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Strong, Steady and Large Screen Apple iPhone 8 Plus Review

Apple iPhone 8 Plus is another flagship large screen phones to pick from their lineup. The iPhone 8 Plus has developed over the previous ten years to where we’re at the present time. Besides, the recently introduced iPhone X comes with a new design direction along with a methodology for how we interact with the iPhones for the subsequent ten ... Read More »

OnePlus Presents the OnePlus 6 Mobile What You Need to Know

OnePlus 6 mobile is the latest Smartphone of the OnePlus production, which is selling as the hotcakes. The mobile has consistently produced stand-out handsets as we’ve seen in recent years, so the OnePlus 6 is no exception as well. A series of pop-ups opened in Europe and North America that gave OnePlus users the chance to buy the OnePlus 6 ... Read More »

Best of the Vivo V7 Smartphone – The Latest Android Phone

It’s the latest Android mobile of the Vivo Series and here is the Vivo V7 Smartphone for you. Because the Vivo V7 comes with much to make an excellent first impression so it’s some amazing features. These include the fashionable design, FullView display, snappy chipset, and high-res cameras. This is the official Smartphone for FIFA World Cup 2018, which is ... Read More »

Nokia Latest Smartphone with Features and Prices 2018

You would be nostalgic with the name when it comes with Nokia latest Smartphone in 2018 so far. Once upon a time, Nokia was one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. But, it drops back with the arrival of Android smartphones and iPhone. At last Nokia’s Devices and Services division was sold to Microsoft in 2014. The Finnish company ... Read More »

Best Ever & Amazing LG Latest Smartphone LG V30 Review

LG latest Smartphone is LG V30 that will catch you by surprise. When it releases earlier this year the G6 was a strong contender. Although we’ve seen so many flashy flagships hit store shelves since then, we almost forgot LG was preparing another phone for the fall. Moreover, we couldn’t quite believe it when the V30 finally shows us up. We’re surprised ... Read More »

How to Stop Android Notifications from Pausing Music?

How to Stop Android Notifications from Pausing Music

Android notifications alert you about new updates and messages. This is a very simple feature for Android. But sometimes receiving its notifications can make you irritated while getting them huge in quantities. It becomes more annoying when you get it paused while playing your beloved music. It also might happen while you’re watching a video on YouTube or playing a ... Read More »

Best Way to Use Two Facebook Accounts on Smart Phone?

Use Two Facebook Accounts

You’re able to add two Facebook accounts to Facebook Messenger for your Android as well as iPhone. But, usually, you’re unable to use both Facebook accounts in the official app on Facebook for your devices. If you’re interested to use two or multiple Facebook accounts in your Smartphone and iPhone, then you must use a third-party app. It offers you ... Read More »

What are the Best Right Features Android7.0 Nougat?

Android 7.0 Nougat

The final update of the Android 7.0 Nougat is out for the public beta. It has updated recently, which is rolled out for the Nexus devices and for the public beta only. The first device, which is scheduled to come out with Android 7.0 Nougat, is the LG V20. The device is coming soon after the success of the LG ... Read More »

Android App Notifications – What is the Right Way to Disable?

How to Disable Android App Notifications

Currently, the Android app developers use the push notification widely feature on your Android Smartphone. It informs the users about the update as well as relevant information whether they get them. It looks like a good feature while some people find it annoying fact. Suppose apps such as Hotstar app will make you crazy with their push notifications along with ... Read More »

What is the Best Way to Play YouTube Videos on Android Background?

The app of YouTube comes with a lot of features, such as double right tap to go forward and left double tap to go backward. But, still, there is one feature that’s missing in the app of YouTube for your Android device. And that’s to play videos of YouTube on your device background. Even the official app of YouTube doesn’t ... Read More »