Best Way to Fix Audio Issues in Smartphones

Best Way to Fix Audio Issues in Smartphones?

You may experience audio issues in your Android Smartphone and you must know the best ways to fix them. The main audio issues are for your Smartphone arises, such as no sounds from your external speaker and Headphones. If you connect an external speaker, then you don’t get its audio while playing a song. It occurs commonly when using an external speaker. You would find no sound come from headphones as well. The problem happens for most brands, including even Sony, Samsung Galaxy Series, and Xiaomi etc. if you’re one of them who face the issue, and then here are some solutions to fix the issues.

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So, let’s find the issues along with their fixable solutions.

No Sound Issue to Fix in Smartphones

At first, avoid bashing your phone against a wall or shake it to make it enable working. It’ll make worsen your issue with frustration. There are some reasons while the audio is not working. So, here is a list of the possible fixes that can fix your audio issue on your Android Smartphones.

You Can Restart the Smartphone

The simple and first solution to overcome the issue is to restart your mobile phone. Sometimes an easy restart fixes many issues. So, power off of your Android device systematically. When the phone is off, then remove its batter along with the cover. Wait for one minute and then reinsert your battery and restart the phone. Once it restarts, try to play an audio on the device. This restart process simply can fix ‘no sound’ issue on your Smartphone.

You Can Remove SD Card & Reinsert

If your Android phone has an SD Card inside it, then remove it from the slot. And then reinsert it which can fix the no audio issue sometimes. Follow the below steps so that you can fix the problem.

  • Firstly, turn your Smartphone off along with letting it shut down completely.
  • Remove your battery as well as eject your SD card.
  • Now, reinsert the SD card in it and restart the phone.
  • If your phone starts well, try to play an audio file and you should hear the sound while it fixes the sound issue.

Headphones are connected to the Mobile Phone

Sometimes, users, those who get audio problems with their Smartphone are able to resolve them with the simple trick.

  • At first, connect the external speaker or the headphone to your Smartphone and turn it off.
  • After one minute, restart the Smartphone while your headphone is still connected to the Smartphone.
  • If all are perfect, then you’ll be able to hear your Smartphone’s audio through the headphones now.

Replace or Change the SD Card

It would be possible that your current SD card is the cause of the audio problem on your Android phone. You should try to use a different SD card, which may fix the problem. if the issue still alive, then you must replace your SD card with new one.

Use Recovery Mode to Clean Cache Partition

To fix the audio issue, you can clean your cache data while using recovery mode on the Smartphone. Follow the steps below that show how to do it.

  • At first, turn your Smartphone off.
  • If it’s completely off, then press and hold the Volume up Key, Home Key as well as Power Key at a time.
  • When your phone vibrates, then leave the Power key, but keep holding other keys.
  • Now, release these key while you see the phone in the Recovery Mode Menu.
  • Select “Wipe Cache Partition” pressing the Volume Down key.
  • Press/ tap the Power key to choose it.
  • After completion of wiping cache partition, reboot your phone to normal mode. And check if the audio issue is resolved on the phone.

You Can Reset the Smartphone

If nothing works, then you can reset your mobile phone to the ‘Factory Default’. It is so simple to reset your Android Smartphone that you need to follow the below steps. But note, these steps support Android 6.0 smartphones. If you have its older version, then the steps are not suitable for you. You must get the complete backup of your phone before of resetting it because you’ll lose all data.

  • Go to Settings while you’ve unlocked your Smartphone.
  • Go down with Scrolling to System & Devices and then choose/ tap on the Additional Settings option.
  • Tap on the Backup and Reset which come under Additional Settings.
  • Now Tap on Factory Data Reset to reset your phone.
  • Tap on the option of ‘All files on the phone’ and then confirm your decision.
  • Here starts your Android phone resetting to the factory settings. If the factory reset is done, then try to play an audio on the device using the external speaker or Headphone and find it would be fixed the audio issue.

Hardware Issue Causes No Sound

If you get no sound or audio from your phone, then it causes by your phone’s hardware. In this cases, you must take your Smartphone to the nearest authorized service center. They can fix the issue whether it’s under the warranty.

So, you get details about the Audio Issues in Smartphones along with the methods how to fix them. Moreover, if you have a problem with the device, which is not enlisted here, then please comment it using the comment box below. Also, you can comment on an alternative solution of the issues. Stay tuned with us to get more from us along with our further Tec issues.

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