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Cancer Information – Details of Chemotherapy Hair Loss

This is all about cancer information with details of chemotherapy hair loss. We know cancer is a disease that involves cell growth abnormally. It gradually spreads over the whole body while not getting treatment. So, it forms tumor first that extend with damaging of nerves and veins of the human body. It comes with some potential sign and symptoms of cancer including a cough, weight loss, abnormal bleeding etc. While these indicate cancer, it also has other causes. And, there is cancer over 100 kinds that effect in human body. The major cause of cancer is tobacco which occurs 22% death from cancer. Among other causes, it arises of obesity, lack of physical exercises, poor diet, and alcohol.

What is Cancer & Chemotherapy Hair Loss?

Cancer occurs while abnormal cells split not with the controlling way. And, there are many kinds of cancer and some of them spread into different tissues. It harms your body while altering cells and grows with multiplications. It starts while gene gets any changes on one or few cells and multiplies. It grows like a tumor while the beginning of a cancer is the tumor. Cancer can spread to other parts of your body that calls a secondary tumor. That spreads over body systems like the blood circulation, immune systems, hormone system etc. However, if the tumor stays in a single spot indicates growth limit of cells. It considers as the beginning of cancer in your body.

On the other hand, chemotherapy hair loss is a common side effect. Your cancer treatment chemotherapy faces common issue of hair loss while getting it. All the cancer patients both men and women face the issue of hair loss. So, let’s know why it occurs and how to prevent whereas it’s a great issue for all patients.

Why Does Chemotherapy Hair Loss Occur?

Drugs and powerful medications use while doing chemotherapy and it attacks the cancer cells. Sadly, they also attack other healthy cells that grow in your body – including the roots of your hair. It not only causes for the head but occurs for the whole body also. Most of the body parts get hair loss such as your eyebrow, eyelash, pubic, armpit etc. It can make you complete hair loss, which leads you fully baldness. Because, your nurse and doctor can tell what to wish, getting the issue of hair loss. Luckily, most of the hair loss is temporary while getting in chemotherapy. You can get back your hair within six months when the treatment ends.

How to Prevent Hair Loss While Chemotherapy?

Usually, hair loss starts out in the 2 to 4 weeks when chemotherapy goes on. When it starts, goes very fast you can notice it on the pillow, comb or hair-brush. Even, it appears in your shower drain or in the sink while bathing. It continues up to end of the treatment that needs a few weeks more afterward. It depends on your therapy and medication whether you get thin hair or become completely bald.

However, there is no effective treatment that can prevent hair loss while chemotherapy treatment. Doctors and nurses rarely advise using Scalp hypothermia and Minoxidil (Rogaine) to reduce hair fall. These use during treatment, but definitely not active to stop hair fall.


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