Top 10 Best Divorce Attorneys for Men in the US Right Now

You would need one of the best divorce attorneys while the court is not supposed to take the gender of a parent or spouse into account. Also, they are needed any man going through a divorce knows that there is still a great amount of prejudice against men in the family courts and in society while considering the division of assets or child custody. You also need an attorney who knows how to work around this fact and make sure that any amount you are paying is fair when you are getting divorced. So, avoid being the guy who is stuck paying too much alimony. And don’t be those who never got to see his kids while his ex-wife is working under the table and not reporting any of her earnings.

best divorce attorneys

In this post, we’ll introduce with the best divorce attorneys who are tireless to protect your rights during the divorce process. Also, they’ll put pressure on the other party to make sure they are cooperating in the divorce process when will make sure all income on the other side is disclosed. You can trust your future to an experienced while you’re getting divorced.

Why do you need the Best Divorce Attorneys?

As you know that no one gets married expecting divorce. But, it’s difficult to navigate with a calm head because there is a process that tests people and their limits. You can do yourself two favors if you find yourself going down this road. When you’re in the process, you can’t do it your own all of them. So, let’s know why you need the best divorce attorneys for your case. As you’re lying about any financial situation is a crime whether you are trying to hang on to your investments and assets. So, fines and jail time are common because every state has different specific penalties. It’s a simple fact that the divorce is messy. This is why it’s extremely rare that things will go entirely your way.

So, who can do it other than you? It’s the best divorce attorneys that you must contact with. Now, let’s see who they are the best divorce lawyers for men to work for you below:

1. Sorrell Trope: Top among The Best Divorce Attorneys

Short Notes of Sorrell Trope

  • Trial: Tiger Woods (2010)
  • Client: Elin Nordegren
  • Damage: $100 million plus $20,000/month hush fee

About Sorrell Trope

You’re bound to know a thing or two when you’ve been in the divorce business as long as Sorrell Trope has. Sorrell Trope has represented Nicole Kidman, Britney Spears. Also, he will be in Elin Nordegren’s corner during her upcoming divorce trial with golf master Tiger Woods. When it comes to retaining this legal lion, given what’s at stake, Nordegren will undoubtedly spare no expense. It’s the time that’ll say whether he has the skills to take on a moneymaking machine like Woods. Tiger will most likely be begging for a mulligan before all is said and done given this senior lawyer’s background.

2. Daniel Jaffe

Short Notes of Daniel Jaffe

  • Trial: Rupert Murdoch (1998)
  • Client: Anna Murdoch
  • Damage: $1.7 billion

About Daniel Jaffe

Just ask Daniel Jaffe to go up against one of the most powerful men in the world. He is the Beverly Hills lawyer and one of the best divorce attorneys who represented Anna Murdoch during the breakup of her marriage with media mogul Rupert Murdoch back in 1998. Jaffe put together an agreement that allowed his client to walk away with a mind-blowing $1.7 billion settlement not to be intimidated by Rupert’s wealth and power. And, what is about Rupert? Well, the richest men in the world among others, who went on to marry a former employee who’s almost half his age.

3. Fiona Shackleton

Short Notes of Fiona Shackleton

  • Trial: Heather Mills (2008)
  • Client: Sir Paul McCartney
  • Damage: $49 million

About Fiona Shackleton

Chances are your reputation precedes you when your client list includes England’s royal family and Princes Charles’ lawyer having been Prince Andrews’ divorce lawyer. Fiona represents Sir Paul McCartney, world’s most famous man, during his breakup with Heather Mills was only natural. It was far less than the £100 million she was asking for even though Mills managed to get £24.3 million from the former Beatle. During the final settlement hearing, angry Mills reportedly dumped water over the steely lawyer’s head Fiona Shackleton was so aggressive with the proceedings.

4. Donald Schiller

Short Notes of Donald Schiller

  • Trial: Michael Jordan (2006)
  • Client: Juanita Jordan
  • Damage: $168 million, the Chicago estate, and child custody

About Donald Schiller

The legendary and one of the best divorce attorneys, Michael Jordan rules almost all court until he met superstar divorce lawyer Donald Schiller. Juanita immediately hired Schiller to hatch out details of an agreement that would satisfy the terms of their prenup when the NBA legend and his wife, Juanita, filed for divorce in 2006. As a prenup doesn’t necessarily mean you can get out of a marriage unscathed so it just goes to show. Even you’re one of the most legendary athletes of all time, though.

5. Sandra Davis

Short Notes of Sandra Davis

  • Trial: Mick Jagger (1996)
  • Client: Jerry Hall
  • Damage: $25 million

About Sandra Davis

Some of the most high-profile divorces in the U.K have been represented by this British lawyer Sandra Davis. These include negotiating a £17 million settlement for Princess Diana during her 1996 divorce from Prince Charles. When she represented Jerry Hall in her breakup from rock ‘n’ roll legend Mick Jagger, the tough-as-nails Davis appeared in headlines yet again in 1999. As it’s allowed Hall to walk away with a cool $25 million in the bank, the hard-hitting lawyer was able to reach a settlement with Jagger’s camp.

6. Dennis Wasser

Short Notes of Dennis Wasser

  • Trial: Harrison Ford (2004)
  • Client: Melissa Mathison
  • Damage: $118 million plus movie royalties

About Dennis Wasser

In Star Wars, Hollywood superstar Harrison Ford has taken on everything from Nazis to intergalactic bad guys. But, until he faced off with his ex-wife’s lawyer, Dennis Wasser, in divorce court he never truly experienced the dark side. Melissa Mathison was able to walk away from the marriage with $118 million and future royalties from the movies Ford made while the two were married to Wasser in her corner. These include the Fugitive,  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Air Force One, Witness, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,  and Patriot Games.

7. Gloria Allred

Short Notes of Gloria Allred

  • Trial: Eddie Murphy (2007)
  • Client: Mel Brown (“Scary Spice”)
  • Damage: $7 million

About Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred who was a former high school teacher from Philadelphia, one of the best divorce attorneys who went on to make a name for herself as one of the toughest female attorneys. Also, she’s been involved in some of the most high-profile cases of the past 20 years. These include representing actress Hunter Tylo and Shaquille O’Neal’s mistress Vanessa Lopez and Amber Frey in the Scott Peterson trial. By Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel, Allred is expecting to be in the headlines yet again as she was recently hired by Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel.

8. Earle Lilly

Short Notes of Earle Lilly

  • Trial: A-Rod (2008)
  • Client: Cynthia Scurtis
  • Damage: Undisclosed

About Earle Lilly

The media went wild when headlines broke that Yankee star Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia, his wife, were heading for splitsville. Finally, the slugger had been linked to an array of beautiful women, such as Madonna. Earle Lilly was still able to secure an attractive settlement for the scorned wife including a multimillion-dollar home Even though a carefully crafted prenup prevented Cynthia from completely cashing in on A-Rod’s fortune.

9. William S. Beslow

Short Notes of William S. Beslow

  • Trial: Ronald Perelman (1999)
  • Client: Patricia Duff
  • Damage: $30 million

About William S. Beslow

During her highly publicized divorce from billionaire Ronald Perelman during the late 1990s William S. Beslow represented political activist Patricia Duff. As both Perelman and Duff threw volley after volley of insults and allegations at one another the trial gained much attention. Beslow was able to negotiate a $30 million settlement for Duff in the end.

10. Robert Stephan Cohen

Short Notes of Robert Stephan Cohen

  • Trial: Peter Cook (2008)
  • Client: Christie Brinkley
  • Damage: Sole custody of children and ownership of 18 Hampton homes

About Robert Stephan Cohen

Supermodel Christie Brinkley enlisted the aid of attorney Robert Stephan Cohen when she filed for divorce from music legend Billy Joel in 1994. So, naturally, when it came time to divorce her fourth husband, Peter Cook, during their 2008 circus-like divorce trial she hired Cohen again. It paved the way for Brinkley to retain her fortune, as well as her massive property holdings in the Hamptons when Cohen was able to paint a nasty picture of Cook as a porn-addicted adulterer.

So, these were about the best divorce attorneys in the US right now. Comment below if we have left something or if you want to add a name that you get the best support from. Also, share your experience owithattorneys so that our readers get an overview of them.

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