Fix Common OnePlus5T Problem

Best Way to Fix Common OnePlus5T Problem?

OnePlus5T is the recently launched from the OnePlus production house. It’s one of the best among the series, which launches just some month ago. It has come with the latest T variant along with some improvement. The phone has some better things in the latest T variant. These include Unlocking with Face, bigger screen, better camera and much more. Instead of these all goodies and latest features, OnePlus5T also comes with some problems. Some of its common problems are such as Snapchat camera issue, camera problem, Bluetooth, and VoLTE, etc. this one is the hottest launch of the month. It might be one reason why its users are in these problems. But, it’ll take some months to fix the issues as well as bugs while it comes with the future update.

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Common OnePlus5T Problems with Fixes

Meanwhile, here is a compilation of the common OnePlus5T problems along with their fixes. These fixes can temporarily help you to overcome the issues on your devices. Here are the common problems along with their fixes below.

Camera Problem of the OnePlus5T

This problem is not only particularly for this model but it also finds when the Snapchar app use. Some of the users report while using the app, and then the camera gets zoomed always that makes a frustration to take images. This phone’s camera, as well as the problem with Snapchat, has been reported many times on its forum. And it seems like a software bug needs that comes with a software patch to make it fix. In this concern, you can do the things as follow.

At first, switch your handset off with a long press the power button. Turn it back as well as open its Snapchat app and check whether the issue fixes. Sometimes a simple quick restart can resolve some small issues with your device. Otherwise, you can try to use the ‘force stop’ option for the Snapchat app and then clear the cache data. To do this, you can follow the below steps.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Application Manager or Apps
  • Select Snapchat app
  • Now tap on Clear Cached Data and Force Stop option.

Some users report on its camera that takes blurred images while the HDR mode turns on. This makes the images dull, which especially happens at night. It looks like a software glitch in the devices that solve while the software gets an update. Otherwise, keep the HDR turn-off and check whether it solves the issue.

Face Unlock Problem of the OnePlus5T

The latest OnePlus series, OnePlus5T comes with a new feature ‘Face Unlock’, which allows your face to unlock the phone. Currently, this feature would not be as complicated as iPhone X but it works in it better than any other Android devices. But, users of the OnePlus5T phones complain about this option. They include with the complaint it’s inconsistent sometimes and not much reliable. If the option of Face Unlock stops working, then users must reboot their phones to use it again. Once again it’s a software glitch, which solves with a software update. If you didn’t update the device, then search for the 4.7.2 version. And check whether it fixes your problems. When you face the issue while you have updated your version, then remove the face ID registration.

Battery Draining Problem of the OnePlus5T

Not only for this mobile but battery draining problem is commonly found in the all the smartphones at this time. Here, OnePlus5T also says the same thing. Although it comes with impressive Screen on Time (SOT), some of its users complain about the issue of battery draining. This issue might be device specific and may causes for the OS bug. Mostly the issue gets resolved while the updated software comes. If this is not an issue of software, then it may wither the fault of your device or any app that’s draining your battery fast.

Usually, your battery drains faster while you’re using your device as the Wi-Fi Hotspot. So, ensure the number devices that connect to yours one while using Wi-Fi. You can go through the apps list that you recently installed. If there is any fancy app that shines and glitters all day long, then you would uninstall it to save battery. On the other hand, you can boot your device into the Safe Mode and check whether the battery draining problem causes by a third party app. Or, it causes an issue with your device default. If you want to boot for the Safe Mode, then you should follow the below steps.

Here are the steps

  • Press as well as hold the power button to turn your phone off.
  • When it’s off, press as well as hold the power button to turn your phone on. If you see the logo of OnePlus, then release the power button press plus hold the Volume Down button.
  • When you’re in the Safe Mode, then leave your device for a full night to check whether it battery drains out or not. If it does, then it must be either for a software issue or for the faulty battery issue. To resolve the issue, take it to the service center. If it’s not fixed, then you must replace it with a new one.

But, if your battery doesn’t drain out in the Safe Mode, then you’re facing the problem for a third party app. So follow the below steps so that you can resolve it.

  • Go to the Settings Option on your phone.
  • Select the Battery and Performance feature and find the app who consumes a huge battery life.
  • Uninstall the specific app.

Factory Reset of the OnePlus5T

If you still have the battery draining issue, then you can try to reset the device to the Factory resetting. Factory resetting can fix this issue sometimes. This way works nicely which confirms in the forum of the OnePlus5T. So, follow me to get the phone reset.

  • At first, get a full backup of your data whether you have any.
  • Now, go to Settings option.
  • Select Backup and Reset from settings
  • Choose the Factory Data Reset option.
  • Select the option Full Erase and Reset the device while prompting.

Bluetooth Issue of the OnePlus5T

Its users complain about the connectivity issue of the Bluetooth. As the users say, the Bluetooth works nicely for file transfer but when try to connect the device with any Bluetooth Speaker, such as your car, its Audio is not playing at all.  Or, rider it plays, its audio stops after playing some minutes.

YouTube Video Issue of the OnePlus5T

If you use OnePlus5T mobile to watch YouTube videos, you may get the videos are not playing on its full screen. But, its black bars are still available that make annoying you. You can fix the issue while pining and zooming feature. Play your YouTube video so that you can customize your preference. If your issue is still OK, then download the YouTube APK that’s the latest and then install it on your device.

Finally, you get details of the OnePlus5T along with the ways how to fix them. Moreover, if you have a problem with your device, which is not enlisted here, then you can comment it using the comment box below. Also, you can comment on an alternative solution of the issues. So, stay tuned with us to get more from us along with our further Tec issues.


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