Baaghi 2 Movie Review Tiger Shroff’s Ultimate Action Stunt

Baaghi 2 Movie

Baaghi 2 movie is an all-out Indian action film of Bollywood with suspense and thriller elements. The director of the movie is Ahmed Khan and producer is Sajid Nadiadwala under the banner Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. In the first of the movie is spent completely in the setup. A mother who was upset due to missing her child reaches out to her ex-boyfriend for help.

The story gets an end after getting back the child. In the meantime, the film is nothing but the ultimate action stunts of Tiger Shroff in the whole movie. Also, in the so many action sequences, another main focus remains on Tinger’s and Disha’s relationship and the way their past works in the present. The movie is a sequel to the film Baaghi. Besides, it’s a remake of 2016 Telugu movie Kshanam. The movie releases on 30 March 2018.

The plot of the Baaghi 2 Movie

You’ll see in Baaghi 2 movie a battle-hardened army officer who goes in search of his ex-lovers child. But, the child was kidnapped mysteriously. Neha (Disha Patani) reaches out to those who can help her with her danger, Ronnyy (Tiger Shroff). So, he goes deep into the underbelly of Goa and faces off against drug lords. Here he gets threats from the Russian henchmen along with animals that are blood thirsted. The film is full of daring stunts, air strikes, chase sequences, bomb blasts and other large-scale action sequences. Finally, Ranveer aka Ronny has to solve the mystery of the missing child. These all made it an authentic, bigger than life approach because the movie is truly made to the spectacle.

Trailer for Baaghi 2 Movie

Quick Notes of Baaghi 2 Movie

  • Baaghi 2 movie cast: Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani, Manoj Bajpayee, Randeep Hooda
  • Director: Ahmed Khan
    Rating: 2.5 stars
  • Genres:  Action & Thriller
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release Date:  30 March 2018 (USA)
  • Gross USA:  $1,319,579, 19 April 2018
  • Cumulative Worldwide Gross:  $31,195,696, 16 April 2018
  • Runtime: 137 min

Baaghi 2 Movie Review

Baaghi 2 movie triggers to the happy, menacing continually where the snarling is at everything in sight. It comes in a single standard size, the one that the muscular Tiger Shroff embodies in its entire artificial splendor. He, Tiger, is a shining, mayhem-unleashing mannequin, muscle-bound that, at the least aggravation. So, if you care for your life and limbs, get out of his path! The action-thriller of Baaghi 2 movie that draws power from the virile exploits of this character. It means that it’s complete with heart-pounding, eye-popping, brain-numbing and inordinately drawn-out stunts along with fights. These are the common meant of the high points of Ahmed Khan’s movie. However, in spite of a twist here and a twist there that manages to add a degree of zing to the plot where the monotony sets in rather quickly.

Also, it pushes the film over a soft precipice. Besides, definitely, the hero of the movie is a battle-scar army commando treating a broken heart. He was venting his anger on the enemies of the nation that comes out in one piece no matter what is thrown at him. The film doesn’t. This is because of the cookie-cutter approach to storytelling – an invincible hero. He was responding to a plea for help from a favorite person and he becomes part of four years ago. He runs amok and goes all guns blazing at an entire retinue of vicious antagonists where he militates against the basic principles of the genre. Because it entirely blocks the opportunity of any real touching engagement taking shape between the characters and the audience.

Tiger Shroff’s Stunt Action in Baaghi 2 Movie

In the Baaghi 2 movie, when Tiger Shroff stands, his arms akimbo, eyes glaring, pectorals gleaming, beautifully jawline straining. We can believe that his enemies be they a muscle-bound duo or countless machine-gun rattling bad characters. These all will drop like flies around him. Also, they do, in droves where it’s a promise both the film and the hero keep. Besides, when he moves, kicks, punches, jumps, uses knives and guns, Baaghi 2 movie gets delivered. Moreover, it weakens when it dives into ‘emotion’ and tries to get like an Army hero in touch with his soft corner. Here, the love story is saggy. The heroine, Disha Patani, pretty enough who first appears with a sparkle in MS Dhoni movie comes off insipid and out of her intensity in this movie as well.

On the other hand, the difficulty with a full-on spicy movie going in search of a plot is evident in the way the film unspools. Although the bare bones take from Telugu thriller film “Kshanam”, the fillings are all strictly Bollywood film. It’s an attempt to create difference gets watery down. Finally, unavoidably, all the bang-bang starts feeling familiar, whether it is happening on the streets of Goa. There much of the film is set, or in some location unspecified, jungles, where the long-drawn climax takes place.

Finding Their Ex-Lover

In the second half of the Baaghi 2 movie, tells an entirely different story. You’ll find the slow pace of the romantic track and suspense give way to turns and twists where it culminates in a finale that lacks any rationale or reasoning. So, Ronny goes from the slightly confused soldier to a complete blood-thirsty nutter through nothing but revenge on his mind. As a result, Tiger Shroff gets the chance to exhibit his skills in the martial arts. Here, he turns into a native-version of Rambo because he annihilates an entire army with high flying kicks and blazing guns. Also, this is the trade-style for the substance of the director Ahmed Khan’s movie. Although they feel entirely needless and bit too excessive, the action sequences look slick. In case of missing child, two ex-lovers meet them once again.

India’s Native Rambo

Those who grow on Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger movies might find the sight of Tiger Shroff doing mayhem as a one-man army as a little too over-the-top. In Baaghi 2 movie, he comes as the native version of Rambo in the Bollywood film. He pulls his trademark kicks, punches and looks good as an intense and ripped soldier fight against the enemies. As the movie sticks to its most important man’s strengths and that lets him make an impression. Although sometimes it looks like, over fighting, Tiger Shroff looks good with his all kinds of action stunts as the India Rambo.

Tiger Spares No Effort

In the Baaghi 2 movie, Tiger Shroff spares no effort. It’s not that matters one way or the other because Baaghi 2 rattles unsteadily along a predictable path. It’s that stopping only when the titular rebel fully lives up to the film’s heading. Here, no challenge hurls at the male protagonist is too big. Also, he always proves equal to the task and leaves behind a trail of destruction. Moreover, that is by no means small to the realm of the fiction that Baaghi 2 constructs. It also spills over into the film’s entrails as a whole, giving it a bloated feel. And It’s, in the end, a bloody mess. Tiger roars vigorously, but he can only add to the wild cacophony.

Baaghi 2 Movie Verdict

If you’re one of the action movie lovers, just watch and enjoy Baaghi 2 movie. This is because the movie is a two-and-a-half-hour Rambo stunt show than an authentic piece of cinema. As the character played by Deepak Dobriyal lectures the comparative importance of Hear and Brain, neither the heart nor the mind stands a chance of surviving this relentless onslaught of Pecs, biceps, and clenched fists. In case, you don’t mind that intrinsic drawback, and like Tiger Shroff enough to endure the relentless one-man army operation unfolding on the screen. This film might actually not only pass muster but also, in patches, feel like a visceral treat. That is exactly what the makers are banking upon where Tiger the fan of Shroff base is bound to feel well served.

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