Top 10 Best Freelance Websites to Get More Jobs Done Quickly

best freelance websites

The best freelance websites have their own approach. Either more or less, all of these companies allow you to do the same thing in essence. As a buyer, you can post a job description, have people bid on the work, negotiate on price. Also, look at their previous ratings and work history before settling on either a contract rate or a pay-per-hour agreement. Usually, when the work is complete your money is escrowed (or held) by each of the websites and they release the payment to the worker. For example, UpWork and Freelancer are top freelancing sites that streamline and facilitate the process of hiring remote or virtual workers.

Besides, it’s great to use the best freelance websites for those who are searching for additional ways to earn extra money. It’s also for those who want to gain more development professionally and who simply enjoy the freedom of freelancing. Since just as the digital nomad lifestyle rises in popularity, millions of individuals are reaping the benefits of professional freelancing. As it’s so much more than simply signing up on popular platforms you can pick up a guide on how to land great freelancing gigs surely. There are options for anyone in almost any trade to find freelance work whether you are working on location or remotely. Moreover, there are some great websites that you can find work as a freelancer once you’ve established a good portfolio.

Why Outsource & the Best Freelance Websites?

Vworker is one of the best freelance websites and this online job marketplace acquiring Freelancer in 2012. It argues that online outsourcing makes workers “more responsible”. A Gallup Research says that in today’s competitive environment, that’s simply unacceptable where 54% of traditional workers in the U.S. “sleepwalk through their day”. And another 18% actively sabotage other workers. But, when you need them is another reason why many businesses are turning to online outsourcing, the extra flexibility of having to hire staff only when you need them is another reason. You were hiring in your own country and the cost savings can be very significant. But, you also can get access to top quality people at a much lower.

For example, you can hire a quality programmer in California is possibly going to set you back $80-$120 per hour. But, while using outsourcing websites you can find quality programmers either in the US for $30-$40 per hour, or in India, the Philippines or Russia for $10-$15 per hour. So, you can understand the significance of the best freelance websites and the freelance workers.

Best Freelance Websites around the World

There are lots of best freelance websites around the world to get more jobs done. It’s essential for both buyers and workers. Today we’ll know about some top freelancing sites that can make complete your job easy, fast and affordable.

1. Upwork

It’s one of the top and best freelance websites up work that pays just for the verified time spent working for you. Its Work Diary software allows you to see each of team members’ activity levels. Also, their feedback, webcams, and screenshots are on their computer to make workers more accountable. Its payment system is based on either working hours or completed jobs. But, it takes a 10% fee of the employer’s payment to Upwork which equates to 11.11% on top of the amount paid to the freelancer. Above all, Upwork is great when you have a task where you’d prefer to pay by the hour. Also, note that Upwork merges with Elance in 2013 and it was formerly known as oDesk.

2. is another top one among the best freelance websites for the freelancers. Its payment system is as milestones are completed, payment is released when you hire a worker you need to create payment milestones. The payment methods are also based on milestones or complete work. When you see its fees structures, you’ll find the following messes:

  • While posting a project, it takes $5, which is refundable and fully refunded on selecting a Service Provider.
  • Getting a Service Provider for $3 or 3%, whatever is higher
  • If you post a Featured Project, it takes $19
  • While hiding a Project from Search Engines, it takes $3
  • Optional Hide Bids from Other Users – $3
  • Gold Membership – $24.95/month, 0% project commissions
  • Posting a Full-Time Project – $99.95

But, it’s better for project-based work (one-off jobs). Besides, it’s easy to use, and suitable for smaller jobs. As it’s making outsourcing for the first time extremely cost effective for small businesses, its average job is under US$200.

3. Elance

In Elance, you can hire by the hour or by the project and then track progress in your “Workroom”. You can view and manage work-in-progress online instead of on-site. It saves automatically the Messages, screenshots, files and completed work. What the niftiest feature of Elance is that you can invite co-workers to join your Workroom as needed. Upwork merged with Elance in 2013, although both websites retained their separate identities. For the payment, it uses approved milestones or time sheets prior to making payment. Its fees vary between 6.75% and 8.75% from each payment and that’s depending on the project budget.

Besides, to set up an Employer account there is a one-time $10 account activation fee. Usually, Elance is the higher quality providers that are a bit more expensive. It could be the best option for the larger jobs where you need to hire a team with strong technical skills.

4. Guru

Guru caters more to US-based freelancers among 182,000 workers in the US vs. 51,242 in India, and only 1,887 in the Russian Federation. When you need to be able to verbally communicate project requirements working with a native English speaker is sometimes a good option. If you are looking to work with a US-based provider Guru is also a good option. It pays for the completed work and it requires membership from $29.95 to $99.95 per quarter. Besides, its project fee is either 5 or 10% of the Invoice or Escrow amount, which is depending on your membership level. Moreover, it has an Escrow Fee of 2% of the escrowed amount. It only charges when SafePay Escrow is used.


Toptal is another topper among the best freelance websites. It’s mostly for freelancers that have a lot of work under their belt. It comes with a screening process that needs to be completed and passed so that the user can gain access to great clients with substantive projects and competitive compensation. The Toptal’s community of freelancers holds unique technological events along with community gatherings. While making their pool of talent highly valuable, Toptal only accepts the top 3% of applicants who are tested and interviewed.


People Per Hour works to streamline the process of freelancing by organizing communication and payments as well as job management while aiming at web projects for SEO specialists, marketers, and software engineers. As freelancers can browse jobs and get notified for new openings at no cost, so the freelancers can send 15 proposals to clients for free before they will need to sign up for a paid plan. Besides, it requires checking out for those who focus on completing any type of web-focused project.


Freelancers are able to find work in almost any field on the Simply Hired platform. So, it’s ideal for anyone that is looking for additional work. Here, freelancers of 24 countries in 12 different languages can find their work. There will be a client for you whether you are a construction worker or even a sales person. You’ll find a blog with hiring tips as well a location-based search with this platform.


Since there are also lots of freelance marketers you will find the usual types of workers in the freelance world like editors, coders, and writers. Also, you’ll find these work if you’re a freelance worker. Unlike most of the other platforms whose fees and rates vary. Besides, you are able to keep 100% of their earnings, which is a unique thing about this platform. So, IFreelance is one of the best freelancing websites that you can get your job done as a buyer and get your pet jobs as a freelancer.


It’s for those who are looking for a way to earn more cash while they are in school. The College Recruiter platform is aimed at college kids. Here, at their industry of choice Students and recent graduates are able to find part-time gigs aimed. And even some people get lucky and land a career. Students shouldn’t fear a lack of options when they choose to take a freelance work route because there are many types of jobs and clients to be found.


Aquent is another topper among the best freelance websites for freelancers. It comes with the opportunities for freelancers, for freelancers to find contract-to-hire jobs and to work remotely or on site. It offers work around the globe for digital marketing and creative professionals. To really hone in on their skills there are free online courses that provide training in practical skills for freelancers. Also, it allows openings in your selected area search with keywords and a location, or simply browses all of the current jobs.

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