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best data recovery software

You may need the best data recovery software when you deleted or lost an important file. There are so many free file recovery tools those can bring back the files that lost anyhow. Also, we know that you have tried many free data recovery apps. But, our experience says that all freeware don’t cut as nicely as you expect. Besides, we all know why data recovery tools are important to us. But, that’s of little comfort to anyone – even those with good backup regimens. It’s for those who suddenly find them confronted by the disgusting feeling of data deletion or loss. As a result, it’s always a good idea to have dependable on the best data recovery software on hand for urgent situations.

Besides, it might be a hardware failure, a virus infection or even a human error. It’s not so hard to lose your important files from your system. It’s critical you stop using the drive affected immediately once you’ve become aware of data loss. As you could simply delete a file unintentionally or the drive itself is failing, it’s not a matter at all when you have a good recovery tool for your data. That’s why if it comes to selecting the best data recovery software for storage media like PC hard drives, memory cards, USB sticks, etc, we’re bound and strong-minded to detect which provider offers the most importance. As we consider five major components make up a great Windows data recovery program, and those are security, quality, and ease of use, compatibility and technical support.

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  • What is the Best Data Recovery Software?
  • Piriform Recuva
  • IObit Undelete
  • DMDE Free Edition
  • TestDisk and PhotoRec
  • MiniTool Partition Recovery Free

What is the Best Data Recovery Software?

We’ve picked top 10 free and the best data recovery software in this content. Simply pick the one closest, which meets your requirements and with its assistance you could yet save your lost files. These free data recovery software for Windows 10, 8.1, 7, XP, Linux, and Mac OS. Besides, they are entirely free of cost. And of course, they will recover your all deleted or lost files with simple efforts. So, let’s see what they are and what their features are below:

1.     Piriform Recuva

This is one of the best data recovery software, which comes with a simple wizard and deep scans. Besides, it’s free recovery software you need on hand when you fall in the danger of data loss or delete anyhow. What the software offers to its users is as below:

Recovers file and data effectively

Comes with the clear interface

Allows optional deep scans

Ads for the premium version

Moreover, Recuva makes things as stress-free and easy as it’s possible. As it opens by default to a file recovery wizard so that you can skin if you’re an advanced user. It allows choosing the type of file you’re trying to recover and it’ll focus its search accordingly from here. These include picture, compressed, documents, emails and all files are along with those on offer. Besides, it comes with the feature of searching a specific location or all your drives, so that you can opt to choose a deep or quick scan. It flushes out more results when the latter takes much longer. Your results present when done along with every recovered file given a rating depending on its condition.


It lets you recover files either direct from here or switch to Advanced Mode for an honestly better view. This is because the Advanced Mode offers file preview, information as well as a peek at the file’s header. So, why are you waiting for? You can start downloading Recuva from this link: Download Piriform Recuva.

2.     IObit Undelete

Don’t get stressed because IObit Undelete makes file recovery as easy as possible. As it comes with clear, intuitive interface, fast scans, good recovery rates but no deep scans. It’ll be no astonish that IObit Undelete is refreshingly easy to use along with an intuitive interface, which is one of the best data recovery software as painless as possible if you’ve ever used Advanced System Care or IObit Uninstaller. It lets selecting either type of file you need, such as documents, videos, music, and pictures. Also, you can select the drive where they were stored, then click ‘Scan’. As there is no deep option so that the scans are fast and turned up the files you’re looking for. Moreover, it provides you an estimate of recoverability to point out whether reinstallation is likely to be successful.

Besides, if possible it hovers your mouse pointer over the eye icon on the right that lets you preview the file. Also, it’s restoring as simple as checking the correct box with simple clicking ‘Recover’. And the just choose where to save it. Although IObit Undelete might not offer as much grainy control as Recuva, it’s fast, helpful and simple to use. Moreover, it’s ideal if you’ve lost any important files or data and panic is setting in. as a result, it’s highly recommended for you. So, why don’t you download it using the link Download IObit Undelete?

3.     DMDE Free Edition

It’s the other best data recovery software that recovers deleted files and recovers data from dead hard drives. It works with high success rate, disk editing mode along with the intimidating interface. This is why it’s our third favorite free file recovery app that’s often ignored. Because it’s capable of recovering data from a wide array of drives so DMDE Free Edition scores major points. The points include 2TB+ drives rescue from a fried external drive attachment with proprietary formatting. The clumsiest side of the DMDE is that it can’t be the so easy tool to use. Moreover, with the most noticeable choices highlighted, DMDE works while letting you choose a drive and then identifies all partitions that are mountable.

Besides, you’ll get a File Explorer-like view to browse the drive if successful along with the recover what data you need from it. Although it has restrictions on the way you recover data from the free version, there’s no limit to how much you recover. You can simply upgrade to the Express or Standard edition if you want a simpler and faster recovery process. So, why are you waiting for? Here is the download link of DMDE Free Edition.

4.     TestDisk and PhotoRec

If you use TestDisk and PhotoRec you can recover files from any storage media, in hundreds of file formats. It’s one of the best data recovery software that offers an accessible interface and supports many file systems. This is a handy pair of file recovery tools and comes as a set. As it named PhotoRec recovers, so don’t be fooled by the name because of it far more than just photos. Moreover, the software works with a large scale of files system and media, such as hard drives to CD/DVD, memory cards, and USB flash drives. Also, if necessary there are builds for Mac and Linux, giving you the flexibility to recover data from a different computer.

Besides, its deep knowledge works for more than 200 file formats. These help the app reconstructing lost files, and come packaged with TestDisk that can be used to recover partitions as well. As it’s a command line affair, with no mouse support that’s the most complicated thing of the software. However, the software steps you throughout the process via a series of menu screens. And this is because it mounts the target drive in read-only mode, there’s no danger of data being lost if you take a wrong turn. As a result, for example, you can’t write data to the drive you’re recovering from. This is the download link of TestDisk and PhotoRec.

5.     MiniTool Partition Recovery Free

This is the best data recovery software and can save the day when you’ve lost a whole partition. What it can do for you is recovering the lost partitions with simple efforts. Also, it comes with a simple interface and somehow it could be sluggish. But, it works smoothly when you experience the most frightening data loss with the whole drive or partition. This happens when you accidentally deleted a partition or when the partition header gets corrupted. If it happens to you, simply use MiniTool Partition Recovery Free software. It’ll return your partition easily and quickly without leaving Windows. Just trigger to the tool, select the drive and choose either to scan the entire disk or just a portion of it. After choosing the full and quick scans, just sit back and wait until the job is done! So, download the software from here.

These were some of the best data recovery software but not all. There are some other recovery tools, such as Acronis Stellar Data Recovery, Pandora Recovery, Wise Data Recovery, Puran file Recovery, PC Inspector File recovery etc. What you have to do is that simply select which one you need. And just start using when you feel them necessary.

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