Ovarian Cancer Causes – What to Learn about It Right Now?

Ovarian cancer causes more than 7,000 women who diagnose per year. It’s the type of cancer that starts in your ovary. There are two ovaries of women, which stay on two sides of your uterus. Your ovaries look like an almond and they produce ova or eggs, estrogen and progesterone hormones. But, most of the women have ovarian cysts in common who have the period until today. The ovarian cysts are either a packet of fluid or solid that remains in your ovary. Usually, they’re not only harmless but painless also most of the time. Because it’s the part of your menstrual cycle, you can get it every month and you never know it. They normally depart on their own, which need not any treatment. Cysts commonly form while getting pregnant. So, let’s know what causes ovarian cancer along with its risk factors, symptoms, stages etc.

Ovarian Cancer Causes

What you’ll learn to the next of this content:

First: What is Ovarian Cancer?

Second: What are the Causes of Ovarian Cancer?

Third: What are the Risk Factors for Ovarian Cancer?

Fourth: What are the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?

Fifth: What are the stages of ovarian cancer?

What is Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian cancer develops in your ovary, which locates in the lower part of your abdomen. If storage of your ova or eggs gets destroyed by the abnormal ovarian cells, then ovarian cancer causes to you. This way, cancer that comes from your ovary and spreads other areas calls ovarian cancer in simple. But, you already know ovarian cysts and ovarian cancers are not the same thing. Because, ovarian cysts are frequently available in all women, so they get period until today. They’re a packet of fluid or solid on your ovary. They’re harmless and painless, most of the time. You can get it each month which is the part of your menstrual cycle and you never know it.

What are the Ovarian Cancer Causes ?

You may know, the cell’s DNA control the information of the normal human cells. The growth, death, and deviation of the human cells control some genes along with some other facts. If a gene that helps cells grow, stay alive and divide, they are oncogenes. And the Genes that assist keep cell increase under control or make then die at the right time, they call tumor suppressor genes. But, cancers causes DNA mutations that means defects of genes, which turn into oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes. They can allow the ovarian cells to grow up in a huge quantity that makes the changes in other genes. And sometimes it may lead to ovarian cancer.

Since ovarian cancer causes still not exactly known, but all that comes from just assumptions. Scientists are not sure about its reason or cause where they don’t find any chemical in the environment. Certain things, such as genes or the lifestyles can increase its chances. If any of your family visits Eastern Europe, you have a chance of gene mutations with higher. When any of your close relatives had ovarian cancer, you have a higher risk of it as well. But, the risk gets the highest while any of your family members have breast cancer, uterine cancer, or colon cancer are also main ovarian cancer causes.

There are several risk factors, which increase your chances of developing ovarian cancer. But, if you’re having any risk factor, then it doesn’t confirm you’ve ovarian cancer. Besides, even if you haven’t any risk factors, then you may get ovarian cancer. As the ovarian cancer causes are unknown, similarly its risk factors don’t make sure your cancer. Usually, there are some causes that are not definitely responsible but consider them as potential causes of ovarian cancer.

What are the Risk Factors and ovarian cancer causes ?

The causes of ovarian cancer are related to some risk factors. Usually, a risk factor is something that may change your possibility of being a disease like cancer. So, you have to know what the risk factors are that may become ovarian cancers. The risk factors may vary as cancers are different in types as well. For example, if you expose your skin to strong sunlight, it’s a risk factor for skin cancer. Besides, smoking is one risk factor that causes many types of cancers. But it’s authentic if you have a risk factor, or two does not mean for all time that you must get the disease. Here are some other things that may raise your risk of ovarian cancer below:

Getting older: If you’re growing older, then you’ve risk of getting ovarian cancer extends. Most of the cases happen when women in their menopause. So, this is one of the important risk factors that ever found. Women who have their menopause they must stay in touch with the doctor if there is any discomfort available.

Previous breast cancer: Ovarian cancer and breast cancer can happen due to the same defect genes. If a woman has a history of breast cancer also another factor of ovarian cancer causes, she has double risk of getting ovarian cancer than other women. Moreover, the risk is even higher, if the breast cancer had diagnosed before of her 40 years. So, if you think you’re with many faulty genes, then you must talk to your doctor.

Additional Risk Factors and ovarian cancer causes

Having fertility treatment or being infertile: Some earlier studies report a link with having fertility treatment or being infertile may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. But, recent studies don’t support it.

Some older studies showed a link between taking fertility drugs and an increased risk of ovarian cancer. But more recent research doesn’t support this. It’s more possible that infertility increases ovarian cancer risk itself, rather than treatment of the fertility being the cause. Still, several researchers are working to ensure this.

Getting overweight or tall: Some researchers find the risk factor if overweight of women in postmenopausal or premenopausal. They get that the risk of ovarian cancer is higher with the women with BMI 28 or above. But, it was no effect in women with postmenopausal. So, if women have higher BMI, they have the higher risk of ovarian cancer. But, if women have a higher BMI and they’ve used HRT, they have the comparatively lower risk of getting ovarian cancer.

Using talcum powder: If women use talcum powder between their legs, then it thought as the higher risk of getting ovarian cancer and considering one of big ovarian cancer causes. According to the theory, the powder travels to the vagina and then reaches to the womb through the cervix. So, if it works on its way down the ovaries from the fallopian tubes, then it may get into your ovaries and cause irritation. When it irritates constantly, then the irritation may cause inflammation.

Minor risks and ovarian cancer causes

Some Other Risk Factors: You’re at higher risk if –

  • You never birth a baby.
  • Your first baby comes in your 30 years.
  • You get menopause after age 50.
  • Also, you never experience birth control pills.
  • You get infertility, but you never take its drugs to treat it.

What are the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer?Ovarian Cancer Causes

So, it’s essential to know what the symptoms are if you have ovarian cancer. In the causes of this cancer is one that the changes of ovarian cells in abnormal. This is a symptom as well but you can get some other if they grow with changes. The symptoms may include while having ovarian cancer:

  • Bloating persistently and it’s not the bloating that comes as well as goes.
  • You may feel quick full or lose your appetite.
  • There is abdominal or Pelvic pain that’s your tummy and below.
  • You get the symptoms of urinary that need to wee more immediately or more often than normal.
  • Also, you may get some other symptoms occasionally:
  • Your bowel habit may change with constipation or diarrhea.
  • It may occur extreme fatigue that you feel very tired a weak.
  • You may get unexplained weight loss
  • If you find any bleeding after the menopause, then you must see your doctor.

The above symptoms will happen frequent and they usually happen more than 12 times a month. They may persistent as they don’t go away. You may get them as new which is not common for you. If you’re frequently getting any one or more than one of above abnormal symptoms, it is important that you see your doctor. It may not occur for any serious issue, but it’s essential to check out the reason.

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What are the stages of ovarian cancer?

If you see a doctor, then your doctor ensures the stage and how far the cancer increases. Ovarian cancer has four stages, where each stage has sub-stages as well. The stages are as follow:

Stage 1 

It has three sub-stages in stage 1 ovarian cancer:

  • Here it’s limited or localized that gets into one ovary in stage 1A.
  • You get it in both ovaries in this stage 1B.
  • And, in stage 1C, it spreads outside of the ovary cells.

Stage 2

The tumor spreads in this stage up to other pelvic structure.

  • In sub-stage 2A, cancer has spread either to the uterus or fallopian tubes.
  • In sub-stage 2B, it has gone either to the rectum or bladder.


Stage 3

This stage of ovarian cancer comes with three sub-stages:

  • In sub-stage 3A, cancer increases beyond the pelvis to the lining of the abdomen along with your lymph nodes in the abdomen.
  • Here, sub-stage 3B, the cancer cells go outside of the liver or spleen.
  • In sub-stage 3C, cancer deposits at least 3/4-inch that’s seen on the outside the spleen or abdomen or liver.

Stage 4

In stage 4, the tumor metastasizes or extends, beyond the abdomen, pelvis, and lymph nodes to the lungs or liver.

  • In sub-stage 4A, the cancerous cells gathered in the fluid around your lungs.
  • This is an advanced sub-stage and in this sub-stage 4B, the cells get to the inside of the liver or spleen or even to the other far-away organs, such as the skin or brain.

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