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LG latest Smartphone

LG latest Smartphone is LG V30 that will catch you by surprise. When it releases earlier this year the G6 was a strong contender. Although we’ve seen so many flashy flagships hit store shelves since then, we almost forgot LG was preparing another phone for the fall. Moreover, we couldn’t quite believe it when the V30 finally shows us up. We’re surprised whether it’s LG Smartphone or not! Well, it was really LG phone, which comes with an exciting rethinking and gimmicks design. This is because LG has produced one of the most exclusive Smartphones ever. As the polishing display of the phone is excellent, but unfortunately, throws the flaws this phone does have into sharp relief.

However, it comes with water-resist design, which is amazing. Besides, it performs strongly along with flexible and powerful video features. So, these all sound fantastic. As a result, its new V30 insists you pay attention to it. This is an elegantly well-built device offers powerful performance along with some of the best audio qualities we’ve ever heard. Moreover, it’s an excellent LG latest Smartphone for the video shooting as well. This is what made the V30 one of the best portable Smartphones out there. What more you’ll get from it is that its usually good dual camera was better in low light because LG had used higher quality screens. But, for many, the goodwill overshadow the bad as these notable deficiencies surely aren’t great.

Features of the LG Latest Smartphone

As the LG V30 is a confident step forward, it’s not just for LG’s experimental smartphone branch. But, for its flagship devices in general, which is simply LG’s best in recent memory. As a result, it’s also the best and LG latest Smartphone they have ever made. Now, let’s know what it comes with and how it becomes one of the LG’s best phones.

The hardware of the LG Latest Smartphone V30

LG’s V series has grown more conventional with each new model and it starts with the über-masculine V10, which was two years ago. So, LG latest Smartphone V30 is also not dissimilar to them. As the LG V30 is much tamer, you’d never presume they were allied. It’s a good thing in fact. Since it comes with round-edges and panes of Gorilla Glass 5 that quietly curve to meet a shiny metal frame, the V30 is supremely sleek by LG standards. Besides, it helps that LG solitary the gimmicky second screen that its predecessors used. So, it was of doubtful value to start, and the phone is slicker without it. Also, it’s not the most amazing Smartphone out there like Samsung devices usually have more of that wow factor.

But, LG has significantly refined its approach to design, as and a result the V30 feels great. Especially, considering it has a 6-inch OLED screen, which is surprisingly comfortable, as well. This is because it wasn’t long ago that phones with screens that large were enough to make your hand hurt. But, the LG V30 is completely practical with one hand. Moreover, although V30’s fingerprint sensor locates on the phone’s back, it doesn’t hurt. It’s usually resting right next to it since it’s very easy to reach with an index finger. LG didn’t hold back on on the good stuff either. The V30 is remarkably slim and light Despite the fact that. The V30 still has a headphone jack and a slot for microSD cards as large as 2TB on its SIM tray, unlike some other flagship phones we test this year.

Display and sound

LG latest Smartphone V30 looks pretty nice when you turn on the brightness of the 6-inch, quad HD screen phone. As its colors are effective without being shocking, so you can choose lots of detail on this pixel-dense (538ppi) panel. This is the nicest thing that we can say about the screen of the phone. That’s the nicest thing I can say about this screen. Although LG has caught a lot of flak for the panels it put in the Pixel 2 XL, the situation is worse in the V30. The V30’s screen has a noticeable blue cast from odd angles as with the XL. So, we didn’t mind it much on the Pixel 2 XL, and we don’t mind it much here. But, it’s a notable deficiency for a phone of this caliber; we wouldn’t go as far as to call it a deal-breaker.

What’s more worrying is that the level of uneven lighting and grittiness on the screen of the V30. When the panel’s brightness is cranked it’s less noticeable. But, it’s quite frustrating when it’s dark and we try to read in bed. Moreover, thinking the screen of the phone was dirty, but it clears us that it was the way how it’s made. But, we’re thankful that its audio situation is much better. The bottom-firing speaker is pleasant enough while listening to music through the phone’s single. However, everything changes when you connect a pair of headphones and fire up the built-in Hi-Fi DAC. This is why it’s not only the music get significantly louder, but it also sounds a little more natural and lively. It gets to the point where even on days when we’re testing other phones.


It’s a big sorry for the Oreo fans because the V20 was the first device to ship with Nougat last year. Also, the LG latest Smartphone V30 couldn’t wangle the same pretty deal for the V30. It runs the most recent version of Nougat (7.1.2, for that keeping count) as an alternative. Besides, its multi-window mode is still handy as ever for running two apps at the same time. In addition, they get more room to breathe as a result, thanks to 18:9 aspect ratio of the V30. Moreover, there is the presence of the Google’s Assistant as well, which is the gold standard for the virtual assistance of your Smartphone. But, there are some things that you’ll need to get at ease with, though. Besides, the V30 doesn’t have an app launcher by default so that all your recently downloaded apps get splayed across your home screen.

In this case, it’s easier to revive the conventional launcher where it’s worth the effort if only for the useful app search bar. But, can you remember how earlier V-series phones had the weird second screen above the main display? That’s no more as it’s gone. The rest of LG’s built-in apps are as colorful and useful as always, and some widgets slightly redesign to make use of the bigger screen. They’re nothing to write home about, though.


The LG latest Smartphone V30’s main draw is its dual camera along with good reason. So, it’s one of the best LG has ever made. It comes with a 16 MP main shooter with a f/1.6 aperture, and it balances nicely by a 13-MP wide-angle camera. When images captured with the main camera, it has a lot of features. These include bright, natural colors when there were so many lights around. It made me impressed. But, its low-light performance wasn’t good enough on the pre-production V30 tests because it hasn’t gotten much better as well. In the meantime, the wide-angle camera usually churns out nice-looking landscapes while being able to capture more of the gap around you with no moving is absolutely useful. Moreover, V30 provides a truly amazing level of control over the footage you capture. It’s also perfect for YouTubers and would-be videographers.

Performance and battery

LG latest Smartphone V30 runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset, along with the Adreno 540 GPU and 4GB of RAM. As it’s a well-worn combination, to be sure, it’s certainly a useful one. Besides, the V30 has been a speedy, smooth companion that we bounce between apps. When we fired up strong games, such as After pulse & Tempest, it didn’t break a worry.

Moreover, the V30 is pretty average when it comes to day-to-day use. We’d pull the V30 off the charger at around 8 AM, take it to work, run it through my usual routine, and get a low-battery warning at around 9 PM, on a typical day. It’s not bad because we got similar results out of the Galaxy Note 8 as well. Also, thankfully, as the phone charges pretty quickly when it’s entirely dead. Its 15-minute top-up was sufficient to get the V30’s up to between 25 and 30 percent.


We were surprised by our own optimism when e first took the V30 for a spin. Finally, LG had made a phone that looks like to tick all the right ones. Still, we’re impressed with what LG manages to achieve. So, LG latest Smartphone V30’s design and build features are first rates and the performances are up to snuff for a flagship. As a result, we’re in love with the way this thing sounds. Optimistically, LG comes out its sketchy screen issues, because the V30 is a worthy phone in danger of being outdone. Now, it’s over to you readers because you’ll buy it to operate. If you find it useful and suitable for you, simply grab it.

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