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Some tips for your wedding reception- How to make it memorable?

Everybody wants to do something new for their wedding party. Do you want to do something uncommon for your wedding party which can remember peoples in the long run? Yes, I have some idea for you.

For your wedding reception lounge lure greetings:

Give your guests a unique reception at first. Create a lounge area for your guests to alloy between dance gaps. Design your place beautiful with couches or chairs. Keep their plenty of pillows to settle. You can close the area with flowers to create a VIP vine.

Your wedding reception guides:

Ready your reception guides who will welcome your guests. Set your reception guides to guest’s ceremony seats. You can discuss at your reception venue that “is their staff do double duty?” If they don’t want to do, you can assign some guides to the job.

In your receptions transportation guest:

You can arrange attractive transport for your guests to take them from the ceremony to the reception. Balloon ride or horse ride will be very interesting for your guest. They will fill exiting when you would give them this transportation. You can also choose beautiful minibusses with paint for your guests. In the way play some fun music.

On your wedding reception keep some mixed drinks for pre-ceremony:

In every wedding, party drinks come after the reception. If you do some exceptional things, guests will surprise. In the way, on your reception, you can give your guest some soft drinks without alcohol. You can also give your guests sweets without juice in the way of the reception. Tell your ushers or caterer to collect the entire stray from the ground. Or it will dirty before the processional starts.

On your wedding reception give your guest an outstanding card:

Paper card is common but if you will give a card with a cupcake or one peach of pudding. It will be different and your guests will also have some fun with it.

Make memorable your wedding reception with welcome bags:

In the way of reception, you can give your guests a welcome bag. You can make your bag with some snacks and mini bottles of bubbly.

Give your guests a flower station:

To know your guests that it is not just a party, it is also a special day for you and your guests. Give your all guests at the wedding reception a stick of flower.

 A convenient place for baby care:

Hire a babysitter and a room near the wedding place for your youngest guests. It is good for babies and parents. In this room keep some snacks, games, some toy, and a music player. Parents can come here when they want to see their babies from the party.

 Design a bubbly bar:

In the party, you can make toast time memorable.  Lets guests customize their bubbly. Make dishes with fruit purees, violet sprigs, and seasoning ice cubes. Glasses with spooned of bubbly will make this moment more fun. By doing that, toasts will look so pretty and attractive.

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