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World Cancer Day 2018 – Seven tips to prevent cancer

Today is World Cancer Day. The theme of this year is ‘We Can, I Can’. Cancer is a deadly disease. It’s possible to get relief from the disease if it’s treated in its early stages. But, in any disease prevention is better than cure. And, it’s important to prevent cancer as well. If you want to prevent cancer, the most important is to live a healthy life.

There is some advice about how to get rid of cancer that provided by the Assistant Professor of Public Health Community Medical College, Dr. Shakil Mahmud. Let’s know them.

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1. To eat the healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods is important to prevent cancer. Specifically, yellowish fruits and colorful vegetables that come with chemicals-free should be kept in the daily diet.

2. Stay away from fast-food

It is trans-fat in fast-food. When it comes in touch with different chemicals, it gets harmful aromatic hydrocarbons. It makes damaged the normal structure of the DNA. As a result, it’s better to stay away from fast-food.

3. Avoid Unhealthy colorful foods

Sometimes the food producers use textile color instead of using food grade color to make more profits for them. These kinds of foods are including ice cream, chocolate, sweet, gooseberry, externally chic-food, colorful foods etc. They increase the risk of cancer.

4. Obesity

Unhealthy foods cause obesity. For this, the risk of cancer increases seriously. It increases the risk of esophagus cancer, liver cancer, and breast cancer.

5. Environmental pollution

There is also the risk of lung cancer, skin cancer and bone cancer for the environmental pollution. In this case, we have to use the mask, we must control the black smoke emission of the vehicle, amount of forestry should be increased and must stay away as much as possible from areas that are contaminated.

6. Walking with Routine

We have to walk or exercise as routine to prevent cancer. This way, the immunity of our body increases and reduces the risk of disease.

7. Vaccines to Prevent Cancer

Now, there are vaccines in the market to prevent some cancer. These include cervical cancer or liver cancer. So, we also can use vaccine while preventing cancer.


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