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Details of Endometrial cancer & endometrial cancer causes

Endometrial Cancer is more common in women over 40, but it rare in women under 35 years. Most of these type cancers start in the lining of the endometrium or womb. The fetus grows in the uterus and the about 3” long in most of the non-pregnant women. It diagnoses early stage while you can treat successfully. This is not infectious and that can’t run to the other than you. Among the signs and symptoms, it gets painful urination, pain while sexing, and pain in the pelvic area. So, get continue to learn about endometrial cancer and endometrial cancer causes in details.

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What is Endometrial Cancer?

Tumor starts in the connective tissue that calls stroma of the lining of your uterus. Then, endometrial cancer starts, because of it in the lining of the uterus while it produces cells with multiple. It goes for an abnormal way to multiple cells that forget to stop their dividing or death. Any part of your body cells become cancerous that can extend to other locations of your body. Women with a lower grade of ESS look better than those who have other kinds of uterine sarcomas. This way cancer grows slowly that makes a great difficulty because they are not detectable in the early stage. If they have a higher grade of ESS, the cancer cells look different from the normal ones. It makes easy to detect as a cancerous cell that can start treatment as quickly as possible.

What are Endometrial Cancer Causes

What are Endometrial Cancer Causes?

Well, there is no definite endometrial cancer causes because there is no exact cause to find. But, only the genetic mutations that turn healthy, normal cells into cancerous cells. Cancerous cells divide and grow without control that never dies as well. But, some certain factors that make it more likely. So, we must look at the risk factors that believe to be responsible for endometrial cancer. In addition, there is another great factor of the DNA that believes to act more in this concern. It can harm certain genes, such as start and stop of cell growth, to go wrong. It begins to produce abnormal cells that form a tumor. Gradually the cells may go to nearest tissue and other organs of your body. Some genes that slow down cell division or make cells die at the right time and are called tumor suppressor genes.

What are the Risk Factors for Endometrial Cancer?

The risk factors are a key fact of this cancer while there is nothing as confirm. Some factor increases the chance of endometrial cancer. If you’re older than 50 years and obese, you have a higher risk of it. When you take estrogen as hormone replacement while menopause, you’re at higher risk. Also, taking tamoxifen for breast cancer, or family history of ovarian or colon cancer that get more risk.

When you get these risk factors in your life, you have a higher risk of endometrial cancer. But, it does not mean you will get uterine cancer. But you should speak with your doctor to see if he or she recommends more frequent exams.

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