France Wins World Cup Final 2018

France Wins World Cup Final 2018 in Russia with Shine of the Stars

Hip! Hip! Hurrah! France wins World Cup Final 2018 football world cup in Russia when Pogba, Mbappe, Griezmann shine. France beats newcomer, Croatia in the final match by 4-2 goals. This is the second Football World Cup for France and the first one was in 1998, which was 20 years ago. After defeating an underdog Croatian team the World Cup final in Moscow last night, the France world cup wins and was crowned by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Besides, it’s another history for France as a third to ever win the World Cup Football as coach and player. This is because Les Bleus manager Didier Deschamps was the captain in 1998 when his team wins over Brazil in Paris.

You could have ever imagined a match that features anything. These include an own goal, goalkeeper mistake, pitch invaders, and a teenager wunderkind on the net. To lift one of the pre-tournament favorites to the title, a penalty-kick goal from Antoine Griezmann and goals from Pogba and Mbappe were enough. France’s magnificent run in the group stage and the knockout stage that features wins over Australia, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Belgium. So, let’s get some more and interesting of the World Cup Final 2018 of Sunday night.

First ever own goal in world cup final 2018

Although the world cup final 2018 was full of suspense, the own goal of Croatia was the first one and first ever in the world cup football final game. This mistake provides the lead to France in spite of playing better in the first half. In the 18th minute, Mandzukic heads the ball into his own goal post that set France ahead of 1-0. There have been 20 World Cup finals before Sunday’s match for those counting at home. In fact, it was a rough start for Croatia in the first half and Mandzukic heads it into his own net to where France gets the 1-0 lead.

One of the best goals of the world cup final 2018

Croatia knots things up off a beautiful set piece that ends with Ivan Perisic’s rocket golazo just 10 minutes later of the first goal of France. It’s one of the best goals of the world cup final 2018 of Ivan Perisic’s goal. Moreover, because it happens in the most important game these players have ever played it’s significant. It was Ivan Perisic who was the equalizer to make it 1-1 level when his shot takes a slight deflection.

First VAR Appealed goal in World Cup final 2018

for the underdogs, Croatia, it was all downhill from there. After the use of the video assistant referee (VAR) a handball on Perisic was called a penalty kick where Griezmann completes it in the 38th minute. It was the first time we saw it uses in the final with this being the first tournament with video assistant referees (VAR).

Fortnite meets World Cup final 2018

Griezmann did his signature Fortnite dance celebration when he scores from the penalty spot, which is seen in the video game. Debuting it with Atletico Madrid during the La Liga season, the “taking the L” dance has been a celebration of Griezmann’s for a few months.

Manchester United history is made by Pogba in World Cup final 2018

Pogba became the first Manchester United player to score a goal in the final aside from being the first Premier League player to score a goal in the final since Emmanuel Petit for France in 1998 against Brazil. with this fine finish inside the box 59 minutes in, this 25-year-old star midfielder made it 3-1. In World Cup final 2018, it’s Pogba who puts France up 3-1.

Get Back to Pele

Doing something to try and come back but it couldn’t find the creativity in final third Croatia was trailing every knockout stage match this Cup. But, Mbappe ends it smoothly. With this stunning hit atop the box 65 minutes in, this young Paris Saint-Germain star made it 4-1. After that, all are happy history for France and sorrow full defeat for Croatia. Kylian Mbappé was on fire with his action lastly! He is the first teenager to score in a FIFA World Cup final since Pele at the age of 19. As a result, he was awarded as the ‘Young Player’ in World Cup final 2018 in Russia.

Lloris’s Gaffe as Goalkeeper

Due to an error of Hugo Lloris, Croatia was able to get one back from Mandzukic. Although Mandzukic has made the first ever own goal in the World Cup Football Final, he also scored an amazing goal capitalized on the gaffe of French goalkeeper. So, both are history for him in a single match.

Deschamps is the Third to win as manager and player

Now Didier Deschamps has joined to Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer as the winner of a World Cup as manager and coach. Besides, Zagallo was a champion for Brazil as a player in 1958 and as a manager in 1970. As a player for West Germany in 1974 and as a manager in 1990, Beckenbauer did the same.

Pitch Attack in a World Cup final 2018

There was a pitch invasion during the second half of the match as if that wasn’t enough. Before security did its best to stop them, approximately four spectators invaded the field. When you think of the safety of those involved but it was quickly handled it’s a huge concern.

Rank moves up the list with its double

France joins as the sixth country who wins at least two-time world cup football so far. The others are Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, and Uruguay. But, there are just eight teams have won the tournament at least one-time. Besides, since Brazil did against Italy in 1970 France became the first team to score four goals in the final. In the knockout stage, Les Bleus also scored four against Argentina.


Finally, the destiny was helping for France, but heartbreak for Croatia, who was appeared in their first-ever final. World Cup final 2018 was a wild World Cup concluded with a team. Here, miracle run falls painfully short of Croatia. France team deserves managing o step up with its most convincing showing of the tournament with another win.

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