World Cup qualifiers fixtures

World Cup Qualifiers Fixtures, Results & Golden Boot Award

Race of the World Cup qualifiers fixtures is over and we already got eight Quarter-finalists. Now, the race of Golden Boot Award is started among some toppers. Also, the race of the Golden Boot 2018 is getting hot gradually. Colombian James Rodriguez’s tally was likely to be well beaten in Russia World Cup because in 2014 Colombia’s James Rodriguez went home as the top scorer with just six goals. But, unfortunately, his team is out of the tournament from the final sixteen. So, today we’ll know the fixtures of the rest of the game and an overview of the footballers those who in the race of the Golden Boot Award with details.

Besides, in the 2018 World Cup that keeps on giving as England defeats Colombia on penalties to reach the quarter-finals yet more drama. Also, Sweden overcame Switzerland 1-0, setting up their quarter-final against England earlier in the day. So, we know so far Uruguay take on France in the first of the quarterfinals on Friday, followed by Brazil against Belgium.

Russia World Cup Qualifiers Fixtures & Result So Far

Here are Russia World Cup Qualifiers fixtures along with the result so far. This is the guide on how to watch every second of the action with a busy schedule. Also, the remaining game’s schedule is at below with timing, venues, TV channels, etc.

Group Stage Results of the FIFA World Cup 2018

In case you forget or miss any match, here we’re including full group stage results before of sharing World Cup qualifiers fixtures of the remaining matches of quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the Final.

So, at first, get the complete result of the game before of the quarterfinals.

  • Thursday 14 June: Russia 5 Saudi Arabia 0
  • Friday 15 June: Egypt 0 Uruguay 1, Morocco 0 Iran 1, Portugal 3 Spain 3
  • Saturday 16 June: France 2 Australia 1, Argentina 1 Iceland 1, Peru 0 Denmark 1, Croatia 2 Nigeria 0
  • Sunday 17 June: Costa Rica 0 Serbia 1, Germany 0 Mexico 1, Brazil 1 Switzerland 1
  • Monday 18 June: Sweden 1 South Korea 0, Belgium 3 Panama 0, Tunisia 1 England 2
  • Tuesday 19 June: Colombia 1 Japan 2, Poland 1 Senegal 2, Russia 3 Egypt 1
  • Wednesday 20 June: Portugal 1 Morocco 0, Uruguay 1 Saudi Arabia 0, Iran 0 Spain 1
  • Thursday 21 June: Denmark 1 Australia 1, France 1 Peru 0, Argentina 0 Croatia 3
  • Friday 22 June: Brazil 2 Costa Rica 0, Nigeria 2 Iceland 0, Serbia 1 Switzerland 2
  • Saturday 23 June: Belgium 5 Tunisia 2, South Korea 1 Mexico 2, Germany 2 Sweden 1
  • Sunday 24 June: England 6 Panama 1, Japan 2 Senegal 2, Poland 0 Colombia 3
  • Monday 25 June: Uruguay 3 Russia 0, Saudi Arabia 2 Egypt 1, Spain 2 Morocco 2, Iran 1 Portugal 1
  • Tuesday 26 June: Denmark 0 France 0, Australia 0 Peru 2, Nigeria 1 Argentina 2, Iceland 1 Croatia 2
  • Wednesday 27 June: South Korea 2 Germany 0, Mexico 0 Sweden 3, Serbia 0 Brazil 2, Switzerland 2 Costa Rica 2
  • Thursday 28 June: Japan 0 Poland 1, Senegal 0 Colombia 1, England 0 Belgium 1, Panama 1 Tunisia 2

World Cup Qualifiers Fixture and Result of Round of 16

  • Saturday 30 June: France 4 Argentina 3, Uruguay 2 Portugal 1
  • Sunday 1 July: Spain 1 Russia 1 (Russia win 4-3 on penalties), Croatia 1 Denmark 1 (Croatia win 3-2 on penalties)
  • Monday 2 July: Brazil 2 Mexico 0, Belgium 3 Japan 2
  • Tuesday 3 July: Sweden 1 Switzerland 0, Colombia 1 England 1 (England wins 4-3 on penalties)

World Cup Qualifiers Fixture of the Quarter-finals

  • Friday 6 July

France vs. Uruguay – Nizhny Novgorod, 3pm (Match 57)

Brazil vs. Belgium – Sochi, 7pm (Match 58)

  • Saturday 7 July

Sweden vs. England – Samara, 3pm (Match 59)

Russia vs. Croatia – Kazan, 7pm (Match 60)


  • Tuesday 10 July

Winner match 57 vs. Winner match 58 – St Petersburg, 7pm (Match 61)

Wednesday 11 July

Winner match 59 vs. Winner match 60 – Moscow (Luzhniki), 7pm (Match 62)

Third place play-off

  • Saturday 14 July, Loser match 61 vs. Loser match 62 – St Petersburg, 3pm

World Cup 2018 final

  • Sunday 15 July, Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm

Note: You’re getting these times those are all the British Standard Time (BST) because the Greenwich Mean Time is set for the central time for all.

The Race of the Golden Boot Award 2018

The Golden Boot Award previously was known as Golden Shoe Award. It’s the award that given to the player who scores the most goals up to the end of the FIFA World Cup tournament. Colombia’s James Rodriguez was the winner in the previous edition. But, it was Germany’s Thomas Muller who was the winner in 2010. There is a lot of competition for the award as several newer players have emerged on the horizon and are in-form before the start of the tournament this year. Before the World Cup begins, it was assumed that either Messi, or Ronaldo even Neymer would be at the Golden Boot Award Race. But, the predictions were completely wrong. None of them are in the list. This is because the team of Ronaldo and Messi is out of the tournament from the round of sixteen.

So, now, we can predict some new footballers those who are in the super eight. We have seen from Kylian Mbappe, to Romelu Lukaku to England’s very own Harry Kane are some of the best forwards in the world at the form of goal-scoring. The top goal scorer in Russia is England’s Harry Kane so far. As a result, he is a number one prediction to win the Golden Boot Award 2018. If it happens, Kane will be England’s first winner of the Golden Boot since Gary Lineker in 1986.

Who are at the Top of the Golden Boot Award 2018?

Shot at winning the Golden Boot Award in Russia this year, here are 8 of them. The first time that had happened for 32 years before Kane repeated the feat 24 hours later against Panama where Lukaku has scored two in each of Belgium’s games so far. So, Kane’s five goals would have been enough to win the Golden Boot award in two of the last three World Cups

The race for the Golden Boot Award 2018

After Russia World Cup Qualifiers fixtures, it’s time to get revealed the Top goal scorers. This is because the Golden Boot Award is for the top goal scorer.

  • Harry Kane (England): 6 goals
  • Romelu Lukaku (Belgium): 4 goals
  • Denis Cheryshev (Russia): 3 goals
  • Artem Dzyuba (Russia): 3 goals
  • Kylian Mbappe (France): 3 goals
  • Edinson Cavani (Uruguay): 3 goals

Winners of the Golden Boot Award So Far

Winners of the FIFA World Cup Golden Boot award are listed below. It’ll show you who win the previous boots in the World Cup Football. According to the history, under the name Golden Shoe, An award for the top goal scorers of the FIFA World Cup was instituted in 1982. The name was changed to Golden Boot Award in 2010. Okay, so, let’s see the name with the country and the year of the World Cup football that wins the Boot.

  • 1st Golden Boot: Italy’s Paolo Rossi in 1982 because of scoring highest 6 goals where the host was Spain.
  • 2nd Golden Boot: England’s Gary Linekar in 1986 because of scoring highest 6 goals where the host was Mexico.
  • 3rd Golden Boot: Italy’s Salvatore Schillaci in 1990 because of scoring highest 6 goals where the host was Italy.
  • 4th Golden Boot: Russia’s Oleg Salenko and Bulgaria’s Hristo Stoichkov in 1994 because both of them scored highest 6 goals where the host was the United States.
  • 5th Golden Boot: Croatia’s  Davor Suker in 1998 because of scoring highest 6 goals where the host was France.
  • 6th Golden Boot: Germany’s Miroslav Klose in 2006 because of scoring highest 6 goals where the host was Germany.
  • 7th Golden Boot: Germany’s Thomas Muller in 2010 because of scoring highest 5 goals where the host was South Africa.
  • 8th Golden Boot: Colombia’s James Rodriguez in 2014 because of scoring highest 6 goals where the host was Brazil.

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