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Best Open Source Android Apps 2018 You Must Try Them

Let us make your open source device with the best open source Android apps in 2018. We’re here with some open source Android apps that you must try them. One of the reasons why Android flourished so quickly is because it is an open source operating system Other than Google. You wouldn’t have been reading this post if the world’s most famous mobile OS were proprietary. And it could be possible. Just like these products which the search giant shut down in 2016 because there are things that even the mighty Google failed to establish. Although intended to improve functionality and user experience Android does include some proprietary components. But, it puts Android in the category of open source software is base of the Linux kernel.

In addition, the stock Android ROM has been a wellspring of different custom ROMs that developed by third parties. You may know about CyanogenMod that transformed into LineageOS later. Xiaomi, Paranoid Android, Resurrection Remix, etc. are other custom ROMs develop MIUI. After enabling root access on the devices People install these custom ROMs on compatible Smartphone and tablets. Furthermore, for the Android operating system, there are millions of apps and games available. But, in the open source nature of the mobile operating system, a set of open source Android apps would likely complement.

Top 9 Best Open Source Android Apps in 2018

It’s simply that you have to read more code if you want to become a better developer. There is nothing that can replace some fully-functional, exhaustive open-source projects. But, books, blogs, forums are all good to a certain extent. So, what you have to do is take a cup of coffee with sitting and read some codes. We’re bringing some of the best open source Android apps in this content from various categories and genres. As a result, these can fulfill all your development and learning needs. Having a hands-on experience before diving deep into the code you can try these apps directly from Play Store.

1. Best Open Source Android Apps – Orbot

Orbot is one of the best open source Android apps in 2018. It won’t take much time for you to start liking Orbot ff you’re a big-time fan of the Tor Browser. It behaves as the anonymity cover for your Android device because it’s similar to Tor. Also, it behaves as the anonymity cover for the Android device. Orbot first came into existence in 2008 and its developer is the Tor Project. It suggests you use an app called Orfox when you enable the Tor proxy using Orbot. It means that an open source web browser which borrows its source code from Tor Browser. Moreover, it’s using any other browser that you can’t hide you behind the proxy of Tor. The apps on your device to connect to the web using the Tor network because there is an Apps VPN Mode.

Here is the download Link of Orbot

2. Best Open Source Android Apps – Firefox for Android

One of the best open source Android apps in 2018 is Firefox web browser for Windows. So, if Mozilla didn’t make it open source app for Android the best it would have been surprising. The open source web browser brings multi-process with the release of Firefox 54. Also, to the masses as an effort to improve performance and responsiveness it comes with up to four content processes.

Here is the Download of Firefox

3. Prey Helps to Find the Lost Device

If you miss your device, you can use Prey app to track your missing/ lost device. Also, it’s available for other leading platforms. When they get lost the registered devices can be tracked using a web interface. So, you can track device’s location, retrieve files, erase data, and even take a screenshot of the person remotely among many features offered by Prey. Besides, if you want to fetch the latest data an active internet connection on the lost device would be required. These all made it one of the best open source Android apps in 2018. In addition, Prey comes within both paid and free versions. Although the free version is limited in some sense, if you want to track one or two devices at a time you can live with it.

Here is the Download link of Prey

4. The signal for the Encrypted Conversations

The signal is one of the best open source Android apps that enable instant messages and voice calls with the end-to-end encryption method. The app was promoted by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. He sparked global debate over privacy. The Open Whisper Systems was the first publisher of the app, which is available for the iOS devices as well. Open Whisper’s founder Moxie Marlinspike and Trevor Perrin developed the Signal Protocol in 2013. Moreover, it’s also used in other popular instant messaging apps, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Allo.

Here is the Download link of Signal

5. VLC for Android

It does not need to talk about VLC because the open source media player is the default on most computers For Windows OS. Although MX Player might have left behind VLC, it’s still loved by millions of users. It can play all the formats that its desktop brother does and the Android open source app is free to download. When it comes to audio format support, unfortunately, MX Player can’t play AC3 audio due to licensing issues. But, it even outperforms MX Player.

Here is the Download Link of VLC

6. DuckDuckGo Alternatives of the Google Search

We all know that Google is the best search engine in the world. But, because it doesn’t track people it’s better than Google. But, while replacing Google would be a next to impossible task as their presence in our lives is far greater than Google founders would have imagined DuckDuckGo’s argument might compel people to give it a try.

Anyways, you can use at times when you don’t want a cookie from Google and the search engine is available for Android as an open source app.

Here is the Download Link of DuckDuckGo

7. Kiwix is the Wikipedia on the Android

As it’s hard for someone it’s not like Wikipedia. Kiwix comes with the contents of most of the languages with the existing thing in the world. Emmanuel Engelhart and Renaud Gaudin have made Wikipedia accessible without the internet. Kiwix initially focused on making Wikipedia articles offline after launching in 2007. But, maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation it started including content from other platforms in later years. Kiwix downloads complete Wikipedia at once in a compressed ZIM format because the Wikipedia app can make the articles offline.

The open source app is also available for iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and as a web extension for Chrome and Firefox Other than Android. So, it’s one of the best open source Android apps in 2018.

Here is the Download Link of Kiwix

8. Amaze File Manager

It looks like your thirst for the best open source Android apps at this time. So, this file manager app can surely end with Amaze File Manager app. It not only has a great look, but it’s simple in design, root explorer and loads of various features. And all of these, it’s a free app. When you need to open media like images, videos, etc; it uses other apps on the device. But, the downside of the app is one can’t swipe between consecutive images. Instead, you must go back and open the next image. Also, the same thing happens for video where you can’t open the next video straight. As every app has some cons, you can give Amaze File Manager a chance on your Android device.

Here is the Download link of Amaze File Manager

9. Lightning Android browser

Lighting is one of the best open source Android apps as the Android browser. It takes only 10 MB of space in your device. Lightning is an Android browser which comes with built-in support for Orbot proxy and I2P anonymity network. The developer of the app is New York-based Anthony Restaino. The free version of the app only allows users to open up to 10 tabs, which is the only downside of the app.  You’ll get the paid version which doesn’t cost much if you want more.

Here is the Download Link of Lightning


These are some of the best open source Android apps in 2018. But, these are not all of them because you know that there are millions of open source Android applications for you. Among other top open source applications, you can use AdBlock Browser to stop annoying ads. Also, you can use ProtonMail to send end-to-end encrypted emails. If you have any suggestion concerning this issue, please drop your thoughts and feedback.

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