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Top 7 Free Music Apps for iPhone in 2018 For Music Enthusiasts

Based on the online search, there would be millions of free music apps for iPhone and Android phones for music enthusiasts. Although it’s not the exact figure, we consider we’re not far wrong. You have access to just about any type of music program imaginable with all this choice, from streaming apps and internet radio to portable DJ stations and guitar tuners. But, using them all would take more time than you likely have even if you wanted to. Also, it can waste your phone memory as well. Besides most of the best music app for iPhone is available free of cost. But, there are some free music streaming apps come with monthly subscription fees and in-app purchases.

Through these best music apps for iPhone, you can enjoy your favorite music in just about a different way possible. Also, these free music apps for iPhone help you to get your personal music library, identify songs, find radio stations near you, and listen to streaming music. You won’t be able to remember how you lived without them because you’ll be up and running in no time with the free music apps.

Free Music Apps for iPhone for the Music Lovers

We’ve dug up the best and free music apps for iPhone because you can’t download all million apps anyway. However, we’re picking the best music apps for iPhone as you’re looking to learn musical skills, just listen to music, or create your own music list. So, find out the top places online to listen to free streaming music if you’re a music lover. And let’s download free music where you should be going to watch free music videos as well.

Free Music Apps for iPhone – Google Play Music

You might think that getting into Google Play Music at this late stage is somewhat pointless because they announced that Google Play Music will slowly transition into the YouTube Music app. It was the commitment of Google that it will present a music player for music lovers. And, when the transition is complete in about 2019, the playlists of the app will be transferred over. Play Music still grants you full access to your cloud-based music collection on the go regardless of the change. You also can play it from the Play Music website and podcasts. The design is clean, lined with hand-picked playlists and custom radio stations as expected for a Google app. Although it has a free subscription, paid subscription costs of $10/ month give you access to massive song database.

Besides, it comes with personalized radio stations, unlimited skips, and YouTube Red. Moreover, the subscription will eventually transition into a YouTube Music Premium subscription. It also good for background listening, downloads, and ad-free music. On the other hand, you can still upload up to 100,000 of your own songs to Google’s cloud with the free version of Play Music. What’s more, you get will not any ads while listening to your collection. Play Music itself is still a great musical choice while Google’s musical offerings are a little confused right now.

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Free Music Apps for iPhone – Apple Music

Apple’s first music streaming service is Apple Music, which comes with the offer of the complete access to any song in the Apple Music library. It doesn’t a matter where you are.  Available for both Android and iOS it’s a well-designed app, where the service’s catalog of 45 million songs is clearly its biggest draw. Also, it includes a host of radio shows, custom playlists, and more you like to get from it. Besides, it comes with a paid version with the subscription rates of $5 for a Student and a $15 for a Family. Although you can upload 100,000 songs to Apple’s servers, there’s no free option, unlike Play Music.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music is one of the free music apps for iPhone in 2018. This is because it’s going to be Google’s première music app in the foreseeable future. You’ll be able to buy a YouTube Music Premium subscription for $10 when that happens. That’ll provide you background listening and downloads without any ads. Other than, YouTube Premium subscription will also come with YouTube Music Premium for $12 with a free subscription though. YouTube Music just allows you to listen to music from YouTube for the moment with the screen off. But, you can pay for a YouTube Red subscription for $10 a month if you want to listen ad-free. On the other hand, you’ll be interrupted by ads like normal YouTube while using free subscription. Making YouTube Music good the account also gives you access to Google Play Music’s entire catalog.

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Spotify is also one of the free music apps for iPhone and one of the best-known players as well. While it’s boasting more than 75 million subscribers and 30 million tracks, Spotify is a massive force in the streaming industry. When you’re streaming single tracks or entire albums with the option to create custom playlists, this app boasts the same functionality as its desktop counterpart. There is free account option and that only allows for Shuffle Play. But, you’ll have to cough up $10 a month to do so when you choose to play any song, offline and ditch those ads. Also, ditch those ads ily option too if you get the option for a cut-price Student sub that comes with Hulu, a Fam play any song and listen offline.

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Shazam is also one of the best and free music apps for iPhone in 2018. It’s best known for its music-detection skills. Moreover, providing purchasing options and lyrics it let you recognize songs and television shows in a matter of seconds. This is convenient as well that means of streaming the tracks once they are familiar. The app is not only a stand-alone music app, but it works best alongside another streaming app. These include Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and more with the option of open or purchase. There is a real-time chart, which is just a bonus.

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Amazon Music

Although Amazon might have been late to the game, its streaming app is pretty good. This is because Amazon music is one of the best and free music apps for iPhone in 2018. It comes with the offer of free songs and your entire Cloud Player library. These include uploaded songs and also them if you purchased on the site. Besides, its free option, it offers Amazon Music Unlimited for $10 a month subscription. But, if you don’t want to pay that Music Unlimited is economical to $8 for Amazon Prime subscribers. With access to 2 million songs, Amazon Prime members get a pared-down version of full membership. So, if you’re already an Amazon Prime member it’s not a bad deal. However, you may feel slightly left out compared to Google Play Music, Apple Music, or Spotify.

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Vevo offers a remarkable selection of music videos not really a full-fledged music streaming service. It allows you to create genre-spanning playlists and stream live musical performances. Also, simply browse the handpicked selection of HD videos and recommendations of Vevo. So, you’ll be asked to select your favorite music genres and artists when you sign up. Moreover, if there’s a new music video available from those artists the app will notify you. Although it looks like to be one you use as your go-to streaming service, there’s no better app if you love music videos.

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TuneIn Radio

There’s still some great stuff out there because the day’s internet pirate radio has mostly passed. TuneIn is one of the best and free music apps for iPhone in 2018. It comes with more than 120,000 live radio stations from around the globe. The app has on-demand streams encompassing music, sports, talk shows, news, and current events among other stellar offerings. It also comes with a bevy of local content. So, if you’re a sports fan there’s good news for you. It’s that TuneIn’s premium service offers radio access to live NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games and for $10 a month ad-free listening. But, you can still access the live radio stations for free if you’re not interested in that.

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These are the best and free music apps for iPhone in 2018. But, there are more as it’s said already. These include SoundcloudTidaliHeartRadioStingray Qello ConcertsMusixmatch LyricsSlacker RadioDeezerJango Radio etc. All the music apps have free and paid versions with the monthly payment. So, choose your desired free music streaming apps and enjoy!


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