Football World Cup 2018

Who Will Win Football World Cup 2018? Predictions & Odds

We know that every football lover is thinking about who will win the football World Cup 2018. Here we’re also joining to this prediction and odds. In this content, we’ll assume about the potential winner of the FIFA World Cup this year. From average Joes to professional bettors, everyone will lay down wagers on which country is going to be the winner of the Russia World Cup 2018 right now. Moreover, we’ll know about the favorites, underdogs along with the outsiders as well. We have already got eight teams in the 2018 World Cup after completion of the last sixteen.

While France, England, and Belgium are right behind at 4-1 World Cup odds, as 11-4 with eight countries left Brazil is the World Cup 2018 favorite. This is because the last three World Cup champions are all nowhere to be found, such as Germany, Spain, and Italy. You need to see what European football expert David Sumpter has to say before you lock in your FIFA world cup 2018 picks. If you don’t know David Sumpter, he wrote the book “Soccermatics,” that shows how math works inside the game. Reading current odds and all team performance data calculates key metrics the Soccerbot predicts upcoming matches. The Soccerbot is up 1,800 percent on bookmakers’ closing odds in the 2.5 seasons since it was born. That’s 1,800 percent right.

What Does the Soccerbot Say about the Football World Cup 2018?

Some people think that the Soccerbot is destroying the World Cup Knockout Stage of the game. It was all over Brazil and Belgium to win in regulation on Monday.

It correctly predicted draws for Spain-Russia (+280) and Croatia-Denmark (+225). Earlier, the model nailed draws for Argentina-Iceland (+385) and Brazil-Switzerland (+360) and predicted Iran upsetting Morocco at +275 on Sunday. Way up if anyone who has followed it is a way.

The model is calling for in the Football World Cup 2018, which is a huge surprise far better than their odds imply Uruguay, going off with 14-1 odds, has a strong 13.1 percent chance of winning it all. With a 3-0 blanking of host Russia, Uruguay rolled through Group A with an undefeated record. Also, in the Round of 16 to advance to the quarterfinals it then took out Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal. Because the road will be extremely tough from here this is a surprising pick. Taking on France on Friday, Uruguay will face the winner of Brazil-Belgium in the 2018 World Cup semifinals.

So, this is a tremendous value pick because Uruguay’s World Cup odds 2018 imply just a 6.7% chance of winning it all. This is because Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani scored two goals against Portugal. You need to avoid like the plague as the model has also identified a heavy favorite. So, your 2018 World Cup picks could lead to a disastrous ending backing this team.

Top Pick of the Football World Cup 2018

Here, we’ll see which team has the best chance to win the Football World Cup 2018 right here. Also, the long shots is that going all the way.

So, the top pick is as follow:

  1. Brazil 11-4
  2. France 4-1
  3. Belgium 4-1
  4. England 4-1
  5. Croatia 13-2
  6. Uruguay 14-1
  7. Russia 18-1
  8. Sweden 25-1

Favorites to win the Football World Cup 2018

Five-time champions Brazil have returned to the fore as the team considered most likely to win gold in Russia After seeing their status as outright favorites take a hit early into the tournament. As it hasn’t affected their odds, which are the shortest at 5/2 according to dabblebet, Neymar and Co. have a quarter-final game against Belgium to look forward. After 20 years their first and only triumph As well as Brazil, France is among the favorites to win the competition. If you see Les Bleus so highly rated (4/1) considering that Didier Deschamps has an impressive pool of talent to draw from, which includes the likes of Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann you should not surprise. After defeating Argentina in a 4-3 thriller they are through to the quarter-finals.

Besides, with a ‘Golden Generation’ – including players like Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku Perennial dark horses Belgium arrived in Russia. Something that is reflected in their price of 11/2 and that’s now reached a level of maturity. They were at the quarter-finals in2014 World Cup and were knocked out at the same stage at Euro 2016. This is because in the last 16 they have to come back from 2-0 to beat Japan 3-2 with almost the final kick of the game. Moreover, in Russia, they have enough talent in their ranks to warrant a better display.

Favorites Outsiders in the Football World Cup 2018

It’s none other than Croatia is one of the favorite outsiders in the Football World Cup 2018 tournament. Although they had finished third at the World Cup in France 20 years ago, they have failed to replicate the same level of success since. Their status as potential challengers was also undermined by the fact that they needed to qualify via the playoffs after being pipped by Iceland in their group crashing out at the group stage in 2002, 2006 and 2014. However, in their ranks, there are Real Madrid’s Luka Modric and Barcelona’s Ivan Rakitic. They boast the kind of talent other nations covet. A crushing win over Argentina and penalty shootout victory in the last 16 has seen their odds shorten as definite underdogs at 28/1. Also, they will now face hosts Russia in the quarter-finals.

England has had to contend with the pressure of expectation at successive World Cups Over the years. But, to the 2018 edition that did not exist in the build-up. Gareth Southgate’s side is a far cry from the ‘Golden Generation’. So, that fell short in the 2000s and relying on Harry Kane in particular in terms of star quality. They didn’t make frustrated their fanatics while having qualified by defeating Colombia. So, this way they will come up against either Sweden in the quarter-finals. It’s 6/1 of their odds have thus shortened significantly.

Underdogs in the Football World Cup 2018

Uruguay is another team to measured underdogs (12/1) at the 2018 World Cup as two-time world champions. But, they can mount a challenge for honors and they have proved it as well.  The Celeste has finished fourth on three occasions, and they defeated Portugal in the last 16 as well as winning early editions. Ahead of Argentina, they finished second to Brazil in CONMEBOL qualifying. They possess some of the best strikers in world football in Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani is a massive boost. That’s the great fact of them.

Football World Cup 2018 long-shots

The World Cup has been won by tournament hosts on six occasions out of 20 editions so far. But, Russia is very much long shots at 22/1 as the Football World Cup 2018 in fact. Despite the fact, they are under consideration because they win last-16th position defeating 2010 champion Spain. If we go out at the group stage, they struggled at the Confederations Cup last year. But, at this summer’s tournament, they are looking impressive. This is because Aleksandr Golovin is shining in particular.


According to my personal opinion, I like to keep France one step ahead. They are playing in the Football World Cup 2018 with a winning series. But, after that, Brazil is promising despite a big lose of 7-1 with Germany as the host country in 2014. Also, I can’t ignore Uruguay because they are two-time World Cup winner. Besides, they have top star footballer, Suarez who is in the fire already with previous matches. So, all of the predictions are still correct until the last whistle blown by the match referee.

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