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9 ways to make WordPress website secured


WordPress is among the most popular CMS in the world. A large part of all websites works on it, and there is a huge number of installations. Unfortunately, this prevalence has its drawbacks. WordPress is known to be one of the most hacked CMS. There are also some threats that may violate your website security. However, if you look at ... Read More »

Effective Amazon S3 Backup of Simple Storage Service

Amazon S3 Backup is the short form of Simple Storage Service, which is cloud-based computer web service. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers this web service. Through web services interfaces (REST, SOAP, and BitTorrent), Amazon S3 provides object storage. In the United States in March 2006 Amazon launches S3 on its fifth publicly-available web service. And it launches in Europe in November 2007. According to Amazon S3 uses the ... Read More »

What is website hosting? Beginners guide for web hosting.

website hosting

A computer has many files and folders. In a desktop or laptop computer, the hard disk carries them and ready to open them when you want. A web page is also a file similar to a word processing document. Your word processing documents store only on your computer. But all web pages can store all computers in the world through ... Read More »

Find Details of Managed Web Hosting Solution

Managed web hosting solution

Managed web hosting solution differs from another hosting, which the service provider offers. Because, clients like to get the administration access, but it’s rare to use as a rule. It infrequently happens to interact with rent system through an interface of web basis. In general hosting providers are liable for configuring hardware and setting and installation. Also, they configure software, ... Read More »

Hosting MS Exchange – Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting 

hosting ms exchange

This is Hosting ms exchange, which is the great solution for your professional email software. It comes with collaboration tools that are manageable from the center and a single location. It offers emails, tasks, contacts, and appointments to store on one server, instead of personal computers. That means multiple users are able to use these with any device. Especially, for ... Read More »