Causes of Cervical Cancer – What is the Risk Factor & Prevention?

If you want to know the causes of cervical cancer, you have to learn about some things that relate it. These include where, why and how it happens in your body. Cervical cancer begins in your cells lining the cervix, which is in your lower part of the womb (uterus). Sometimes it calls the uterine cervix as well. The fetus grows up in your body of the uterus that’s the upper part. Your cervix connects with the uterus’s body along with the vaginal birth canal.

Causes of Cervical Cancer

The cervix is built with two different parts, which covers two different kinds of cells also. Its part is closest to the body of the uterus that calls the endocervix as well as covers with glandular cells. the vagina closest part calls the ectocervix (or exocervix ) and it covers in squamous cells. These are two different types get together at a place that calls the transformation zone. The precise position of the transformation zone varies as you grow old and then if you give birth.

What is cervical cancer?

Recently, the understanding is progressed a lot about what happens is cervix cells if cancer develops here. Moreover, some risk factors to identify, which increase the odds so a woman develops cervical cancer. You may know, the cell’s DNA control the information of the normal human cells. This DNA is a chemical in human cells, which makes up your genes that control how your cells work also. You look like your parents because they are the source of your DNA. But your DNA affects too much just how you look.

The growth, death, and deviation of the human cells control some genes along with some other facts. If a gene that helps cells grow, stay alive and divide, they are oncogenes. And the Genes that assist keep cell increase under control or make then die at the right time, they call tumor suppressor genes. But, cancers causes DNA mutations that means defects of genes, which turn into oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes. There is a virus calls Human papillomaviruses (HPV), which turn off into some tumor suppressor genes. they can allow the cervical lining cells to grow up in a huge quantity that makes the changes in other genes, which sometimes may lead to cervical cancer.

What are the Causes of Cervical Cancer?

You already know, causes of cervical cancer by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which get in your body having a sexual intercourse if someone has it. The HPV are many in kinds, but all are not responsible for cervical cancer. Some of their types may cause genital warts and many of them usually don’t cause any symptoms. You may surprise that most of the adults infect with the HPV at any stage of their life. So, it’s important for women to get regular Pap test because a Pap test finds out the changes in your cervical cells before of turning into cervical cancer. If you take proper treatment of these cell changes, then you may avoid cervical cancer.causes of cervical cancer

Until today, among the causes of cervical cancer, the HPV is found as a majority in number. Because some strains of the virus cause regular cervical cells, to they become irregular or abnormal. Over the time that may need years or even decades and these calls may turn into cervical cancer.

Risk Factors and Causes of Cervical Cancer

Causes of cervical cancer are relating to some risk factors. So, you have to know what the risk factors are that may become cervical cancers. Usually, a risk factor is something that may change your possibility of being a disease, for instance, cancer. The risk factors are different as cancers are different as well. For example, if you expose your skin to strong sunlight, it’s a risk factor for skin cancer. Besides, smoking is one risk factor that causes many types of cancers. But it’s really that if you have a risk factor, or two, does not mean for all time that you must get the disease.

Now, let’s come to the point about the causes of cervical cancer, There are many risk factors that may increase your chance of having cervical cancer. If a woman does not get any of these risk factors, she hardly ever has cervical cancer. Though all the risk factors raise the risk of getting cervical cancer, some of them do not develop this disease while having these risks factors. If a woman gets cervical cancer or changes of pre-cancerous, it must not say a specific risk factor causes it.

So, when you think about the risk factors, causes of cervical cancer, it helps to avoid or change many things for you. These include the way how you get HPV virus or smoking etc. but, some of them that you cannot avoid or change, for example, your family history and age. However, it’s still vital to learn about its risk factors in spite of can’t change them. It’s more significant for women because they have these factors to get standard Pap tests to identify cervical cancer in early stage.

Infection of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Among the causes of cervical cancer, most possible one is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Here HPV is virus group that relates more than 150 viruses. Also, some cause a type of growth that calls papillomas, which are more frequently known as warts. This HPV infects cells of the skin surface along with anus, lining the organ of genital, mouth and your throat. But it does not do that to your internal organs or blood, for example, your lungs or heart. This virus can spread while getting the skin to skin contact from one person to another.

On its way, it spreads through the sexual doings that include anal, oral, and vaginal sex. Some other types of these viruses cause warts on various parts of your body. While some cause of cervical cancer as common warts on feet and hands and other may cause as warts on the tongue or lips. Some kinds of these viruses develop warts on or around the organs of the female and male genital along with the anal area. Usually, these are the types of the low-risk virus because they are not commonly linked to cervical or other cancers.

There are some other types of HPV that call high-risk in types because certainly they are linked to any cancer. These may include cervix, vagina, and vulva in women, penile cancer that happens in men along with cancers in anus, throat, and mouth. You can get infection commonly while having HPV that you can clear it yourself. If the infection does not go out of your body, it becomes chronic. Especially, when certain high-risk HPV types cause chronic infection, it may ultimately cause definite cancers.

Exposing to the DES (diethylstilbestrol)

If you were exposed to a medication calls diethylstilbestrol (DES), you also in danger for this cervical cancer. This type of medication performs with estrogen that considers as to stop a miscarriage. But, it has a link with causes of cervical cancer and abnormal cells in the vagina and cervix. This medication has been banned the US market since the 1970s. You can speak to your mother to decide if she has taken it.

Not only the above risk factors but there are some other that causes of cervical cancer in women. These include smoking, weaker immune system and many more.

What are the Symptoms and Causes of Cervical Cancer ?

In the causes of cervical cancer is one that the changes of cervical cells abnormally. This is a symptom as well but you can get some other if they grow with changes. So, let’s learn about some common symptoms of cervical cancer, but not all and exactly. The symptoms may include while having cervical cancer:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding, such as it happens between menstrual periods while having sex or after it. Or, if it occurs after menopause, then it considers as symptoms.
  • If you have painful lower belly or pelvis, then it considers as symptoms.
  • While having sex it may pain in the area.
  • If you have abnormal vaginal discharge, then it considers as symptoms.

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Causes of Cervical Cancer – How to diagnose it?

Since a part of the pelvic exam, you must get a Pap test also. While doing a Pap test, your doctor scrapes a small section of cells from your cervix’s surface to find its changes. If it shows changes in your cell, then your doctor will do some other tests to be confirmed of cancer cells.

Causes of Cervical Cancer – How Does it treat?

There are some different types of treatments for most of its stages, including:

  • There is surgical treatment, for example, a hysterectomy that removes the pelvic lymph nodes. That may need to remove both of your ovaries along with fallopian tubes. But, sometimes it does not need.
  • You may need Chemotherapy for the patients with cervical cancer.
  • Also, there is Radiation therapy if the need for cervical cancer.

Usually, the treatment depends on how much your cancer has matured. You may have more than one treatment that decides its maturity or growth. Besides, you may require a combination of treatments. But, if you’re with a hysterectomy, then you can’t birth a child. Although a hysterectomy does not require always, cancer diagnoses very early.

Living with cervical caner

Causes of Cervical Cancer – Is Cervical Cancer Preventable?

If you have any symptoms of cervical cancer, then the Pap test is the best way to detect it. You must perform regular Pap tests so that you can find if there are any changes in your cervical cells. If you’re within 26 years, then you have to get the vaccine of HPV. This is a vaccine that protects against HPV that responsible for cervical cancer. Moreover, if you’re practicing sex, then do it with safety with condoms and make a limit of your sex partners.



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