Top 10 Best & Free Apps for PC with Windows 10 OS

As a new user, you can use these free apps for PC with Windows 10 OS. Although it’s said ‘free’, they aren’t all free even the free ones have paid versions as well. Some of them are free and some are paid software. So, if you have purchased a new PC that comes with Windows 10 OS, you can set up this software so that they can meet your various needs for the daily uses. Because the Windows Store has all the apps you need whether they’re for entertainment or productivity. Besides, you can install and run them easily on your PC.

free apps for PC

As a result, we’re enlisting with the links to some free apps for PC so that you can enjoy your device mostly. Also, these apps will help you get the best useful freeware for your Windows 10, which run on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 too, even on the Windows 7. So, we’ll discuss in this post what Windows 10 apps you should get for your computer and how to get them. Now, let’s know the apps those are useful for your PC.

Table of Content

  1. Free apps for PC PCs
  2. Readit
  3. Awesome Tube
  4. Adobe Photoshop Express
  5. Instagram
  6. Netflix
  7. Fresh Paint
  8. TeamViewer: Remote Control
  9. Viber
  10. Enpass

Best & Free apps for PC

We are covering good freeware and free software in our software section from time to time so that you don’t miss any essential app for your PC. As Windows 10 user, you know that it lets you easily install apps that run on all manner of devices, from tablets and phones to PCs and Xboxes. These are not only our favorites but most of them are free as well. So, below are the best and free apps for PC those you can consider for your system.


This is one of the free apps for PC, Readit, which is largely popular for the people who use it every day. It’s for those people who use Reddit to get news or a dose of laughter every day or even meet new friends who have similar interests and to waste company time. Readit is one of the free apps of Universal Windows Platform for Reddit that has a nearly flawless UI. In the Readit app, the posts are all kept in the left frame of the window where you can scroll through them, and anything you actually want to read is displayed. And you’ll get the comments in the right frame of the window. Here is a pop-out sidebar that makes it easy to search and post in subreddits, ensures your Reddit experience is exactly how you want it.

Readit Link:

Awesome Tube

Although Windows has no official YouTube app, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy all your favorite videos in a standalone app. The free version of the Awesome Tube UI makes it easy to browse the most popular videos and you can save videos to watch later. The function of picture-in-picture lets you search for more videos while the one currently playing stays in a small frame. Is there any of your own contents you want to share? The app allows uploading your content. This free UWP app is one of the best as far as YouTube on your PC goes.

Awesome Tube Link:

Adobe Photoshop Express

As many people don’t need quite as many features while the full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements is a powerful editing tool, Photoshop Express is the answer. Also, it comes as the free version along with the basic tools, such as crop, rotate, flip, straighten, etc are there. Besides, you can adjust contrast, brightness, and exposure on-screen. As a result, it’s a perfect, lightweight photo editor for casual users that won’t bog down your PC.

Adobe Photoshop Express Link:


The Instagram is one of the free apps for PC with Windows 10 OS. Once upon a time, it was nothing to write about it, but it has made plenty of updates and currently becomes exactly what a lot of people want it to be. You’ll feel right at home here if you’re familiar with Instagram on your phone. The app offers swipe or scroll to browse through your feed, search for new, interesting contributors, manage your profile, and see all the likes you’ve received. You can go to the below link if you want to download and like to know more about the app.

Instagram Link:


Netflix is also known as a cord cutter’s dream where turning out some pretty incredible original series are lately on top of its enormous collection of beloved TV shows and hit movies. You get easy access to the entire lineup without opening a web browser with the intuitive Windows 10 app. Still, haven’t pulled the trigger on a Netflix subscription? Otherwise, it’s too late! As it’s a paid app, you can choose your plans from  $7.99 to $11.99 per month.

Download Link of Netflix:

Fresh Paint

Fresh Pain is one of the free apps for PC but comes with in-app purchase. It’s a drawing app, which is one of the most impressive Windows modern apps. This is surprising because it supports five multitouch finger points and offers realistic paint, watercolor, and pencil textures for your digital drawing. In case, you’re lacking inspiration packs of cartoons and line drawings offer prefab starting points. Although the fun pack is free, the more artistic Variety Pack is a $1.49 in-app purchase, and the Adventure Pack.  It comes with its 24 character sketches and Friends Pack of mostly pets cost $1.99 each.

Certainly, you can just start finger or mouse painting on a blank page or a photo of your own, with a good variety of brush and pencil tips. Moreover, you also get a choice of a dozen canvases along with paper textures. So, once you’re done, you can export your masterpiece to a PNG file or easily send it to social networks and email. With impressively real-looking paint, it’s a highly polished app.

Fresh Paint Download Link:

TeamViewer: Remote Control

TeamViewer is also one of the free apps for PC for the personal users. But, it comes with in-app purchase and the corporate accounts start at $55. It comes with the combination of access and share features of meeting in a single secure app. Under an elegant interface, it hides most of its complexity where it loads with features and free for non-commercial use. As TeamViewer is the top pick of PCMag for remote access software for enterprise and corporate use. Besides, it’s available on the Windows Store for PCs and mobiles, as well as for every other major platform.

TeamViewer Download Link:


Viber is another app as of the free apps for PC. But, it comes with in-app purchases options. It’s another excellent service in the communications genre. Viber provides Skype-like video calling and calling to standard telephones as well. But, it needs a mobile phone number plus the app installed on that phone in order to work, unlike Skype and Facebook Messenger. And, there’s an extensive sticker market. Cool Windows 10 capability as with Facebook Messenger. Besides, the Viber app lets you reply to text messages right from the Action Center notification.

Viber Download Link


As the extra security is becoming ever more important, it’s one step toward increasing security. This is creating strong, unique passwords. But, the problem is, it’s difficult to remember all your passwords without a password manager. Enpass is one of the free apps for PC. It’s compatible with Windows Hello and has an Edge extension. Further improving security, your data is stored locally. And it comes with all features you love. These include a password generator, time-based one-time passwords, auto-fill passwords, cloud sync, folder support, etc.

Enpass Download Link:

These were some of the free apps for PC, but there are so many different apps as well. Some of them are like Microsoft To-Do, Office 365, Spotify Music, eBay, FourSquareetc. Also, there are other apps such as Polarr, VLC, The Weather Channel, Wolfram Alpha and many more.

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