Auto Insurance Claim

Auto Insurance Claim: 5 steps guide on how to do it.

The insurance company offers to protect you. When you fall into any difficulties they contract to you for helping. Sometimes peoples hesitate to inform insurance, they things to handle their problem themselves. But it is not fair when they have insurance.

When you have car insurance and you can realize that you are in difficulties, not be a delay. Inform your insurance company they will solve it.

Here we describe a 5 steps Car Insurance Claim guide:


Inform the Police:

After getting any accident, to make details in the police report is important. When a car accident happens, you might be in a position to not realize the actual situation. In that case, any other party can help you to inform the police. The police will provide emergency services as you need. They will provide help to recover injuries and any damage to the car.

After all emergency works, police will offer a police record of this claim.

Communion to the DMV:

You should understand your responsibilities and do this. If you don’t know clearly, your insurance agent will help you. So contact to your insurance company.


Collect the data about your claim:

It is important to collect peer to peer data about your insurance claim. This data you will give your insurance company. To get ready all the data which need your claim?


Call your insurance company as soon as possible. It will be better to call them in the place instant and while you will be waiting for the police. You also can call them when you will safe.

They will help you to proceed to the next step. They also inform you what you will need to send them. It can happen that your car becomes disabling to drive than they will provide help to move it. Without calling your insurance company you may be disabled to recover your problems alone and will spend unnecessary money.

Step4:- Settle the claim:

After reporting to your car insurance company, they will appoint you a person servicing on your insurance claim.

The rules for filing your claim:

  • This assigning person will investigate the circumstances and contact with third parties to consider your vehicle back.
  • You can contact your claim adjuster for a discussion.
  • If your car needs to go at the garage, your claim adviser can also suggest you about the garage.
  • If you will need any other rental vehicle, as your vehicle becomes disabled. He also can arrange a rental vehicle for you.
  • He also provides all the cost of car repair and helps you to recover from your injury.
  • The more information you can provide them, the more they can be able to help you.

Taking your car fixed and makes payment:

Once the insurance company finished all of their research, you will need to estimate a cost of repairing your car. After an agreement between you and your adjuster that the work has completed, you can back your car after repairing.

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