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Potential Causes of Liver Cancer, Symptoms & Treatment?

Before of learning what the causes of liver cancer are, you should know what and how cancer happens. Usually, cancer begins in the body if cells start growing in an uncontrolled way. Any part of your body may get cancer with cancerous cells that spread over the entire body. There are many types of cancers and if cancer starts in ... Read More »

Ovarian Cancer Causes – What to Learn about It Right Now?

Ovarian cancer causes more than 7,000 women who diagnose per year. It’s the type of cancer that starts in your ovary. There are two ovaries of women, which stay on two sides of your uterus. Your ovaries look like an almond and they produce ova or eggs, estrogen and progesterone hormones. But, most of the women have ovarian cysts in ... Read More »

Skin Cancer Causes, Risk Factors & Prevention

One of the skin cancer causes is warm sum while many people love it. Because rays of the sun make them feel better, so it makes them look good within a short term. But, this love affair doesn’t a two-way street; sun exposure causes wrinkles mostly along with spots of age on the faces. If a woman of 40 who ... Read More »

Causes of Cervical Cancer – What is the Risk Factor & Prevention?

If you want to know the causes of cervical cancer, you have to learn about some things that relate it. These include where, why and how it happens in your body. Cervical cancer begins in your cells lining the cervix, which is in your lower part of the womb (uterus). Sometimes it calls the uterine cervix as well. The fetus ... Read More »

Oral Cancer Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatments

Oral cancer causes, several sings and symptoms in your mouth and throat. If you see the statistics of the last year, you’ll find about 49, 000 people have been diagnosed with oral cancer. And according to the America Cancer Society, more than 9, 000 people died of the disease in the same year as well. It’s more common in men in ... Read More »

Metastatic Cancer – Understand Metastatic Cancer with Details

Metastatic cancer

Metastatic cancer cells look like primary cancer while observing under a microscope. It does not look like the cells in the place where the cancer is available. This way doctors can say your cancer while spreading to another part of your body. For example, when a breast cancer spreads to your lung that calls metastatic breast cancer, don’t call lung ... Read More »

Find about Cancer with the Stages of Cancer in Details

stages of cancer

The content is about stages of cancer, but you should know what cancer is. So, let’s learn about cancer first. Cancer happens while abnormal cells split without a controlling way. And, there are many kinds of cancer and some of them spread into different tissues. It starts while gene gets any changes on one or few cells and multiplies. It ... Read More »

Learn about Cervical Cancer & Detail Ways of Prevention

cervical cancer

Usually, cervical cancer builds up if your cervix cells grow abnormally and out of control. But, it often curable successfully while treating properly in the early stages. Usually, it’s available with Pap test at the early stage. If it not treats, it spreads to the vagina from your cervix. And then, it spreads up to the deeper connective tissue’s layer ... Read More »

Colon Cancer & Colorectal Cancer – Stages – Signs – and Symptoms

colorectal cancer

Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States (U.S) that occurs here. The large intestine or color locates where the body takes out salt and water from the solid wastes. Then the waste moves through your rectum that makes the body out via the anus. This cancer develops in the rectum or large ... Read More »

Head and Neck Cancer- It’s Signs – Symptoms & Risk Factors

head and neck cancer

Head and Neck cancer combines with cancer, which starts within nose, mouth, throat, sinuses, Salivary glands, or larynx. Symptoms include a sore or lump that doesn’t heat, trouble swallowing, sore throat, or your voice change. Moreover, it may include facial swelling, trouble breathing, or unusual bleeding. Up to 75% of head and neck cancer comes with the reason of use ... Read More »