Best Things to Do in Hollywood on a Trip to Los Angeles

You’ll get many things to do in Hollywood while traveling to Los Angeles. There are not only silly and adventurous things but you’ll find some true Hollywood experiences. So, if you plan to do some of these, you can give a good taste to your kitsch life. Because Los Angeles comes with a lot of things to do in Hollywood, you’ll find it in its neighborhood. As you know, the Hollywood is well-known for its glamour of the movie industry and TV. It’s also keeping the history of film industry where the pop culture is representing it.

things to do in Hollywood

Besides, you’ll find the permanent imprint of the history in the pavement with famous footprint, handprints, and stars on the Walk of Fame. Film history’s physical leftovers from the props and costumes to quirky and makeup memorabilia are collected into shows in several museums.

How Things to Do in Hollywood Most during a Trip

Since it’s said already, at first you must make a good plan with good time and budget. And then you can do something as stated below:

Take a Guide When Get Walking Tour of Hollywood

Because Hollywood is so walking able that you’ll find many historic markets as well as historic landmarks and buildings. But, this is not same as the thing we’re talking about walking with a guide. The guide is he or she who can help you to put it all in context. You’ll find many organizations that offer walking tour guide, such as Red Line Tours, Hidden Hollywood Walking Tour, and Hollywood Ghost Tour etc. Moreover, there are guides for the Hollywood Sign Hiking Tour. You can select whatever you wish to do and describe them and they’ll do all for you.

Take a Sightseeing Bus /Trolley in Hollywood

On the other hand, you can take a bus or trolley for sightseeing during a trip in Hollywood. This is because Los Angeles has a dizzying array of sightseeing tours by bus, trolley or van. It lets you from the ubiquitous Movie Stars Homes Tours to Hop On, Hop off Tours, Ghost and Crime Tours and other specialty tours, many of which go away from Hollywood. It’s better taking sightseeing bus or trolley in Hollywood when you’re on the group tour.

What are the Things to Do in Hollywood?

It’s not the only draw to modern Hollywood because the majority of the top Hollywood attractions connect to the entertainment industry. These include fine dining, Nightlife, and live theatre and music venues put into the evening entertainment. So, let’s see what the thing to do in Hollywood are when you trip there.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

You can see who you know from the actors, singers, radio personalities and other celebrities. They’re honored with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame along Hollywood Vine Street and Boulevard. They also come with the history, interesting and controversies facts about them as well as just where to get the stars you’re in search of. But, don’t forget to come back because you have to see what else there is to do in Hollywood.

The Hollywood Sign

It’s just to have a selfie and some shots of the Hollywood Sign from Hollywood & Highland. As there are so many places to view of the Hollywood Sign from but the easiest spot is from the viewing bridges. The bridges located at the Hollywood & Highland complex right at the side of The Chinese Theatre.

Universal Studios Hollywood & Universal City Walk

Hollywood’s Universal Studios is a blend of the movie-based theme park plus studio tour. This is the must things to do in Hollywood among others. You’ll see the special effects shows are as much of a draw as the rides. Moreover, there is a popular shopping and entertainment zone named CityWalk. But, in technical, Universal Studios is in Hollywood. It locates over the hill in its own neighborhood named Universal City. But, don’t worry because it’s just a 3 minute Metro ride between the two. As a result, we count it as a Hollywood attraction.

The Max Factor Building’s Hollywood museum

Now, you can visit the Hollywood Museum of the Max Factor Building, which is also well-known as the Hollywood History Museum. It’s one of the best collections of movie memorabilia around from the silent screen to the current day’s movies. Also, you’ll find the Marilyn Monroe display; Rocky Balboa’s boxing gloves, Cary Grant’s Silver Cloud Rolls Royce, Elvis’ bathrobe and Hannibal Lecter’s cell from Silence of the Lambs, etc are just to name a small number of them. They have kept the Max Factor make-up rooms and hair in the downstairs.

The Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood

Hollywood’s Hard Rock Café is an international museum of Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia along with food. You can think why it’s in the attraction list. But, as a rock ‘n’ roll fan, you’ll find interesting from the exhibiting artifacts. Also, this is because you’ll perhaps previously be in the neighborhood as well as it’s free to go in and walk around. Since the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood is in the heart of the tourist melee, there is one more Hard Rock Cafes in Los Angeles. That locates on Hollywood Boulevard, which is between the Dolby Theatre and the Chinese Theatre.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

It’s the Museum of Broken Relationships, which opens in June 2016 in a new building in the hub of Hollywood Boulevard. The museum is temporarily housed Frederick’s of Hollywood prior to the store shuttered permanently. There are mundane objects that show in the museum, such as a license plate, a hairbrush, old emery boards. It’s that receive meaning from the stories presented namelessly by their givers. There are some other items that are a little more unusual, including silicone breast implants and Belly button lint. These are that need even further of a clarification.

The Guinness World of Records Museum

This museum was built in 1913 in the oldest standing movie house on the Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame. It was built as a nickelodeon house which was a precursor to movies. But, the present art deco frontage was added afterward. You’ll see the neon mark that was the first set up with wide side panels to magnetize passing drivers. Moreover, the museum houses a compilation of videos, photos, and objects representative of the thousands of world records. And they are in every kind of human endeavor yet visualized, from the startling to the revolting. This is also the must things to do in Hollywood along with others.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Ripley’s Believe it or Not is the must things to do in Hollywood among others. This is because it’s the respect to the weird that locates Hollywood and Highland’s southeast corner. As it’s one of three Hollywood pop culture museums, you can purchase joint or as an individual ticket. If you’re fond of weird things, this can be attractive to you. But, if you’re one of the other Ripley’s locations around the world, there are absolutely more unique things to do in Hollywood along with the Unusual LA Museums. It wouldn’t be high on your To Do list. But, as the Guinness Museum, some people spellbound by the peculiarities of the world. You’ll find most of the oddity things from historic torture treatments to two-headed goats.

Hollywood Nightlife

Now, it’s time to get excited because you also can join the A-list scene of the Hollywood nightlife. But, for this, you either need enough money or must know the perfect natives. You’ll find a plenty of clubs for every taste of Hollywood. You have to check out the Top A-List Nightclubs because they are hard to get into along with the Top Dance Clubs for everyone, or Top Comedy Clubs. There are some coolest Hotel Bars in LA and in Hollywood as well. If you desire to get a sample of nightlife, you can join a club crawl or pub crawl in Hollywood on the nights of Friday and Saturday.

These are some things to do in Hollywood but there are much more to enjoy. These include Hollywood Wax Museum, Hike Runyan Canyon, Amoeba Music, The Hollywood Bowl, and Madame Tussauds Hollywood etc. also; you can visit Hollywood and Highland Center, Griffith Observatory, Paramount Studios, Dolby Theatre and the Museum of Death. These are all great things to do in Hollywood while traveling Los Angeles.

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