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World Cancer Day 2018 – Seven tips to prevent cancer

tips to prevent cancer

Today is World Cancer Day. The theme of this year is ‘We Can, I Can’. Cancer is a deadly disease. It’s possible to get relief from the disease if it’s treated in its early stages. But, in any disease prevention is better than cure. And, it’s important to prevent cancer as well. If you want to prevent cancer, the most ... Read More »

Metastatic Cancer – Understand Metastatic Cancer with Details

Metastatic cancer

Metastatic cancer cells look like primary cancer while observing under a microscope. It does not look like the cells in the place where the cancer is available. This way doctors can say your cancer while spreading to another part of your body. For example, when a breast cancer spreads to your lung that calls metastatic breast cancer, don’t call lung ... Read More »

Learn about Cervical Cancer & Detail Ways of Prevention

cervical cancer

Usually, cervical cancer builds up if your cervix cells grow abnormally and out of control. But, it often curable successfully while treating properly in the early stages. Usually, it’s available with Pap test at the early stage. If it not treats, it spreads to the vagina from your cervix. And then, it spreads up to the deeper connective tissue’s layer ... Read More »

Colon Cancer & Colorectal Cancer – Stages – Signs – and Symptoms

colorectal cancer

Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States (U.S) that occurs here. The large intestine or color locates where the body takes out salt and water from the solid wastes. Then the waste moves through your rectum that makes the body out via the anus. This cancer develops in the rectum or large ... Read More »

Head and Neck Cancer- It’s Signs – Symptoms & Risk Factors

head and neck cancer

Head and Neck cancer combines with cancer, which starts within nose, mouth, throat, sinuses, Salivary glands, or larynx. Symptoms include a sore or lump that doesn’t heat, trouble swallowing, sore throat, or your voice change. Moreover, it may include facial swelling, trouble breathing, or unusual bleeding. Up to 75% of head and neck cancer comes with the reason of use ... Read More »

Details of Brain Cancer with Brain Cancer Causes

Brain cancer causes

Brain cancer is a growth of abnormal or mast cells in your brain that close to your brain. American Cancer Society reports, there is 1% chance to develop brain and spinal chord cancer. That means, 1 in 140 men and for women 1 in 180 can affect brain cancer. Since it’s the overgrowth of brain cells, make tumor first. It ... Read More »

Get Details of Esophageal Cancer & Esophageal Cancer Causes

esophageal cancer causes

Esophageal cancer begins in the wall of esophageal that grows outward. When it spreads through your esophageal way, it reaches to your lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are the organ like a tiny and bean shape that helps to fight infection. It spreads gradually to the lungs, stomach, and liver along with other parts of your body. The esophagus is ... Read More »

Find Details of Mouth Cancer with Mouth Cancer Causes

mouth cancer causes

If cancer develops in your mouth is a mouth cancer and sometimes call oral cavity or oral cancer. It’s one of the different types of cancer group that’s in the category of head & neck cancers. They treat often similarly of both mouth cancer and other head & neck cancers. American Cancer Society reports, men face the risk in double ... Read More »

Details of Endometrial cancer & endometrial cancer causes

endometrial cancer causes

Endometrial Cancer is more common in women over 40, but it rare in women under 35 years. Most of these type cancers start in the lining of the endometrium or womb. The fetus grows in the uterus and the about 3” long in most of the non-pregnant women. It diagnoses early stage while you can treat successfully. This is not ... Read More »

Get Detail of Colon Cancer and Colon Cancer Causes

Colon cancer

Colon cancer develops when the tumor grows in your large intestine. It’s the third most common cancer that occurs in the United States. The large intestine or color locates where the body takes out salt and water from the solid wastes. Then the waste moves through your rectum that makes the body out via the anus. This is also the ... Read More »