Far Cry 5 Game Review – Cults, Chaos & All-American Silliness

Far Cry 5 game

Out of the Far Cry 5 game, all three have been banned in the US if you wish to buy an AK 47. But, don’t worry because you can get a handgun free for thrown in. however, if you oppose or support the gun control law of the US, you’ll agree with one thing as we’re all as well. And what the point of everybody’s agreeing is the perfect location for a shoot-em-up video game like Far Cry. As the Ubisoft is famous for setting the games in the most dangerous parts of the world as it’s set for their latest entry on Montana, US.

That’s OK, but you can’t compare the Land of Dreams to the harsh climates of the Himalayas or Africa. But, if you include political unrest along with resistant muscle cars as well as weapon-mounted planes, you’ll get the pot with perfect mixing for a right blockbuster.

The plot of the Far Cry 5 Game

Far Cry 5 game comes with a joint operation between the United States Marshals and the county sheriff’s department. It’s that consisting of Sheriff Whitehorse, Deputy Marshal Burke, Deputies Hudson, Pratt and an anonymous Junior Deputy. They arrive at the Eden’s Gate so that they can serve Joseph Seed with a federal arrest warrant because he was charged with kidnapping with the intent to harm. You’ll see here that he claims that God will not allow him to be under arrest when Joseph offers no resistance. The cult members attack the task force when he escorts away. As a result, their helicopter gets crashed. After escaping, Joseph leads the cult in capturing the existing task force members.

The gameplay of the Far Cry 5 Game

Far Cry 5 game has the similarity to its previous installment. This game is an action-adventure first-person shooter set in an open world environment where the player can travel around freely on foot or using different vehicles. But, the dissimilarity of this installment with the previous one is where the player takes on the role of a set character. As the game offers its player the opportunity to customize the characters as they are appearing with. You’ll also find in this game that the players using different ranges and explosive weapons when fighting against the enemies. The game is placing a new emphasis on close-quarters combat that’s compared to previous Far Cry titles introducing a wider range of fighting weapons. Moreover, Far Cry 5 game comes with the new weapons, such as ballistics system. The system includes elements of a bullet dropping over a distance to make it more realistic.

Endings of the Far Cry 5 Game

Joseph forgives the Deputy and enters the church with the Deputy’s mesmerizing partners if the Deputy decides to walk away. As a result, the Deputy, Whitehorse, Pratt, and Hudson leave on a truck. Besides, the Whitehorse assures his comrades that they’ll call the National Guard so that they can help liberate Hope County from the cult. And the Deputy is once again put into a trance as Whitehorse opens the radio, “Only You” plays.

Moreover, a secret ending is found when the game starts. During their first encounter, the Deputy decides to not arrest Joseph. Whitehorse, when he was against arresting him straight out because of knowing that they may ambush and possibly killed. They lower Joseph’s hands and order the group to leave. Whitehorse asserts that it’s “better to leave well enough alone” and that nobody would leave alive if they arrest Joseph despite Burke’s protests.

Far Cry 5 Game Review

Sowing the Seeds of Love

In Far Cry 5 game, you’ll get a definite argument that the series peak with the third entry. That game’s antagonist was phenomenal as Vaas Montenegro where his line about the “definition of insanity” is now up there as one of the best moments in gaming. It happens since Vaas, no one comes to very close. Although in Far Cry 4 Pagan Min came up to his brilliance, the game was comedown because after the preface he goes to save for a few radio conversations. But, Far Cry 5 game fixes this in the most nicely.

This time, there is no psychopathic pirate or flamboyantly dressed drug lord. Instead of that, you’ll get an evil threat that’s all as well familiar – religious extremists. The game shows that Joseph Seed and his flock of siblings guide the doomsday cult ‘The Project at Eden’s Gate’ while using threats of the apocalypse. Also, there is a stupendous supply of guns because of ruling over the fictional Hope County. But, when the Seed family kidnaps and starts torturing people into believing in the cause, you’re messing with their plans.

Knocking on Eden’s Gate

You’re controlling “the deputy,” that’s a rookie sheriff’s deputy in Hope County, Montana in Far Cry 5 game. It’s not as the same of the previous installments where you can select your gender, appearance, and race. At the outset of your game posse, together with the Sheriff, your two fellow deputies, and a U.S. Marshall, fly out to the compound for “the Project at Eden’s Gate”. The project is of a Christian-style cult who earns a reputation for secrecy and cruelty. Here you’re there to arrest its leader, Joseph Seed — The Father. Though the exact reason looks like irrelevant, the game makes the badness of Seed is crystal clear. Moreover, as you’re told in no unsure terms, you are on a life-threatening mission.

Besides, the group of religious believers, thousands strong who just isn’t going to let five people take their leader away. You may eager to know why law enforcement was sending five guys to arrest thousands. Because the game doesn’t say, the lack of sense is lost in the moment’s intensity. Since it’s tense, it’s an effective introduction.

Riot squad

Far Cry 5 game feels almost the same to its predecessors in each moment. Because it looks like many large, open-world games, the game offers a wide variety of passable experiences. But, none of which feel as tight or superior as more specific titles. Although the gunplay never lets us down, you’ll never be eager to try new guns or fight new enemies, either. While driving gets you from point to point b, but the steering feels loose and that makes racing a struggle. As a fan, you might notice several the games’ crafting mechanics either removing or streamlining. When there are so many animals to hunt and fish, doing so is no longer a necessity. But, when you not often noticed its nonappearance, the game’s sequence feels less appealing for it.

Far Cry 5 Game Comparison

As Far Cry 5 game is featured with drop-in and drop-out co-op, you’d like to play with a real human being. In general co-op twists towards unpredictable gameplay and wild. As a result, it makes sense not in others but in some situations. We’re not recommending to play the entire game in co-op, but taking out cult outposts or running around and explosion shrines is almost definitely going to be a fun.

The verdict of the Far Cry 5 Game

If you hadn’t realized by now, we love the Far Cry 5 game a lot. This is because of a clever improvement to a series that desired a refresh. The Ubisoft takes a favorite series as well as giving it enough attention to make it feel new again like Assassin’s Creed – Origins last year. As a result, it’s an almost complete success, as it comes with fantastic villains, gameplay, and a compelling narrative. So, it begs to be devoured, after 30 hours playing the story, we’re still going back to mop up side quests. Finally, Far Cry 5 game is just the best one of the series yet. And that’s before we even see what the community does with the intriguing Arcade Mode.

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