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Colon Cancer & Colorectal Cancer – Stages – Signs – and Symptoms

Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States (U.S) that occurs here. The large intestine or color locates where the body takes out salt and water from the solid wastes. Then the waste moves through your rectum that makes the body out via the anus. This cancer develops in the rectum or large intestine, but it grows slowly. Before it develops cancer the abnormal growth of cell calls polyp on the inner line of the rectum and the large intestine. If you have this cancer, you have family members who found it previously. While polyps grow slowly, some of them can turn into colon cancer over the time. It’s an area in your lining of the rectum or color where the cells seem abnormal, but not like true cancer.

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Stages of Colon Cancer & Colorectal Cancer

If someone diagnosed with colon cancer or colorectal cancer, doctors try to figure out how it spreads. When it spreads, how far it’s going. The process of finding out the measuring the range calls staging, which describes how much it’s in your body. This also helps to determine how it’s serious and how best to treat it. The earliest stage of this cancer, which calls stage 0 and then the wideness from stages I (1) to the IV (4). According to the rule, its lower number indicates the fewer spreads of cancerous cells while higher numbers indicate the higher risk of spread. Also, the lower number is easy to cure, but the higher ones are hard to do. Although, every person’s cancer is unique in nature similar stages tend to be similar outlook. Their treatment is also similar way while thinking to cure.


What are the Signs and Symptoms of Colon Cancer & Colorectal Cancer?

Most of the time, it doesn’t come with any signs or symptoms, but it may cause these symptoms. It bleeds often into your digestive tract, which causes stool with blood or makes it darker. Sometimes its first sign is a blood test while showing lower blood cell count. Some of the symptoms may cause the conditions other than this cancer, like hemorrhoids, or infection. If you persist any of these problems, you must meet your doctor. So, you can treat these causes if your doctors think needed. Sometimes it causes abdominal pain with cramping, fatigue, and weakness that happens for unwanted weight loss.


How to Prevent Colon Cancer or, Colorectal Cancer?

It’s not easy to prevent colon or colorectal cancer, but there are some factors that can reduce its chance. So, let’s learn some facts that can help to prevent this cancer.

Screen or Test for it: Screenings are the tests that look for cancer prior to signs and symptoms develop. Screenings of your color can often find the growth of polyps that can be a sign of cancer. The tests are helpful to find your cancer early stage.

Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains: Eat diets that include huge vegetables, whole grains, and fruits that decrease the risk of cancer. You also should reduce eating pork, beef or lamb along with processed meats.

Regular exercise: When you’re physically inactive, you’re at great risk of this cancer. So, increase physical activities that help to reduce the risk.

Moreover, you should watch your weight regularly along with leaving smoking and alcohol consumption.

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