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What is website hosting? Beginners guide for web hosting.

A computer has many files and folders. In a desktop or laptop computer, the hard disk carries them and ready to open them when you want. A web page is also a file similar to a word processing document. Your word processing documents store only on your computer. But all web pages can store all computers in the world through the internet system. Web pages can see the general public. For that, a computer needs to connect to a higher internet. The web pages will appear through a very energetic link. A site which store web pages called web server. It will provide webpage at the request of the user via the internet. A website collects a bunch of web pages and the entire site in the world build World Wide Web (WWW).

Those users who are using websites and web pages called website hosting.

Importance of website hosting:

Your PC can connect to an internet and able to serve web pages. But a home-based internet cannot serve it with many users at the same time. A home-based internet is not so energetic to serve it with many users at a time.

For that cause, website hosting companies introduced with their service. They provide very strong web servers which can be able to store our web pages. They add these web servers on the internet with the very strong connection. It can enable many users to open our WebPages at a time.

You will need web hosting when you want to access a website. To afford a web server we need unlimited money. For this reason, general people cannot be able to afford it.

What do website hosting companies do?

With access web space, web hosting companies offer “value added” labors. This labors transfer from company to company. There are also some key labors offers by all. These key are the domain name of registration and e-mail. They also offer technical support through the internet.

Kinds of website hosting:

There are many types of web hosting you can find. Different websites introduced for different important. An individual can be able to set up a two-page website. But a wide website hosting package can establish a big company. Web hosting companies offer a few differentiating factor key.

Web space needs for a website:

For making your website, how much web space need from the web hosting company? It needs about 100 megabytes mark for starting. You can access it up to 1000 or 2000 megabytes. 100 MB is perfect for general users. There are some companies who are offering more space. They think that 100 MB is the average rate for coming websites.

Email addresses to permit:

The hosting company has a limitation to permit e-mail addresses. Generally, 1-10 e-mail addresses can permit by a hosting company. Some company offers to permit 250 addresses.

If Bandwidth goes overage:

Going over your allotted bandwidth called bandwidth overage. When it is happening some companies cut off your website. Others offer an extra fee extra bandwidth charges.

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