Best PlayStation Emulators for Your Android Devices

Best PlayStation Emulators for Your Android Devices

PlayStation emulators for your Android use to play that title on the Android Smartphones. If you have an Android device along with powerful hardware, then you can use these PlayStation emulators while playing your favorite PS games. Fortunately, we have the powerful Smartphone hardware, which makes it possible if you want to run the heavy apps on your android phone. Moreover, it also allows using port the PlayStation emulators to the developers while using the Android platform. The post I am listing the best PlayStation emulators for your Android devices. But, note these PlayStation emulators don’t come as freeware. You need to shell some bucks so that you can download and install them on the Android devices.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Your Android Devices

You’ll find a wide collection of PlayStation X along with PlayStation One game ROMs on the web. You must download the game ROMs while completing the installation. These emulators are not coming as the pre-loaded files. So, if you want to download an emulator, and then be sure you have the game file on your Smartphone to play. It also needs a good Android device that runs the PlayStation emulator.


Price: $3.75

ePSXe is a paid version, which comes from the famous ePSXe PlayStation emulator with a port for your PC. Similar to the FPse, it also provides exciting features. It has high comparability with your Android devices along with Good game sound, accurate sound, and good speed. The game has a two player option that means the game can play two players while splitting the screen mode. It offers to map hardware button as well as comes with touchscreen pad, which is virtual. Like FPse it also comes with the OpenGL to improve HD graphics experience. Moreover, it allows saving cheat codes along with saving game state at its any point. The newest version of ePSXe offers native support for Intel x86 and ARM. Overall this is one of the best PlayStation Emulator for your Android devices.


Price: Free

This is other powerful PS1 game emulators, which allows playing games smoothly. Now, it supports, such as PS1, GBC, GBA, Sega, SNES, and SNK games. What’s more, it allows adding more emulator while going into its plug-in section. For your action games, the app offers gesture mapping feature. Gesture controlling mode allows you to set the screen on the left side for movements that are right for your action. But, if you want the gesture option, you need to pay for it. Its free version supports so many essential features, such as load game state, save and external joystick mapping.

This emulator allows maximum 4 players who can play with an external joystick but it requires the USB OTG compatibility. The OTG checker app easily can check the compatibility of your devices. The emulator also offers some advanced features, such as Custom settings for game screen filter and size along with Audio Reverb. Overall this is one of the best PlayStation Emulator for your Android devices that come with external Gamepad support.


Price: $3.63

If you’re in search for an advanced PS emulator that comes with some cool features, then this app is for you. It offers an auto-scan feature, which scans all PS1 games that are available on your device. It also shows the cover of your game. You can run the emulator on lower specification devices and it’ll work smoothly without getting any trouble. It also comes with Guncon, the gun emulator while playing shooting games allow shooting with one finger. The app is also compatible with the touchscreen buttons and G-Sensor.

Moreover, it supports most type of file extension, such as .img, .bin, .iso, .cue and many more. So, you get freedom of extracting file while playing the old classic games. Also, it comes with full native support for Xbox 360, PS3 as well as the PS4 Gamepad controller. It also has LAN mode to play a game from multiple devices. You’ll get much more thing that you can do with this emulator. Overall this is one of the best PlayStation Emulator for your Android devices.

Matsu PSX Emulator

Price: Free

Its number comes after the RetroArch which is the best as the Multi emulator that lets playing multiple console games. Apart from the PSX games, you can play WSC, PCE, SNES, 3DS, NDS, GBA along with MD console games. You need not load core while playing any emulator Games that’s a must require for the RetroArch. You just need to simply choose an emulator and then select your favorite game file to play it. Moreover, it comes with no ads that make you free from the annoying ads.

RetroArch for the Most Platforms

Price: Free

It’s the best among the emulators, which play retro games on Android phones or tablets. Retro works for most of the platforms and it runs online using Chrome or Firefox web browser. It’s not only designed to emulate but it allows playing the PlayStation games as well. These include SNES, 3DS, NDS, GBA, UzeBox, PSP, Minecraft and much more. So if you want an emulator that’s able to emulate all classic games’ console, then this one is yours. The app also offers many advanced options, such as Network, Netplay, Driver Playlists, and many others. If you want to play PlayStation Games, then you have to Load Core first.

Also if you’re playing the game, then you can save state along with loading anytime from the similar state. You also can add cheats, set screen size as well as take screenshots while using it quick menu. It comes with mapping controller settings that are a great useful feature. On the whole, the app is one of the Best PSX / PS1 Emulator for your Android while playing classic games.

So these are all about the Emulator Apps for your Android devices that allows playing your old PS Games. But, there are many emulators available on Google Play, which claims to play PlayStation Games. Sadly, if you hit the play button, those emulators stop working. But above stated five emulators stand out that are able to play any PlayStation X Games.


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