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Next Car Game Wreckfest Get Full Contact Breaking Rules

next car game wreckfest

If you’re a fan of the next car game Wreckfest is definitely for you. It’ll enable you breaking the rules so that you can take full racing contact. Neck-to-neck fights over the finish line and brand-new ways for metal to bend Expect epic crashes. It can only be achieved in Wreckfest because these moments come once-in-a-lifetime. Also, it brought you ... Read More »

Quick Look at the God’s Trigger – A New Action Game

On the Hotline Miami approach, God’s Trigger is a new action game to cruel top-down combat, but with 3D graphics and a focus on co-op gameplay. We got our hands on the recently released top-down shooter from OneMoreLevel in the stir of its declaration at Gamescom. God’s Trigger will be right up your street if the prospect of teaming up with a friend and ... Read More »

Far Cry 5 Game Review – Cults, Chaos & All-American Silliness

Out of the Far Cry 5 game, all three have been banned in the US if you wish to buy an AK 47. But, don’t worry because you can get a handgun free for thrown in. however, if you oppose or support the gun control law of the US, you’ll agree with one thing as we’re all as well. And ... Read More »