How to Fix the Common OnePlus3 Problems Now?

How to Fix the Common OnePlus3 Problems Now?

OnePlus3 is one of the great Smartphones that comes with the latest offers after the great success of previous one. it not only provides a good hardware but comes with a unique software also. Instead of all that good quality, there are some common problems of OnePlus3 mobile. So, this post will enable you to understand these common problems along with their fixes. Some of its common complaints include issues of Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth connectivity, auto-rotate issue and push notification issue. Moreover, there are some other issues, such as heating issue, battery issue, camera issue and much more. These issues are not only found in the OnePlus3 but some of them were in the OnePlus2 and OnePlus1 as well. Most of the issues are software related that you can resolve them while updating its software.

Some Common Problems of the OnePlus3

Meanwhile, we can find some common problems that we can fix easily. But, note all OnePlus3 owners may neither face these problems, not they be unit specific. If you face these problems, here are some workaround for you that can make you free of the problems.

Fix OTG Issue of the OnePlus3

OnePlus3 offers 64 GB internal storage that’s enough for normal work. Since its external storage gets cheaper as well as advanced for those who are fond of high-resolution videos. So, if you like to collect these types of video, then you can finish all of your phone storage. You need an external SD card in this situation so that you can continue your task. Although OnePlus3 doesn’t have any slot for the SD card, luckily you have On The Go (OTG) port. You can use your external storage while connecting with OTG, such as USB flash drives etc. some users report the device is not supporting the external storage when they connect to the phone. You guys can resolve this issue while enabling your OTG feature. So, follow the below steps so that you can fix the issue.

  • First, go to Settings then Storage and USB and then tap on 3 dots menu. You must be sure you have enabled OTG here.
  • Now make a connection with the external storage device to your phone. And then your phone will identify the device naturally. If the device is not found, then restart your phone or device and try again. If this also is not working, you should update with the official firmware that certainly fixes this issue.

Fix Push Notification Issue of the OnePlus3

Push notifications are the simple feature for your Smartphone. But, some users reports they get problem while receiving these notifications. Your device doesn’t send/ push notifications as you have to open the message option so that you can see the messages. This requires for messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as well. It’s a software problem, which mostly fixes with an update of your software. Though, there are some things that you can fix push notification problem in your OnePlus3. You must make sure your device allows push notifications for the apps you use most. Follow the below steps so that you can fix the issue.

  • At first, go to Settings.
  • Select Sound and Notifications
  • Tap on the App Notifications as well as ‘Enable’ your app notification from the apps.
  • Be sure you have not added any app to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ list because adding apps it stops all notifications.
  • If you still face the problem, then you can use Third Party Apps that can make enable the push notifications.

Fix RAM Management Problem of the OnePlus3

OnePlus3 offers a huge amount of RAM, which is 6GB. This RAM in any smartphones helps them run easily even while doing serious multitasks. But, if your device software is still not able to give you most out of the 6GB RAM, then it may have any problem. It closes its background apps while the users open multitask or multiple apps to continue. But, this is not an ideal solution while your device has unused RAM space. This is a simple hardware issue, as well as OnePlus3, has noted the issue. If you want to fix the problem, then you must update the latest software. And follow the below simple step to do so that you can fix the issue.

  • Just go to Settings and select System Updates.

Fix Auto-Rotate Problem of the OnePlus3

OnePlus3 is yet a wonderful mobile, but it has a small problem, which relates to the screen orientation. Some users report it does not change its screen orientation from landscape to portrait while switching them. It’s not an ideal circumstance if you wish to surf the web either in portrait or landscape mode or even you play games on the phone. There are some simple things to do so that you can fix the problem.

Quick Restart: If you restart your device, then it fixes the problem temporarily. So, do a quick restart of your device and then see whether the problem gets resolved.

Troubleshooting: Third party apps may cause this problem along with interfering with your phone’s capability to change screen orientation. If you face this problem after installing any third-party app, then you may need to uninstall that app.

Safe Mode: You can also use booting into the Safe Mode to see either it’s a device or app related issue. if you want to boot into Safe Mode, then turn off the phone. After that, press plus hold device’s power button until your device vibrates and then starts booting. Once it starts booting, then press plus hold Volume Up as well as Volume Down button at once. Keep it pressed until your device gets restarted and then unlock the screen and now you must be in the Safe Mode. If the screen orientation works after booting into the Safe Mode, then a third-party app may cause the error. Now, you should remove the app and that fix your problem.

Third Party Apps: You can try a third-party app, including Rotation Control, which allows you to manually change your screen orientation.

Fix Connectivity Problems of the OnePlus3

This is one of the commonly found issues in the Smartphones that relates device connectivity. The similar issue happens with the OnePlus3 mobile, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issue.

Bluetooth: Some users complain their devices are unable to connect to wireless devices, including headphones and Wireless Speaker over Bluetooth. It might be a software problem, and it overcome while its latest updated version.

For this, at first, go to Settings option on your phone

Select System Updates and you’ll find software update available for download. According to the OnePlus3 authority, it fixes the Bluetooth issue while using the firmware version OxygenOS 3.1.2. You must download the update and see whether it resolves your Bluetooth issue. it also improves and resolves NFC connectivity issues.

Wi-Fi Issue: Some users also report the Wi-Fi issue with the device that their phones disconnect after a short time and keep continuing disconnected. However, the Wi-Fi issue should not come to the firmware of your phone, but you must wait for the official patch that fixes it. Meanwhile, you can to other ways so that you can fix the problem.

  • Turn your router ‘Off’ and keep it in ‘Off’ mode for sometimes.
  • Now open your Wi-Fi settings on the Phone as well as forget the settings.
  • Turn on your Wi-Fi router and enter the details again on the OnePlus3.
  • Also, try Wi-Fi Analyzer app to check your channel activity and if necessary switch to different channels.
  • Also, ensure you have disabled the ‘Power Mode’ before connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Fix OnePlus3 Camera Issue

The mobile comes with an amazing camera module. But, there is no use of a good camera if you can’t use it properly. Some users report they are unable to take images while using the stock camera app on their phone. Even the button of the physical camera gives no response. The issue only seems with the stock camera app of the device that makes limited to taking images but the users have no problem while taking videos. Because the trouble is for the Stock camera app, I would suggest you guys use the Google Camera app which is available in the Google Play store. Also, the authority recommends the software update that releases recently to your device. If the issue continues without fixing it, then you must wait for its next update. And until then you can use the third-party camera apps.

An additional issue with the camera that camera app does not let you tweak camera resolution settings. It takes photos with the default setting in 3480 x 4640, 3:4 resolution, and 16MP. So, if you click a lot of photos, then doubtlessly you will find no space available on your phone because of its large size photos. It might be a solution to this problem is to use a third-party app, which allows tweaking your camera settings. Then you can get small size along with low-resolution images you like.

Fix OnePlus3 Mobile’s Heating Issue

Since the Smartphones get more powerful along with its sturdy hardware, they face the heating issue. Currently, most smartphones are coming with the heating issue which is common and OnePlus3 is no exception. Regardless of running on the most modern Snapdragon 820, it counters the heating issue. This would be because of its metal chassis where users feel. You can resolve the heating issue with software patches, if the problem is at your end, even the company cannot do much. Also, to fix the heating issue, you must avoid using the device while on charging. It also comes as in terms and conditions of safety. Moreover, you can try to keep your phone in Flight Safe Mode; it may destroy all background services despite the fact that charging with minimum resources.

Fix Display Color Balance Issue

Its display comes with the report that it becomes yellowish along with little bit of washed out its colors. However, this is not a big problem; you would like the perfectly visible screen. So, what to do with this issue? You can change the Display settings and set them as you prefer. Follow the below steps so that you can solve the issue.

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Tap on the Display option. Here you’ll find toggle of the color balance slider that meets your preference.
  • If you’re using the OxygenOS V3.2.1 version, then you can enable the sRGB mode that comes with the developer’s option.

Fix Audio/ Ringtone Issue

If you face ringtone issue while using the OnePlus3 mobile, then you’ll find many those who have the same problem. Some users report that the ringtones are disappeared from the phone while updating it. So, it results in leaving incoming calls with no ringtone that raises the chances of all call becoming a Missed Call! Follow the below steps so that you can resolve the issue.

  • At first, you should go to Settings.
  • Select the Alter Slider option and Priority Settings.
  • Here you can set Messages and Calls options selecting “From Anyone” option.

There is another audio related issue in this device that comes while listening to music or playing games or watching videos. Its owners report on its low sound quality. You can solve it easily while updating the firmware. But, neither its update is available nor sure when will be released to fix the problem.

So, you learned about some of the common issues of OnePlus3 along with how to fix them. Moreover, if you have a problem with the device, which is not enlisted here, then please comment it using the comment box below. Also, you can comment on an alternative solution of the issues. Stay with us to learn more from us along with our further relevant contents.


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