Best Video Calling Apps for Android & iPhones of 2018

best video calling apps

Just a few years ago, even the best video calling apps were with dropped frames, mostly laggy along with the incomprehensive sound. The apps that were efficient compression algorithms get changed with a high-speed internet connection. As a result, the scenario is completely changed because we can interact at once with any person face-to-face within few taps on the phone. But, this was like an imagination of the sci-fi movies before the decade. Although we don’t have Teleportation or Time Travel yet, the technologically advanced in the last two centuries have pushed our civilization to this Space Age, which was the dreamed of our ancestors. It’s the extent technology has touched our lives with high-speed video calling.

On the other hand, there are so many videos calling apps that can make you confused to select the best one. If you read this content up to the end, you’ll definitely find the best video calling apps you’re looking for. We have enlisted some best of the best video calling apps so that you can choose the perfect one. So, let’s see what they are that we’re talking about in short details.

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  • Top 7 Video Calling Apps for Android & iPhones
    1. Google Duo
    2. Skype
    3. WhatsApp
    4. Viber
    5. IMO
    6. Facebook Messenger
    7. JusTalk

Top 7 Best Video Calling Apps for Android & iPhones

As we have said already, we have made a list of the best video calling apps for your Android devices and iPhones. These video calling apps are the best ways to communicate with your beloved ones, family, friends, kids, etc. They come with free of cost and easy to use along with user-friendly. That’s why anybody can use it with a simple effort. So, let’s know about the best video calling apps with their direct downloading links for Android devices and iPhones.

Google Duo

This is another best video calling app for your Android devices and iPhones. The highlight of the features of Duo is its simplicity of the user interface, which enables your video calling to the front position. It does not only offer a simple user-friendly interface but easy to log in and verify your phone number. Since you can make reliable and faster video call to your friends as you’re making a simple phone call. Duo video calling app offers a “Knock Knock” feature which means that it provides a live preview of the caller when someone calls you. Moreover, it’s a cross-platform app so that the user can use it in both the Android and iOS. Overall, it’s a great app from Google for Android that you can get a try.

Here is the direct download link for Android, for iOS.


Skype is one of the free and best video calling apps that has more than 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. This popular cross-platform tool comes with its native apps of the most platforms, such as Android, Windows, and iPhones. It has the best use of the desktop/ laptop application where it’s not as good as for Android devices but it offers a lot of features. The app allows making video calls to a group of up to 25 people. It not only good for the video calls but perfect for a free text chat, emoticons, voice messages, sends photos, etc.

Currently, it lets integration of the Facebook and Microsoft account. In addition, it allows landlines and cell phone calls for a nominal charge. Because Skype doesn’t compromise on it call quality, it uses more data compared to some other apps. Moreover, if you’re connected with slow internet speed, it comes with low service quality somehow. As a result, the app needs some more modification but its service is about as outstanding as it provides. As the best video calling app, maybe your friends and family are already getting used to the app.

Here is the direct download link for Android, for iOS.


Since it’s one of the most popular messaging apps, WhatsApp is on the list of these best video calling apps that has millions of users. As WhatsApp is cross-platform, the users make more than millions of video calls every day across the world. Besides, it supports most of the platforms, such as Android, Windows, and iOS devices. The app has not only straightforward calling feature but has the minimal hurdles for its users. Because the voice calls and video calls options just appear inside one-on-one chats, so the video calling works quite great. Also, you should not face any issues while using it for chats or calls.

Here is the direct download link of WhatsApp for Android, for iOS.


It’s Viber, which is the other famous and best video calling app in the Play Store for a long time. Since the app gets improved and comes with huge features in it. As a free and cross-platform video calling app, it supports most of the operating systems. These include Android, Windows phones, Apple devices, and Blackberry. Viber is a secure communication tool because it automatically encrypts video and voice calls, text messages, group chats, and photos. Besides, it has an easy to use and user-friendly user-interface where video calling is so simple to do. It lets you start talking with just a click on the ‘Camera’ sign at the side of a user’s name. Moreover, there is an option to play Viber games with friends and, share contact files, public accounts, etc.

Here is the direct download link for Android, for iOS


IMO is another simply best video calling app for Android and iOS because it’s great for video and voice calls over, Wi-Fi or 4G, 3G or even for 2G connections. As it’s stated, it’s one of the best cross-platform video calling apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS. You’ll find that the app is not coming with so many features but you can make video calls, voice and text messages. Even though this fact, this trusted app provides complete encryption to the calls the messages and. As the users said that IMO consumes less data while making video calls and chats compared to most apps, you can make easy group calls, send stickers, share photos, etc.

Here is the direct download link for Android, for iOS

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger comes with the trendy app, which is trusted by a huge number of the users. Since it’s available as free as Facebook, it also supports Android devices and iOS. Besides, you can log in to the app using your Facebook account. Before of this post, you’re already using this video calling app. Also, it offers to connect however you want. This is how you can start a video calling or a text message along with more features. Not only can these but you do even more use the Facebook Messenger. These include sending emojis, stickers, and GIFs, making group video calls, capturing photos and videos with fun art and effects, and playing games, etc. It also allows keeping track of your chats with other users. Moreover, it also offers to make reservations, use it for a business purpose or check on others.

Here is the direct download link of Facebook Messenger for Android, for iOS.


JustTalk is not only secure but focuses on the video calling primarily. As a lesser-known application, the app is very reliable and comes with a lot of fun features. These include doodling during a video call, group video chats with infinite participants, musical ringtones, games, etc. As a cross-platform video calling tool, it provides high-quality video and voice calls overall network. Besides, it allows sending text messages, sharing images along with customizing the app with various themes. Another exciting feature of the app is that it offers to record and save your video calls to the album. Since it contains some in-app purchases but it’s completely free of cost.

Here is the direct download link of JusTalk for Android, for iOS

Since we have said in the introduction, there are many and best video calling apps. These include Hangouts, LINE, Tango, and many more. So, if you find these helpful to you, share your reviews commenting below. This is because your reviews will increase our confidence and quality of jobs.

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