit theaters at the end of July. The trailer for Equalizer 2 wastes no time showing what the sequel is all about as the first piece of marketing. Dismantling a few bodyguards in roughly 10 seconds to open the trailer McCall is still as efficient as ever. In need, it comes into view he hasn’t entirely retired after all where he’s spending his free time helping those. However, all of his good work isn’t going disregarded. So, McCall also relieves to see Pedro Pascal’s character and he looks to be more of a friend than a villain.

Denzel Washington – the Black Panther Star is IN

With Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Magnificent Seven) also sat once more in the director’s chair it marks the actor’s first sequel. Although the trailer does suggest we can say farewell to Melissa Leo’s Susan Plummer There a very few plot details so far. Besides, the other stars of the film are Ashton Sanders, Pedro Pascal, Sakina Jaffrey, and Melissa Leo that you know already. When the first film releases in 2014, it gets fairly mixed reviews. With a worldwide box office gross of over $192 million it swiftly proves a major commercial success.

Another Most Anticipated Movie Of 2018

It could be an easy overwhelm while looking ahead to all the 2018 multiplex marquees. Also, this year is going to be another embarrassment of riches for film-goers. In the Equalizer 2 movie, there are new Predators, new Star Wars, and another trip around the Pacific Rim. From Ant-Men and Waspsto rampaging dinosaurs, we have blockbusters of all sizes. Moreover, we have the return of Michael Myers, Deadpool, and Wreck-It Ralph. Besides, we have an Aqua man and an Ocean of female thieves. Plus, we have the biggest Marvel movie of all time composes of every hero they’ve previously feature on screen.

On the other hand, perhaps you saw and appreciated The Equalizer. You may not know that 2018 brings us The Equalizer 2 movie even still. You’re firmly in the corner of CIA-operative-turned-elderly-good-guy-muderizer Robert McCall or not. Let us declare you that opposing him is more dangerous than wandering around Home Depot with your eyes closed. Here is why you need to put The Equalizer 2 on your radar.

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