Latest and the Best Apps for Android Phones to Use In 2018

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From the so many apps for Android phones, it’s hard to find the best one for you. That’s why we’re here to put together a good list of the best apps from a different category. This list will help you to save time so that you can download them easily and for free of cost. You may look for the free camera apps, launchers or something else, which we’re going to cover them from the most aspects. We have only added the latest, best, and free apps for Android phones for the year 2018. These are because you already may pay enough for your phone. So, you can make a throw in a monthly data plan if you start with apps because there are many best apps available in the Google Play store are without charge.

So, this post will lead you to select the best and free apps for Android phones in this year. If you have a new Android device, you can load it from this list as well.

Top 5 Best Apps for Android Phones for the Year 2018

As it’s said and a fact, finding the good apps for your Android phones can be tough. The apps that are useful to you, discuss in the post; they’re the latest as well. Now, let us discuss the best and free apps that can meet your need.

Photo Editing App – LightX Photo Editor

When a lot of giant filter apps along with photo fixers are staying on the Play Store, LightX Photo Editor is a little bit smaller than other apps. But, it comes with many filters, tools for sharpening images, removing blemishes and much more. Besides, it offers to tweak the tone, saturation, and hue, adjust the focus, and add text, sticker or a frame. Also, you can create collages, merge images, flip, draw on pictures, crop and rotate, and change the point of view. With all these features, LightX is a dominant, feature-pack app and it suits most mobile photo-editing needs.

News App – Nwsty

Because keeping up with the news could be difficult for many of us, so take some help from the Nwsty. The app aims to make keeping up with news easier and faster. This app comes with AI technology so that it can choose the biggest stories of the day between six and ten and take them in a brief as well as digestible mode. Every story is not in a large paragraph but it comes with generally enough to get the key details. It means that you can read them all in the time it would take to read one complete story. Moreover, if you need more about any of the news, every snippet provides a link to the content. As a result, it’s a good way to stay in the news loop, which just takes a few minutes.

Video Playing App – Viewster

Movies in the theatres usually cost money, but Viewster offers the availability to a library of streamed content at free of cost. It comes with a catch of course and that adverts, together with limited content as compare with Netflix. You’ll see a good range of anime series, along with old sci-fi movies, documentaries, and shows about games if you can look past. In the simple sentence, this is a video playing app that lets you see your favorite movies, videos, playing games etc.

Music App – Record Bird

This is a music app Record Bird, which aims to ensure that you never miss your favorite music. So, once you make an account in this app, it allows selecting which musicians you want to follow. Or, you can simply import your likes from Facebook and Spotify. When you have to make likes, you’ll find a feed highlighting all their new plus future releases.  Also, it’ll provide other news about them if there are. Some cases, you’ll get the links so that you can listen or but your favorite music. As a result, if you’ve ever had a problem going with musical activities then Record Bird is the perfect app for you.

Launcher App: Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the top Android launchers that are remaining in the Play Store for many years. Because the launcher is lightweight and smooth with tons of customizations, it also comes with updates frequently. The app loads with numerous icon packs are found in the Google Play Store, which is changing its looks. As Nova Launcher supports customization of app-drawer, it has notification badges, scrollable dock, folder and icon customization, along with the packs around a dozen gestures for easy use. Although it’s free to download, its prime version opens so many other features, such as some lock gestures.

Assistant App: Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual and artificial personal assistant, which is developed by Google. It allows users to communicate, navigate, and get many things done. Android or iOS devices support this app where you can play games, ask any questions, make plans, etc. including more than 30 Super Useful Voice Commands. Moreover, it’s accessible for all type of Android Smartphone and even on smartwatches as well.

Video Calling App: Google Duo

Another best video calling apps for Android that comes with a simple interface is Google Duo. You can log in and verify your number with quite an easy process. The app lets you make the fast video calls just similar to making a normal phone call. It offers the unique feature named “Knock Knock” that lets you have a live appearance of the caller prior to you receive the call. Besides, It supports both Android and iOS users as well.

File Sharing App: Xender

This is because of the file sharing app, Xender is one of the important apps you must have on your phone. As it saves you from hassle with you’re the USB data cable so that you can exchange files with PC as it doesn’t require PC side software to receive or transmit files. What is more, it’s hundred times faster app than Bluetooth for transferring files between any devices. So, thanks to it being cross-platform app.

Remote Control App: Unified Remote

This is the app for controlling your PC from an Android device. Unified Remote uses Wi-fi or Bluetooth to control your PC remotely because it comes with preload support for over 90 popular programs. What’s more, it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and needs a server program to be installed. While using the app, you can wake up your computer remotely from sleep using its feature “Wake on LAN”. It has many more necessary features, such as keyboard and mouse, media player controls, screen mirroring, etc. Even you can use it to control an Arduino Yun or Raspberry Pi. Although it’s free of cost, its paid versions open a huge amount of helpful features, such as functions for Android wear and custom remotes.

These were some of the latest and the best apps for Android phones to use in 2018. But, there are more exciting apps, including MX Player, Automate, Subcast: Podcast Radio, and Datally. Also, there is SwiftKey, Evernote, Office Suite application, Google News & Weather and many more.

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