What is the Best Way to Play YouTube Videos on Android Background?

The app of YouTube comes with a lot of features, such as double right tap to go forward and left double tap to go backward. But, still, there is one feature that’s missing in the app of YouTube for your Android device. And that’s to play videos of YouTube on your device background. Even the official app of YouTube doesn’t support playing video in its background. But, you can use third-party apps to make it possible while trying to play in the background. There was an app ‘Ulisten’ that was available initially in the App Store, but that’s unfortunately unavailable. So, this content will show you the best and easy ways that play YouTube videos on the Android background. So, we’re going to describe you how to do it.

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Play YouTube Videos on Android’s Background

Let’s know the ways to play YouTube videos on your Android’s background. So, if you want it, then follow me with the following steps.


  • At first, download and then install the ‘Awesome Pop-up video’ app from the Play Store. You can get it here.
  • After completing the installation, open the app while it asks some permission. So, do it.
  • Now open the app on YouTube and search for videos, which you like to watch.
  • If your video starts playing, then go back to your home screen. Or, you can open any other app.
  • Now, instead of making Pause your YouTube video, the app that you open will float on your screen. It lets you use Facebook or WhatsApp while playing YouTube video in its background.


This ‘Awesome Pop-up video’ app supports Screen off playback feature as well that allows you to keep playing continue even while the screen is off. But, unfortunately, this feature does not support the YouTube. This is the ‘Awesome Pop-up video’ that supports ‘Vimeo video’ playback as well. It lets you play a video from the URL while entering it into the search field of the app. You may note the “Awesome Video App” is not coming with an extension, but it’s an app itself. But, it doesn’t allow using it along with YouTube app. So, you must use “Awesome Video Pop-up” app whether you want the feature of the floating video as well as play YouTube videos in Android’s background.


Play Your YouTube Videos with the Screen Backlight Off

If you like to play your favorite videos using the screen off, then you have to use the third party app named “Screen Backlight Off”. The app is simple to use while playing music on the YouTube app. If you don’t watch a video, then it’s better to turn the screen off. But, the default YouTube app does not support this feature; you can use the “Screen Backlight off” application. Unfortunately, the app is currently unavailable in the Play Store. You can get an alternative if you like to use it.

Here is a note

The app “Screen Backlight Off” needs the Root access to improve to its complete potential. But, instead of turning the screen off, it adds a black layer on YouTube screen top while making it a bit of the display turn off. Because the app is unavailable in the Play Store, so you must install the “Screen Backlight Off” app .apk.

If you like to install its APK, then you have to follow me with the below steps.


  • At first, you have to enable the option ‘installation from unknown sources’.
  • If you’re not getting the “Unknown sources option” in the “Security section”, then you should look in the Privacy option.
  • Now, install the ‘Screen Backlight Off app’ from.APK file. You’ll get it in the XDA forum here.
  • Install the file it when the download is complete.
  • Open it when it completes the installation. It will ask about grant root access, so tap on the Grant option and then proceed.
  • Then, it can also ask you to give Overlay permission. So, tap OK and proceed.
  • Now if you swipe down from the notification panel, then you can see the “Screen Backlight Off” toggle.
  • Then, open the app on YouTube on your phone as well as play any video or audio that you like to listen.
  • If you want to turn the screen off, then swipe down from the notification panel while a tap on Screen Backlight Off toggle. Your phone screen will get turned off in a moment.

Besides, you can use this app on your native video player whenever you like to off your screen while watching or listening anything. The app of the “Backlight Screen Off” also comes with other customization features. These are including Activation delay, Deactivation options, Floating buttons and ‘on screen off’ and much more.


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