Top 10 Best US Criminal Defense Attorney of 2018

When you think of the best US criminal defense attorney, you imagine the TV shows where the Perry Masons, the Atticus Finches – those guys are defense attorneys – not behind the desk or paper shuffling types. They are also doing exist in the real life. But, the matter is not as easy as it shows on TV. The defense attorneys are also known as trial lawyers. They are a special type who thinks fast on their feet. They can crash a situation and a person in real time as well. Surely, they simply get to the breaking the witness point by first breaking down the mountains of information prowling in any legal battle environment.

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Nowadays criminal lawyers are in demand these days because of the crime rate growth. Some of them consider the authority on the subject as well as is often seen in news headings. So, the criminal defense attorney is the most required one in recent times. The demand for criminal defense lawyers has also increased many folds with an alarming increase in crime rates. Few faces come across every time whenever there is a big scandal or news regarding crime same. No doubt, these are the leading criminal defense lawyers in the United States who are dominating the scene for years.

Who is Criminal Defense Attorney & What Does He/ she do?

As we know that a criminal defense attorney is also known as a criminal defense lawyer or trial lawyer. They are the most helping hand to fulfill many important roles while the course of a criminal case. Also, they are responsible for protecting a person who is charged with a crime. As a result, he or she speaks on behalf of the client. As it’s the job of criminal defense lawyers to represent those charged with crimes in court. However, crimes can range in severity from an offense to a big one. He/ she fights against the punishment that may range from either a small fine or community service to years in prison or even it may be death. It’s critical for those charged with committing a crime representation during criminal trial.

Besides, the U.S. Constitution promises that all citizens charged with a crime will be provided representation in fact. This is why you should know what services your attorney may be able to perform if you have retained the services of a criminal law lawyer or are seeking to retain one.

Best US Criminal Defense Attorney of 2018

However, the groups we’re going to talk about are the giants in the courtroom. As their peers are in awe of how they operate so that their reputation brings them the best. Also, they are so complicated to bet-the-company cases. Although it’s not an easy matter to put your finger on what makes a great trial attorney, one thing is absolutely right. It’s impossible to bring home wins if the jury does not like you because toughness of mind is important here. As a result, we’re highlighting some of their major cases and talked to some of them about what makes a trial lawyer a grand one. So, let’s know who they are dominating the scene for years as the best criminal defense attorney in the US.

Number 1: M. Gerald Schwartzbach

Gerald Schwartzbach is working as a criminal defense attorney for more than 40 years. He represents a defendant charged with shooting her police-officer husband. And during that time, he was one of the first who uses the “batter woman defense”. Also, he helps to acquit Robert Blake, the actor who accuses of killing his wife. His law office is in San Francisco. He specializes in criminal, personal injury, habeas corpus, sex discrimination and product liability cases. These all make him number one in this list of the criminal defense lawyer.

Number 2: Mark Geragos

Mark Geragos first comes into the limelight when he represents Susan McDougal, the popular case in which President Clinton pardons the accused later on. He starts considering as the celebrities’ expert criminal defense lawyer after that case. Also, he represents many of them such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Gary Condit. But, the famous case that he was part of is the Peterson’s wife murder case along with his unborn child. As a result, this case draws a huge media attention and attains Mark appreciation and fame. Besides, he often captures on camera regarding high-profile cases.

Number 3: Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz comes to the limelight when he wins the famous O.J. Simpson case. This case was part of a huge team of attorneys. He plays a significant role in winning the case as a team member so that they win the case later on. Besides, his other famous clients are such as Mike Tyson, Michael Milken, Kirtananda and so many. Also, he proves his bravery in the most spoken criminal case of Claus von Bulow who is a British socialite of German and Danish origin. In this case, he was charged with attempting to murder his wife two times. He was found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in prison at the first trial.

But, Claus Bulow appeals and hires Dershowitz who was the Harvard law professor. Fortunately, Alan manages to help to get a judicial decision in favor of his client in the second trial. As a result, he was found innocent. He ranks among top criminal defense attorney of United States after this case winning.

Number 4: Gloria Allred

The name of Gloria Allred is bound to be there when we talk about a person of a high profile, a controversial criminal case. This is because she is the lawyer to many celebrities. These include Peterson, Amber Frey, and Tiger Woods and many more. However, she got fame from a case in late 70’s when she represented a woman who was denied her rights by a male-dominant society. So, she came out successful along with this case became her first step towards her rise. These all make her one of the best criminal defense attorneys of the United States. As a result, she ranks in the number 4 on our list as well.

Number 5: Leslie Abramson

Leslie specializes in dealing with high profile murder cases. We can find out the trend she has followed if we look at the list of cases she has represented. While representing Melendez brothers in the murder case of their parents she came into limelight. Also, the murder of actress Lana Clarkson who was found dead in Phil Spector’s house was another famous case she represents. When Leslie successfully defends Phil, she comes to the limelight and ranks as one of the most successful criminal defense attorneys in the US.

Number 6: Anne Bremner

When Anne Bremner represents the Michael Jackson in a child abuse case, she gets the attention of the masses. Also, she handles the most contentious cases of celebrities with ease where she produces satisfying results for her clients. As the whole world’s eyes were on this case and the Michael Jackson’s case was very complex. Besides, she represents of Amanda Knox who she accuses of killing a British student on her visit to Italy. by successfully defending her client, Bremner proves her worthiness to be among top criminal defense attorneys in the US.

Number 7: F. Lee Bailey

This is F. Lee Bailey who is famous for representing the O. J. Simpson case. It’s the case that makes headlines to every newspaper. Also, he is famous for his broad research as well as knowledge of his profession. It says as the proverb that his words consider words from the textbooks of law when he speaks. In this specific type of cases, He considers an expert and his juniors & seniors rank him quite high. When the case of the captain Ernest Medina of war crimes in Vietnam War spreads worldwide, Bailey defends it and takes out the accused fruitfully.

Number 8: Shawn Holley Chapman

Shawn is famous as the expert lawyer of the female celebrity. Recently, she defends many celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Kardashian Sisters, and Paris Hilton effectively. As a result, she gets featured in many T.V shows where she is giving advice to women on legal issues they’re facing. She is in the limelight now for the representation of the female celebrities. Also, she is appearing as a host of morning shows for several days and focusing on legal issues those women face.

Number 9: Dick Deguerin

Dick DeGuerin is well-known for representing politicians in their criminal cases. His most famous case is that of a former Republican Party House majority leader, Tom Delay. The list of politicians he represents is too long, and few have made it to the news headlines. A wide-ranging list of bankers also deals with Dick DeGuerin. Also, he is expert in money-related criminal activities of politicians and bankers.

Number 10: Robert Shapiro

Robert Shapiro was one of the members of the O. J. Simpson case where he works greatly to defend the case. Besides, he defends Kardashian family case that makes him more famous as well. Although he was recently Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer in the drug case, he resigns after disagreements with his client.

Finally, these were about some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the US. There are so many lawyers apart of them who are working better as well. So, if you get any help from this post, let us know it commenting below. And share the information with your friends so that they meet their need concern this issue.

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