Bengali New Year Pohela Boishakh 1425 Celebration with Wishes

Bengali New Year is known as Pohela Boishakh where ‘Pohela’ stands for ‘First’ and Baishakh is the first month of the Bengali calendar. Besides, Bengali New Year is also well-known in Bengali as Nababarsha, which also means the ‘New Year’. We’re in front of the Bengali New Year 1425 and as usual, it observes in the next 14th April. This is because every 14th April of the Georgian calendar year is the set date for the Bengali New Year. The day celebrates through various cultural programs and traditional foods items. Among the food of the day, ‘Panta’ & ‘Elisha’ is common to most of the Bangladeshi people, which is wet rice kept under water over-night. And Elisha is the national fish of Bangladesh ‘Ilish’.

Bengali New Year

As it’s said that the people of Bangladesh observe this day together with the tradition of Bengalis and full of joy. We not only get traditional dress up but enjoy some special foods as they are said already. Because of being the part of the culture, we like to enjoy these all with other. When the day comes out, the celebration starts. Actually, the celebration starts more than one month ago because this time all workers are busy. These include the artisan of different handicrafts, such as handmade fans, masks, idols, kite, traditional foods etc. The most active workers are those who make women and men clothing like Shari and Punjabi. The observation of the Pohela Boishakh goes viral in this day when some boys and girls draw paint art onto their face along with wear specific coloring dress making the match with the day.

Bengali New Year Celebration in Bangladesh

Since the eve of the Bengali New Year celebrates in many countries and regions, such as Bangladesh, India, some India regions etc. But, all of them come with some similarity and some difference in the celebrations. Also, it may differ with the date as well because Pohela Boishakh is steadily observing in 14th April each year in Bangladesh. But, the date varies in India, for example, this year the day will observe in India on 15th April. As a result, there are some variations while observing the day as well.

So, a celebration of the ‘Shuvo Noboborsho’ hosts all over the country, but the largest processions and rallies are coming out of the city of Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barishal, and Cox’s Bazaar etc. Most of the celebrations take place at evening to all the night long. People go to clubs, hotels, beaches, bridges to the parties with friends and family on this day. The main roads and bridges enlighten this day with colorful lightings.

Besides, the night celebrations go with music, dances, and songs that organize in the hotel auditoriums, sea beaches along with living concert on the ground floors of the hotels. TV and Dhallywood celebrities join the program with their song, drama in the live concert. The common people enjoy the day with their family members, relatives, and friends in the ships and yachts, especially in the sea while going to Saint Martin. DJs offer their live music and songs through the night.

A Brief History of Bengali New Year

The Mughal emperor Akbar was collecting taxes in his reign from 1556 to 1609. During this period, his economy was completely agricultural products depended. That time, Hijri or Arabic year was not in line to collect crops as the tax. As a result, he made a new calendar to collect crop tax from his people. He named the calendar ‘Bangla Calendar’ and its first day was known as the ‘Pohela Baishakh’. This was the ritual of the Pohela Baishakh and Novo Borsho or Shuvo Noboborsho took place in the history of Bangladeshi people.

Some Common Activities of the Bengali New Year

Chhayanat presents cultural show each year in the Ramna Park and a huge crowd gathers in the area. Some other common activities of the day are as follows:

Baishakhi Mongal Shubha Jatra

This is the largest attraction of the day. The rally of the Baishakhi Mongal Shubha Jatra starts in the early morning from the Dhaka University’s Charukala Institute. The rally comes with the purposes of the year would go with peace and happiness.

Boishakhi Mela (Fair)

It arranges across the whole country and continues up to one week. The fair comes with a wide range of activities and products, making it an attractive part of the Bengali New Year to all age groups.


It observes to close the old business ledgers and opens new ones to start a new year’s entries. The businessmen with gold, food or clothing business send their invitations to their customers and entertain with various foods and other sweet items.

Moreover, there are some other activities in the Pohela Baishakh or Bengali New Year. These include Alpona in the front of house, roads and different types of sports like Boat race, kite flying, pigeons flying, bull race and many more.

Bengali New Year 1425 Celebration with SMS & Wishes

Bengali New Year not only comes with colorful celebration but a huge number of young guys celebrate it with SMS and Bengali New Year wishes. Besides, we wish one another in our own Bangla language with different Bengali New Year wishes and quotes.  Here are some of them so that you can double your enjoyment.

Bengali New Year wishes with English SMS

  • SMS#1

A happy New Year!

Grant that I May bring no tear to any eye

When this New Year in time shall end

Let it be said I play the friend,

Also, live and love and labor here,

And made of it a happy year.

  • SMS#2

Fill your life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,

Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,

And it’s my New Year wish 4u Dear.

As it’s Wishing u a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • SMS#3

A New Year Is Unfolding

Like A Blossom With

Petals Curls Tightly

Concealing The Beauty Within!

Happy New Year Eve

  • SMS#4

May this New Year bring many opportunities

on your way to explore every joy of life &

may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm,

turning all your dreams into reality

and all your efforts into great achievements

Because of Happy New Year to you & your loving ones!

  • SMS#5

Before the sun sets in this year,

Before the memories fade,

Also Before the networks get jammed

Wish u and your family Happy Sparkling New Year 1425


May God achieve your all remaining goals

In this last month of the year,

Whatever u didn’t complete in 11 months


  • SMS#7

May Your Hair, Your Teeth,

Your Face-Lift, Your Abs And

Your Stocks Not Fall;

And May Your Blood Pressure,

Your Triglycerides,

Your Cholesterol,

Also Your Mortgage Interest Not Rise.

Because of Healthy Happy New Year 1425

  • SMS#8

When the Clock Strikes Twelve on Choittro 31st,

People All Over The World Cheer And Wish Each Other A Very Happy New Year.

For Some, This Event Is No More Than A Change Of A Calendar.

For Others, The New Year Symbolizes The Beginning Of A Better Tomorrow.

Because, If You Look Forward To a Good Year Ahead,

Spread Happiness With These Wonderful New Year Wishes.

  • SMS#9

A friend gives hope when life is low,

A friend is a place when you have nowhere to go,

Also, A friend is honest, a friend is true.

Because a friend is precious a friend is u.

  • SMS#10

Before the golden sunsets,

Old calendar is destroyed,

And mobile networks get jammed,

I wish in new year every moment is enjoyed

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