Current Movie Reviews of Red Sparrow the Sexiest Spy Thriller

Current Movie Reviews

This is the current movie reviews of ‘Red Sparrow’ which is based on the sexiest spy’s life-story. A yarn of violence in a school of seductive female Russian agents is a misguided role for Jennifer Lawrence. It’s a fascinating film about celebrity, camouflaged as a pedestrian spy tale where Jennifer Lawrence acts in a role that echoes her own life in the movie star limelight in mesmerizing ways. This is a great purpose of whether you take pleasure in the new Jennifer Lawrence vehicle – Red Sparrow – will be just how self-aware you consider the movie is. The movie is full of thrill and suspension that you’ll enjoy. As the lead actress is the sexiest spy, there is some sex violating scenes as well.

Trailer of the Red Sparrow Movie 

Quick Notes of the Movie

  • Release Date of the Movie is March 2, 2018.
  • The language of the Movie: English.
  • Director of the Movie is Francis Lawrence
  • The genre of the Movie is Thriller, Mystery, and Suspense.
  • Cast & Crew of the Movie is Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Charlotte Rampling, Matthias Schoenaerts, Mary-Louise Parker, and Jeremy Irons.


The ‘Red Sparrow” movie comes with clever storytelling along with a masterful performance. Americans and Russians haven’t seen eye to eye for the highest time where Red Sparrow doesn’t take long to remind you that the Cold War hasn’t really finished. The movie is based on a book written by an ex-CIA operative which is a great direction of Francis Lawrence and screenplay of Justin Haythe. As a result, Red Sparrow is an exciting take on present spies told from the viewpoint of a female agent who has been chosen exclusively for her looks.

What’s Red Sparrow About

Jennifer Lawrence acts as Dominika Egarova, which is a ballerina and she has to give up dancing because of unexpected circumstances and educated as a ‘Sparrow’. As Russian agents, sparrows have to undergo a hard training to discover the skill of seduction. When she shows her promising talent gets privilege by the superiors because of the high position of her uncle in the government. This is how she assigns to take out the name of a secret agent in the Russian control from a CIA agent, Joel Edgerton (as Nate Nash). She set her final goal is survival where Red Sparrow does not hesitate to show how much she needs to endure to attain it.

You must have a strong stomach because this is as authentic as it gets from the out of control misogyny in the field. These all of the ghastly lengths the Russian authorities can go to without cringing. And, these all make the film ‘A’ rating because it deserves it really. Although the movie has grossed $137 million worldwide, it has received mixed reviews from critics. This is because of the film’s length and over-reliance on sex and graphic violence. It’s that besides of praising Jennifer Lawrence’s performance.

What Works

As the current movie reviews, Red Sparrow is not similar to other detective movies. Most of the female spies in these years depend on the action to show their skill. But, Jennifer Lawrence (as Dominika Egarova) uses her mind and body to get information regarding her target. She uses some other ways to get this information that she needs. This not only makes for an intriguing premise, it also makes way for the style to be a prominent part of the film. Besides, there are some scenes where she puts on her red dress as the icon of the Katniss in the Hunger Games. That’s a conscious choice, particularly as the costume designs. The designer is of the dress is Trish Summerville for both the films.

In the film, Jennifer shows her the best class of emotions along with clever tones. Moreover, she shows her power in many scenes where she has little or no dialogue. If we keep her aside, other roles are also gone well where Joel Edgerton comes with a human element. He has made him looks like just another person who wants to do right things. And he likes to avoid the regular spy who’s mysteriously good at everything he does. There is some other notable performance from Matthias Schoenaerts, who plays as Dominika’s uncle.

Red Sparrow comes with the suspense right as well. Red Sparrow lays it all on the table Rather than keeping information with only the identity of mole remaining a mystery. You’ll get the true suspense when you’ll go on inside of the characters’ minds. Somehow it may confuse you thinking about Jennifer because it’s not clear she is Russians or the Americans through the whole film.

What Could Have Been Better

As the current movie reviews of Red Sparrow, it comes with a bit of creative liberty that found. At the time it’s coming to Russians speaking English for almost all parts of the film. Most of the script of the film has clever writing with characters making wise decisions. But, there are a few scenes where logic takes a backseat to plot convenience.

Why You Should Watch

Finally, the current movie reviews come with the biggest question why you should watch the movie. This is because Red Sparrow will keep you guessing all the way to the end. Moreover, if you aren’t a fan of Jennifer Lawrence already, this film will make you one. So, this thriller espionage film will make you joyful. But, read the conclusion carefully because there are some notable things for you.


In the conclusion of the current movie reviews, to be frank, the film comes with much sexual violence. These are both overt scenes of rape and attempted rape with far subtler forms harassment. With her character, Jennifer says frequently that her body is not her own. And a female superior tells her that her body belongs to the stat, at one point. There are a lot of things that are handled clumsily. Jennifer expected to just shake off her assaults, but she meets one of her assailants in a later scene. Besides, she mostly humiliates her, in a way that ultimately leaves the audience a bit mystified and confused. This is because of her true aims rather than delivering easy catharsis.

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