Death Wish Movie Review – Bruce Willis’s Action Thriller

Death Wish movie

Death Wish movie is another action-pack thriller and the gracefully delivers of Bruce Willis. As you know, when you hear the name ‘Bruce Willis’, you’re walking into a heavy action film. After getting a high success of the Die Hard series and some other hit movies like Pulp Fiction and Unbreakable, Death Wish movie is also not dissimilar to them. This is because he never disappoints the viewers. Now, he stars in the remake of the 1970’s franchise, Death Wish, and you’ll not find anyone more perfect for the role.

Besides, the franchise of the Death Wish movie that’s based on the story of the same name that dies on a low note when the studio went ruined. Also, Kevin Bacon’s 2007 movie Death Sentence, which was based on the same novel failed to revive the franchise. But they might just accept it this time because the audience living in the era of franchises now more than ever.
Quick Notes of Death Wish Movie

  • In theaters: March 2, 2018
  • Director: Eli Roth
  • Writer: Joe Carnahan
  • Cast: Bruce Willis, Elisabeth Shue, Vincent D’Onofrio
  • Genre: Action/Adventure
  • Studio: MGM
  • Box Office: $13,025,000
  • Runtime: 108 minutes
  • MPAA explanation: strong bloody violence, and language throughout
  • MPAA rating: R

Death Wish Movie Plot

Chicago’s crime rate is all-time high where the police’s best efforts don’t seem to be effective. In the movie, Dr. Paul Kersey is a trauma surgeon who lives in the suburbs with his wife Lucy and Jordan. During the occasion of his birthday, he was getting ready to go out for a dinner with his family. But, suddenly he gets a call from the hospital for an emergency. As a result, Lucy and Jordan go back home where they find them in the midst of a break-in and while trying to save themselves, are shot at. Unfortunately, Lucy dies immediately and Jordan goes to a comatose state. But, Paul decides to take matters into his own hands after trusting the police and patiently waiting for them to come up with leads.

What Works in Death Wish Movie

Death Wish movie director, Eli Roth, already delivers his fair share of violent films like Cabin Fever and Hostel. Here, he also nicely manages to match action with the crucial stab. From the 1974 movie, the most disturbing parts are left out where he focuses on Paul Kersey trying to deal with the pain of losing his wife. Also, his transformation is from a man who didn’t believe in violence to a man. But, now he walks the streets on a criminal-hunting extravaganza. You’ll see that Bruce Willis is definitely not excessively old for this role yet. This is because his action scenes look natural where he delivers a performance with a load of power. They even handle to add a homesick touch to the conclusion.

What Could Have Been Better in Death Wish Movie

Although the Death Wish movie came with an excellent action flick, the movie fails to address the issue of gun control and vigilantism which is very relevant to this time. The character of Bruce Willis manages to learn everything about guns while watching a couple of videos online. So, it’s that a message which should not be supported.

Why You Should Watch Death Wish Movie

The Death Wish movie is definitely for you if you like action movies with violence.  Moreover, it also revitalizes the story of revenge that the 70s’ movies were known for. It also looks like a starting to a new era of this franchise.

What Critics Say about Death Wish Movie

The critic reviews of the Death Wish movie goes opponent of the movie because most of the reviews are opponent of the movie. Perhaps this is the reason the movie is going on strongly in the theatres worldwide. Well, let’s see what critics say about this movie.

  • Top Critic Ty Burr of the Boston Globe says, “Death Wish” is a catechism for an audience terrify that their firepower and their influence are dwindling. In that limited sense, “Death Wish” is a success, albeit one that action fans should wait to see on Netflix.”
  • Another top Critic Matthew Rozsa of the says, “The film cranks up the audience with little jokes and references, and gets the audience cheering for the Grim Reaper before they even realize what they’re cheering for — and therein lies the problem.”
  • Top Critic Katie Walsh of the Tribune News Service says, “He’s not remaking Death Wish. He’s making what he thinks a person in 1974. And sitting in a Forty-Deuce grindhouse theater would have seen in their mind while watching it…”
  • Tara Brady of the Irish Times says, “It’s difficult to forgive a film which demonizes the Chicago’s black and Hispanic population in order to allow a wealthy white guy to summarily execute them.”
  • Jordi Costa of the El Pais (Spain) says, “[Eli Roth’s] film works, but he misinterprets [Brian] Garfield in the same way that [Michael] Winner did.”
  • Matthew Bond of the Daily Mail (UK) says, “Hey, it’s got Bruce Willis shooting a lot of bad guys. What’s not to like? That said, in this era of the ubiquitous satnav, it will definitely make you think twice about valet parking.”

Our Review

Willis is as efficient as a streetwise action hero, while in others, he’s ridiculously clumsy and careless in some scenes. He can’t help but play him with a sheepish look much of the time, and Beau Knapp is flat-out bad as a sneering, cunning killer. It’s an unwelcome movie no matter what, but the argument between “taking the law into your own hands” and “letting the ineffectual police do nothing” is an insult in a time when the conversation moves on to more pressing topics.

What Parents Must Know

Parents must know that Death Wish is a remake of the 1974 Charles Bronson movie which is about a vigilante out for justice where both films were based on a novel by Brian Garfield. Because of lots of blood, including spurting blood, bloody wounds, and other gory scenes the violence is extremely strong. You’ll find guns and shot frequently, women are in danger and attacked, characters die, and even a character is tortured. There are injuries and bloody deer as well.

Besides, the language is strong, with many uses of “s–t,” “f–k,” “a–hole,” and more. By one of her tormenters, a teen girl ogles where he admires her “strong thighs.” Moreover, you’ll find that a woman with a nude bottom is shown bowling along with a married couple kisses on the film. Also, there are empty beer bottles in his home of the main character (Bruce Willis) along with social drinking.

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