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The Spy Who Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me is coming soon to the theatre on August 3, 2018. This is an action-comedy movie from Lionsgate Films and the director is Susanna Fogel and who has co-written David Iserson. Although the film was set to release on July 6, 2018, it’ll release on August 3, 2018. The lead stars of the movie are stars Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, and Sam Heughan.

As you know the genre of The Spy Who Dumped Me is the action-comedy movie, so you will find it’s all about the secret agent. A supermarket cashier and her best friend attempt to finish his last mission after learning her dead boyfriend was a secret spy. With Lionsgate surprisingly coming out on top, this script just went through a bidding war. You’ll see as star Bad Moms breakout Mila Kunis and the Kate McKinnon, in the collaboration. The film director Susanna Fogel creates the television show, Chasing Life. The scriptwriter Fogel and David Iserson have been writing for TV since the early 2000s. Some of his writings are as SNL, Mad Men, New Girl, Mr. Robot, and Mozart in the Jungle.

Trailer of The Spy Who Dumped Me Movie

The plot of the Spy Who Dumped Me Movie

In the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me, the story is of Audrey (Kunis) and Morgan (McKinnon). They are two best friends who innocently get knotted in an international conspiracy. It was at the time when one of the women discovers the boyfriend who derelict her was actually a spy. As a result, Audrey and her best friend Morgan find themselves confused in a major international plan. And she finds that her ex-boyfriend unexpectedly re-enters her life with a team of killers in her trial. Finally, she reveals that he is actually a CIA agent. It was surprising even them, on the run throughout Europe from assassins and the duo jump into action. They were a suspicious-but-charming spy and they come up with a plan to save the world.

Quick Notes of The Spy Who Dumped Me Movie

  • Director: Susanna Fogel
  • Country:  USA
  • Language:  English
  • Release Date:  3 August 2018 (USA)
  • Filming Locations:  Budapest, Hungary in July 2017
  • Genres:  Action-Comedy
  • Production Co:  Imagine Entertainment, Lionsgate
  • Starring: Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, Justin Theroux, Gillian Anderson, Hasan Minhaj, Ivanna Sakhno, and Sam Heughan

The action of Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon in The Spy Who Dumped Me

You’re in luck if you want to know exactly what happens in The Spy Who Dumped Me. This is because the official trailer for the parody spy thriller has dropped recently. Setting this shit on fire by Kate McKinnon is there with cake and helpful suggestions. But, they are out of the thought that how complex their lives are going be. To tell Sam Heughan’s spy guy Sebastian pulls Audrey aside her that her ex-was actually CIA agent. And because of some bad guys are after him now her life is in danger. Also, Gillian Anderson stars as “the Beyoncé of the government.”

In the trailer above Watch Kunis and McKinnon do what you’ve always wanted. Here are don sparkly dresses and kick ass. Also saying that “HERE, I HAVE $100 DOLLARS AND YOU CAN HAVE IT.” You’ll get them all to meet the trust in The Spy Who Dumped Me when it’ll be August 3.

Screenplay Review of The Spy Who Dumped Me

It gets a weird place when it’s the matter of the comedy genre. And it gets more watchful when action diverse together with comedy. The Spy Who Dumped Me movie is that we are talking about. You could count on a comedy being one of the top 5 box office performers of the year whereas a decade ago. They are lucky to finish in the top 20 with the current top-performing comedies. For example, Last year the top comedy films were Central Intelligence and Bad Moms. But, it was Daddy’s Home (no. 22) and Spy (no. 27) the year before. There are numerous people assume Spy bombed. But, it was the second biggest comedy of the year though!

And there are a lot of reasons because comedies don’t perform globally. As a result, the studios don’t care about them as much. Offering plenty of laughs along with their action as the spectacle films are becoming a jack-of-all-trades. Moreover, Youtube provides, laughs are easier to get than ever between the explosions of television that’s the quick fix that. This makes easy to maintain your schedule and you don’t need to block out for them anymore an entire Friday evening.

Meaning of this for you, the Comedy Screenwriter

In the film, you’ll see that Audrey is a 27-year-old who is pissed off and she’s working at Trader Joe’s. At Trader Joe’s, it was three years longer than anyone her age should be working. Although she wants to get her life started, Drew, a recent dumping by her boyfriend hasn’t closely motivated her to kick the ass of life. Besides, Morgan is one of those girls whose parents told her she could be anything she wanted. And she is Audrey’s weirdo best friend who parlays that attitude into pursuing the arts performing the lucrative market.

Audrey is approached by a cute British guy named Sebastian who tells Audrey that Drew is a spy and he needs to know where he is on her 1 year anniversary of meeting Drew. Although Audrey doesn’t know, Drew shows up to get his stuff later that day. Right in front of Audrey’s eyes. It’s only to be assassinated. Drew gives Audrey a jump drive and tells her to deliver it to a guy in Austria or really bad things will happen with his dying breath. On her hands, Audrey doesn’t want any more blood than the blood from her dead boyfriend. That’s why she recruits Morgan because Morgan was happy to play spy and both of them fly to Austria. They realize they’re in way over their heads when they’re there that a cacophony of John Wick level assassins is rapidly on their end.

Why Comedy-Action in The Spy Who Dumped Me Movie?

It’s a good question. I don’t think about this reality yet and the business has course-corrected. With the only tweak being a bigger focus on female-centric comedies its business as usual. As what Sacha Baron Cohen did when he drops the Borat bomb on us. So, we need some fresh thinkers to come along and shake things up. It’s said that coming up with an authentically funny idea is a great place to begin. I still think The Hangover would do gangbusters business as it’s the super-clever premise. Although The Spy Who Dumped Me movie is not the same clever neighborhood, it’s not bad. So, let’s see how it fared. These big ideas professionally script comedies that I found as one of the commonalities. The writers obviously understand how to keep the story moving in a fun method.

If you see in the movie The Spy Who Dumped Me, you’ll get that they finally meet up with Sebastian again. Whereas Audrey’s starting to like, and attempt to discover what the data on the jump drive stands for. She’s confronting with a shocking revelation that throws everything up in the air when Audrey thinks this whole thing will finally be over. We’re hoping these queries will either answer soon or else the amateur spies will finish up ably dead. But, the big weakness of the script is that they’re so beholden to getting that structure down. And the script ends up winning the Screenwriting 101 Structure Contest. Because on the flip side you have Judd Apatow, it’s weird. And the dude could give two shits about formation. If studios would let him he’d make 4-hour comedies.

Which approach is better Comedy or Action in The Spy Who Dumped Me Movie?

The answer is that the ideal situation is to do both. Although you want to keep that plot moving, it’s not as quickly as it mitigates those all-important tummy laughs. This is because we’re here to laugh in The Spy Who Dumped Me Movie. So, it’s the unique challenge with a movie that’s going to market it as a comedy. But, it obliges to the rules of an action spy flip. Also, to keep the plot moving very quickly there is a number rule with those for the film like Bourne. It means that this makes me hopeful that there aren’t as many laughs here as there need to be. And, they never hold up to have them.


Those could be causing that I like The Spy Who Dumped Me movie. Since it gotten itself to a level that most comedy writers will never get, it was so hard to me. And this is the matter that you’re so upset that it doesn’t present more. The scene plays more similar to an action movie. We get the logic that she’s talking to isn’t the right person when we see she sits down and she talks to someone. Above all, the comedy is probably where the biggest disparity is between professional and amateurs. Although it’s so hard to be funny within the confines of the stuffy screenplay rules, they tried better all together.

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