Skin Cancer Causes, Risk Factors & Prevention

One of the skin cancer causes is warm sum while many people love it. Because rays of the sun make them feel better, so it makes them look good within a short term. But, this love affair doesn’t a two-way street; sun exposure causes wrinkles mostly along with spots of age on the faces. If a woman of 40 who protects her skin from sunburn, she may look like a 30-year-old. So, skin cancer causes are many but first and most one is the sunburn. You often may associate a bright complexion with your good health. But, the color of skin you obtain from getting in the sun, or in a tanning booth that actually accelerates age effects.

About Skin Cancer Causes

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of all cancers in the United States. It’s the restless growth of irregular skin cells that may cause skin cancer. This rapid development of irregular or abnormal cells results in tumors, which are either noncancerous or cancerous. Your skin changes while exposing in the sun that you may think it as a normal part for your aging. The ultraviolet (UV) ray damages your skin fibers to your skin calls elastin. If you break down these fibers, then your skin starts to stretch, sag, and lose the ability to get back its previous state.

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1st: What are the Causes of Skin Cancer?

2nd: Skin Cancer Causes due to DNA mutations

3rd: Other Skin Cancer Causes

4th: How the sun changes your skin?

5th: Who’s Most at Risk of Skin Cancer?

6th: What are the symptoms of skin cancer?

7th: How to Prevent Skin Cancer Causes?

8th: When you have to see a doctor?

Main Skin Cancer Causes

There are many risk factors available that may turn into skin cancer causes to you. But, it always not explains how exactly cancer causes. Generally, a risk factor is something that may change your possibility of being a disease, for instance, cancer. The risk factors are different as cancers are different as well. For example, if you expose your skin to strong sunlight, it’s a risk factor for skin cancer. Besides, smoking is one risk factor that causes many types of cancers. But it’s really that if you have a risk factor, or two, does not mean for all time that you must get the disease.

Skin Cancer Causes due to DNA mutations

The cell’s DNA control the information of the normal human cells. This DNA is a chemical in human cells, which makes up your genes that control how your cells work also. You look like your parents because they are the source of your DNA. But your DNA affects too much just how you look. The growth, death, and deviation of the human cells control some genes along with some other facts. If a gene that helps cells grow, stay alive and divide, they are oncogenes. And the Genes that assist keep cell increase under control or make then die at the right time, they call tumor suppressor genes. But, cancers causes DNA mutations that means defects of genes, which turn into oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes.

UV ray is clearly a key and another one of skin cancer causes because these rays damage skin cells’ DNA.  Sometimes the damage changes some particular genes that completely control how your skin cells grow, die as well as divide. If they no longer do that job correctly, then the affected cells may turn into cancer cells. And, the UV rays are not only coming from the direct sunlight but come from some man-made sources. But, normally, it’s not clear definitely when UV ray damages a DNA. There is some damage may get in some years ago cancer comes into view. And some other much of it from gets that occurred for many years.

Other Skin Cancer Causes

But, if skin cancer goes with family, then gene mutations greatly increase its risk from next generations. Skin cancer with inheriting or family causes frequently. This leads eventually to cancer because some other gene changes have been found in skin cells also. These prove a better drugs target for some of them that help to treat it. For example, there is a half of all skin cancer have changed in the BRAF oncogene, which helps to drive their development. But, this is not inherited change and it seems to happen during the growth of the skin cancer. There are some drugs that particularly target the gene of the cells while treating the skin cancer.

How the sun changes your skin?

If you expose into the sun, then many things happen. For example, while exposing to the sun it causes:

  • Actinic keratosis that calls pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions that causes if skin losing its immune function.
  • Coarse and fine wrinkles
  • Benign tumors
  • Discolors the skin that calls mottle pigments
  • Freckles
  • The shallowness of skin along with a yellow discoloration of your skin.
  • Telangiectasias that means under your skin there come dilation of small blood vessels.
  • Elastosis, which means the damage of the flexible tissue that, makes wrinkles and lines.

Who’s Most at Risk of  Skin Cancer ?

Skin cancer causes commonly for both types, such as melanoma and Non-melanoma skin cancer. Some of you’re controlling them, but some others are not.

Sun damage: If you’re with a history of sunburn, or you have spent a huge time under the sun, then you’re at risk. You may develop both of them; melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.

Light skin, eyes, and hair: if you have the less pigment in your skin, then you have a lower safety alongside dangerous UV rays. But, if your skin is dark in color, then non-melanoma is rare. But, you can get another one, the melanoma skin cancer.

Location: If you’re an inhabitant of a warm climate or high height, then you have highly exposed you in the sun. so, you also may face the development of the odds of melanoma skin cancer.

Age: Over the time, you’re experiencing to a greater extent of UV ray damage. The majority non-melanomas bit of embarrassing in 50 years and more.

As a whole, anyone faces the issue of the skin cancer while having not any of above terms. It’s shocking, the fair skin people are at the risk at the greatly along with freckle skin, light eyes. People with dark skin may susceptible to all kinds of skin cancers, but they have lower risk substantially.

What are the symptoms and  skin cancer causes?

It’s the most common skin cancer causes if you find any change in your skin. Usually, if you find a new skin lesion, mole, it transforms into an existing mole. But, if you have a small, pearly, smooth, or waxy bump on your neck, ears, and face, then it maybe basal cell carcinoma. Or, sometimes symptoms come as a flat, brown, pink or red color lesion on your arm, legs, and trunk. Some other symptoms are as below:

  • You may get squamous cell carcinoma that appears as a red nodule, firm, or as a rough and scaly flat lesion. It maybe bleeds, itches, and turns into crusty. Both of your squamous cell and basal cell cancers mostly happen in areas of the skin commonly exposed to the sun. But, it’s not a final statement as it can happen everywhere.
  • Melanoma skin cancer looks like a bump or a pigmented patch that may resemble a simple mole. But, but typically has a more abnormal appearance.Skin Cancer Causes

If you’re looking for melanoma skin cancer, then you must think of the ABCD rule. These can tell you how to find the signs:

  • Asymmetry: It’s in the shape of one half that doesn’t match the other.
  • Border: It has the border with edges that rag or blur.
  • Color: It comes with the uneven shades that maybe black, brown, tan, white, red, or blue.
  • Diameter: It gets the significant change in the size, which is greater than 6mm.

How to Prevent Skin Cancer?

The best shot of the prevention your skin cancer is to protect your body from the sunlight. So, if you want to do it, you can follow the steps below:

  • You must protect your skin from the sun with sunblock, which is at least SPF 30 along with broad spectrum.
  • Wear tight-weave outfits with a large-brimmed hat that cover up you with shadow.
  • You must either avoid the outdoors or get shade while the sun is most powerful.
  • Stay out of the direct sunlight while taking particular medications.
  • You must not use a tanning bed.
  • It’s true; you can’t prevent skin cancer for all time. Although, you can check your skin regularly that may help you find it early if you have. The faster you diagnose and treat, the simpler it’s to heal.

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When you have to see a doctor?

You have to make an appointment with a doctor or dentist if you find any of persistent signs and symptoms that are bothering you. And that’s lasting for a long term. Your doctor will investigate if there are signs and symptoms of skin cancer, such as discoloration of your skin, irregular skin lesion, and many more things.

When skin cancer causes to you, doctors do some investigations. Then they decide what treatment is suitable for you. There are many types of treatment for the skin cancer patients, including Mohs surgery, Electrodesiccation and curettage, Cryosurgery or freezing etc.


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