World’s Top Badminton Players in the Latest Ranking of 2018

Today, we’re with the world’s top badminton players in the most recent ranking of 2018. As you know badminton is one of the very popular games around the world, specifically in the Asian countries and also is a major event in the Olympic Games. It’s a game that needs great stamina, fitness, agility, and precision. But, it’s not merely a sport, though. They are the one who become great but that are a few players excel in this game. Also, it’s fun to play other than being an international level professional sport. Moreover, it not only keeps you physically and mentally fit but increases your social circle as well. Badminton also has some great players who have engraved their names on the list of the top like all other sports.

top badminton players

Besides, badminton is one of the most popular sports after soccer being the first racquet sport in the world. Badminton is also governed by an International body “Badminton World Federation” like every other sport. It works for the development of badminton as a sport in tandem with other regional bodies.

So, let’s get the list of top badminton players in the most recent ranking of 2018 across the world right now.

1. Lee Chong Wei Best among the Top Badminton Players

Lee Chong Wei is a professional badminton player from Malaysia and securing the best position among the top badminton players right now. He ranked first worldwide during the period August 2008- June 2012 as a singles player. Also, he holds the record for more than a year of being the only Malaysian player to rank first worldwide. He bagged three silver medals at the sixth player to win an Olympic medal from Malaysia when it comes to Olympic achievement.

But, his favorite sport was Basketball As a child. However, after his mom banned him from playing Basketball anymore he took a liking to badminton. And then, he admired ‘Sun Jun’ of China while growing up. Now, he is considered as one of the finest and top badminton players from Malaysia. Also has ever produced in the last 10 years as so talented player. He likes to play with the Yonex Duora10, which is one of the top badminton rackets as well.

2. Chen Long Best among the Top Badminton Players

Chen Long is another one among the top badminton players right now. He is also known as “Junior Lin Dan” / “Little Dan” and he is from China. This 25-year-old started his career with junior championships in 2007 BWF World Junior Championships and ranked no. 2 worldwide. He defeats Lee Chong for an Olympic gold medal clearly signaling himself as the new champion in 2016’s Olympic game in Badminton Singles. Besides, with the power of his good badminton shoes and playing style, he dominates world badminton.

Moreover, Chen Long is a two-time world and All England Champion. But, he has admitted that he has always followed the two great legends viz. Lee Chong Wei & Lin Dan. Since ever he started watching them in Beijing Olympics and always wanted to be like them.

3. Lin Dan Best among the Top Badminton Players

Lin Dan is the world number three player and he is from China as well. He is considered as the best single badminton player. In his 33, he has completed the Super Grand Slam with all major 9 titles in badminton world. Since sometimes he tends to smash towards the sidelines which are very risky he is a risk taker around the court. When one is off balance it’s nearly impossible to hit smashes. But, he hits it hard if he sees the opportunity he is off balance, though. Super Dan finds these extremely risky shots easily manageable while it may appear risky to us.

4. Viktor Axelsen

Among the top badminton players, 23 years old Viktor Axelsen is from Denmark. He was the World Junior Champion in 2010 and was the first ever European who win the title. Moreover, he won five games out of six singles players. He states “World Junior Championships 2010 Men’s Singles Champion” when asked about his most memorable achievement. He might not have had enough successes in the world-titles owing to his age. But, he is sure to become the next big thing while seeing his potential.

5. Jan O Jorgensen

After Viktor Axelsen, its Jan O Jorgensen how is another addition to the top badminton players from Denmark. In 2014, he won the European championship. Also, he plays in Denmark Badminton League and represents SIF. Although Jan O Jorgensen has had a connection with cricket while he was a teenager, many would not know. But, he is currently at the top list of the best badminton player right now.

6. Carolina Marin

Carolina Marin is the number one among the female top badminton players from this time after winning the Women’s Single World Championship in 2014 and 2015. She is the first Spanish player to become the world No, 1 in the women’s singles. Recently defeating PV Sindhu of India, she won a gold medal in Olympics. Also, she has swifter moves and a powerful smash than anyone else around the court. Moreover, she is the only left-handed player in world rankings. The mental strength and fight back of Marin spirit amaze everyone frequently.

7. Wang Yihan

Wang Yihan is a retired professional badminton player from China. When at only 9 years of age she started her career. For her action-packed performance, she won accolades. She won 2012 Olympics and 2011 World Championships. Also, she won the 2006 World Cup and Asian Championships in years 2011 and 2013. As one of the top badminton players, she always credited her badminton journey to her mother.

8. Li Xuerui

Li Xuerui is world number 3 women’s singles player. She is from China and as a professional badminton player, her track record is brilliant. She won a Gold medal in London Olympics 2012 and runners-up in 2013 and 2014 World Championships. Moreover, she has everything going on for her. For example, she has excellent technique, good coverage on the court, and strength mentally and physically.

9. Ratchanok Intanon

Ratchanok Intanon is the 9th and he is from Thailand. She became one of the youngest to win singles World Champion in 2013 when she is only 19 years of old. Only 19 years of age, she became one of the youngest to win singles World Champion in 2013. Aside from that, she has also won Junior Championship in a row for three years 2009, 2010, and 2011. Besides, she is the first Thai player who becomes world no.1 in Women’s Singles.

10. Tai Tzu-Ying

She won the title of Taiwanese Ranking Competition when she was only 16 years of age being a badminton player from Taiwan. Hence, in Taiwanese Badminton History she is the youngest no. 1. She won five Super Series titles consecutively in 2016 and 2017, and is (as of April 16, 2017) on a 17-match winning streak, to be continued at the 2017 Indonesia Open. Her playing style is very spontaneous and unpredictable. Her disguise shots and fabulous technique makes her stand out from the rest.

These are the 10 top badminton players on our list currently in the world. These best badminton players have a great career worth inspiring. There are plenty of other badminton players you can follow with their amazing career. Get inspired by their hard work and become a great badminton player and you can learn from their experience.

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