Cricket Ball Tampering Triggers 3 Australian Cricketers Suspension

cricket ball tampering

This is the recent fuel on the cricket engine of cricket ball tampering issue, which has let Australians down over the world. The ball tampering by the Australian cricketers triggers 3 of their cricketers’ suspension. Among the suspension, the captain, Steve Smith and his Vice-Captain David Warner have to digest 12 month’s ban from all kinds of cricket. Besides, another Australian cricketer, Cameron Bancroft, has been banned for 9 months in the same way. This is the content all about but we’ll try to get some more information on this issue.

Now, it’s the matter to discuss that what exactly they were trying to do and what happens now. This content is all about ball tampering in cricket but we’ll try to get some more information on these issues. For example, what are ball tampering in the game of cricket, how do cricket ball temper and some other points? Moreover, we’ll also know about some cricket terms in this post, which are related to the matters.

Table of Contents

  • What is Cricket Ball Tampering in the Game of Cricket?
  • What are the Reasons for cricket ball tampering?
  • How do cricketers tamper with the ball?
  • Risk and reward of Cricket Ball Tampering

What is Cricket Ball tampering in the Game of Cricket?


If you see on the laws of cricket, you’ll find it in law 41 and the subsection 3. A cricket ball can be polished without using an artificial substance, for example, it may dry with a towel and clean mud from the ball under supervision. But, when other things happen except above-said ways, all actions consider as illegal. Generally, these may include rubbing the ball on the playground, scratch with any sharp material, or tampering the ball with the seam of the ball. If we say in the simple sentence, ball tampering is doing anything with the ball in absence of the umpire’s knowledge.

Here are some conditions that don’t come under ball tampering:

  • When a player uses the saliva to the ball and polishes using cloths.
  • If the towel is wet and that uses for cleaning the ball from grass or sand.

Now, let’s see the acts come with ball tampering:

  • If a player uses saliva that in some mint and applies on the ball to smoothen or shine it
  • When a player uses some chemicals, such as sunscreen or Vaseline on the ball to polish it.
  • If a player alters the match ball either using fingernails or bite.

What are the Reasons for cricket ball tampering?

Now, the matter of discussion is why Australian cricketers tamper the cricket ball while playing. The main reason for cricket ball tampering is to make restriction the aerodynamics of the match ball. Usually, they tamper the ball because they want to get more favorable bowling conditions. For example, when a player applies a substance like the lip balm to shine the ball, it makes a problem for batsmen to play the ball. On the other hand, since one side of the ball gets rough and batsmen cant play the ball easily. The complete benefits of ball tampering go to the bowlers that enable them to get more wickets.

How do cricketers tamper with the ball?

Cricket ball tampering is not only doing the Australian cricketers but doing or did it all teams. The tradition (!) of ball tampering is continuing since from a long ago of the fielding sides. They’re attempting to challenge this law by tampering the ball with outside materials as well as a continuum of offenses. So, let’s see how a cricket ball can tamper:

  • Applying smooth substances, such as sweet saliva or Vaseline (lip balm) to the smooth side of the ball because the smooth side becomes Smoother. It makes more pressure distinction between the rough and smooth sides.
  • When scuff up the cricket ball, rub the ball on the pitch or use spikes on the booth to scuff up the ball because Rough side gets rougher. It makes more pressure distinction between the rough and smooth sides.
  • If a player picking at the seam, it makes the seam more prominent while helping in the usual swing. But, when picking at the quarter swing, it helps reverse swing as the gap in the cover and it’ll make the damp go deeper. As a result, it makes that side heavier, thus facilitating reverse swing.

Risk and reward of Cricket Ball Tampering

When games are going out of hand, little gains from cheating can bring enough. Currently, sports are very commercial because a large number of viewers watch them. Besides, there are the matters of the big rewards for the winner. Also, there works the considerable pressure to win at any cost because the players are representing their country. Especially, the sport plays an important role in the national identity of the country.

Now, let’s see what Steven Smith said in this confession. He said- “saw this game as such an important game”. Here, the point worked for him is the significance of the game, as well as a wish to win of the team, uses to justify cheating. As a result, the spirit of cricket, which known as the “fair play” was given little thought.

On the other hand, after investigating the match-fixing by the journalist Declan Hill identifies some questions. These may consider when players think to cheat in the game. The importance is one of the key factors of the game. So, potential cheats will also assess whether they can win without cheating and finally the sanctions they risk when they get caught. This way, the cricketers of Australian team thought they are going to lose the match. But, they either didn’t consider they’d be caught or were not deterred by the probable sanctions.


The 12-month ban on Smith and Warner are not the permanent solution to cricket ball tampering issue. The theme of cricket “Fair Play”, which sometimes calls is ‘the gentleman’s game’ must keep in mind of the cricketers. Particularly, it’s better to win in the fairways than cheating because cheating can demolish a career of a cricketer. For example, David Warner steps down from the captaincy of the Sun Risers Hyderabad in the IPL (Indian Premium League). Besides, one year is enough to ruin the journey of their cricket-life.

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