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PhotoScape is one of amazing photo editing software for the best photo editing experience. It comes with so many filters, tools and special effect that you’ll find it hard to believe it’s completely free. The software includes just about everything you need to view, optimize, edit, print and have fun with your photos. In fact, it’s so complete that many would call it a free Photoshop alternative. Certainly, it’s not to the level of Photoshop, but it’s actually a great alternative to Adobe’s big shot – and it makes photo editing a lot more fun! The Downloading Link of PhotoScape is here.

Features of the Photo Editing Software PhotoScape

This photo editing software offers a lot of main features, such as batch editing, photo montage and poster, playing with an animated GIF, creating a document for magazines to print, and many more. With these features, it allows you performing so many functionalities as others do. As a result, there is some degree of overlapping in this software. Let us describe some features, which are commonly used to edit a photo.

The Viewer

This is nothing special as a viewer but it can do the job perfectly. Because it provides you standard thumbnail view, and a folders list along with the side with a larger preview window, plus some other functions for viewing EXIF data, rotating images, and so on. The size of its maximum thumbnail is pretty small, and there does not appear any options for sorting. Every one of the other tabs in this software come with its own thumbnail browser as well so that you possibly won’t use this tab frequently.

The Editor

You’ll find the editor where the most functions are. You can apply here a multitude of adjustments as well as effects on your image. Besides, there is everything from one click contrast and auto-levels to advanced color curves, which get completed with the facility to load and save as the presets. This is because you’ll get many color and tone adjustments along with a number of filter effects from the realistic (as a noise reduction) to fun (as a cartoon). Furthermore, you can also trim your photos with an array of funky and funny frames.

Also, there is an object tab where the software lets you add shapes, text, and speech balloons on top of the photo you are working with the editor. Because it offers a wide array of clip art objects, you can stamp onto your working file. And you can also insert any image or another photo from the clipboard. As it has a rich text tool, you can add formatted text and a symbol tool. It also allows you browse all the symbol fonts on your system and you can drop them onto your photo. Once you have inserted these objects in your documents, you can move, rotate and resize them easily.

Besides, the editor also comes with a flexible crop tool along with a circular crop option. Also, there are some region editing tools, such as red-eye remover, mosaic, and mole remover. PhotoScape also provides undo and undo all buttons to revert any changes that you don’t this as necessary. In addition, if you’re going to save your edits, there is the option to back up the original photo prior to overwriting. And you can save the photo either under a new file name or save your file to a selected output folder.

Batch Processing

You can apply the most functions accessible in the editor to multiple files straight away in the Batch Editor. These include frames, text, objects, color and tone adjustments, resizing, sharpening, and many more effects. Since you can evaluate the results before exporting one or all of the photos with your changes, you can customize them. Furthermore, you can also change and save your batch editor settings as a configuration file so that you can re-use afterward.

Page Layouts

You can choose from over 100 choices of grid layouts of the page module, which is a multi-photo layout tool. Just drag and drop your photos into the boxes so as to create a quick collage. It allows removing the individual photos and ranged to fit the grid boxes. So, you can adjust the layout size, round the corners, add margins, and apply frames. Or, you can add filter effects to all photos in the layout while using the page layouts. It can be saved as a new file or passed to the editor when your layout is done.

Some Other Features of PhotoScape Photo Editing Software

In addition, the above-said features are not the entire PhotoScape photo editing software. This is because there are many more useful features as below:

  • Combine: This Feature lets you joining multiple photos into a vertical or horizontal strip or grid.
  • AniGif: You can create a frame-based animation from multiple photos while using this feature.
  • Print: Get your picture printed along with this feature of Picture Package Layouts or thumbnail contact sheets.
  • Splitter: As you can guess, you can cut your photo into multiple images based on a grid.
  • Screen Capture: This feature allows taking an image of your full desktop, a region of your screen or a window.
  • Color Picker: You can take color-sample from anywhere on the screen.
  • Raw Converter: As a simple converter, it can save camera RAW files as JPEGs format.


We’re very impressed at what it comes with into this photo editing software without leaving an ease of use. However, it has some shortcomings. Actually, we have found some Korean characters in some places of the dialog boxes. And sometimes its language was not so clear in describing the functions. Because the software is limited to work with one document at a time, you have to save and close the current file if you want to change the photo you are working on. It means that you can’t perform more advanced photo editing, for example, a photo montage of multiple images fading into each other.

PhotoScape photo editing software is completely free and aimed to non-commercial use. As free software, this is amazing software. Especially, it’s easy to use interface is outstanding because anybody can use it with simple effort. Moreover, the program didn’t generate any spyware or adware warnings on the system, but the website and online help come with the display text ads. As our overall recommendation, this is one of the better free photo editing software out there.

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