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Get Details of Lung Cancer with Lung Cancer Causes

This is one of the most serious and common cancers, lung cancer. It starts with windpipe, which is the major airway or the lung tissue. Though there are no early or primary signs and symptoms of lung cancer, it develops eventually. You’ll find them such as bloody coughing, persistent cough, and breathlessness, weight loss, fatigue etc. Its treatment depends on the stages and types of cancer while requiring surgery, chemotherapy or, radiation therapy. This content will make you understand of Lung cancer and lung cancer causes.

What is Lung Cancer?

Basically, lung cancer is a lung tumor of a malignant, which characterizes with uncontrolled lung cells growth. It also calls lung carcinoma, where the growth of cells and tissues spreads in the process of metastasis. That means, it goes to nearer cells, which gradually spreads over the whole body. The cancers start from the lung that generally calls lungs cancers. The most lung cancer occurs while smoking tobacco and it’s 85%. Around 15% cases occur who never smokes, which refers the genetic factors. These are the exposure to asbestos, radon gas, second-hand smoke while other types of air pollution happen.

What are Lung Cancer Causes?

The ultimate result of uncontrollable cell growth, which calls cancer and they don’t die. The healthy cells of your body follow the orderly path that they grow, divide and die. But, the cancer cells break the law and never die, instead multiply to produce more bad cells. The exact causes do not reveal yet, but these guess about the causes. Some of the potential causes of lung cancer below:


Tobacco smoking is by far the main contributor to lung cancer. Cigarette smoke contains at least 73 known carcinogens, including benzo[a]pyrene, NNK, 1,3-butadiene and a radioactive isotope of polonium, polonium-210. Across the developed world, 90% of lung cancer deaths in men during the year 2000 were attributed to smoking (70% for women). Smoking accounts for about 85% of lung cancer cases.

Passive smoking

The inhalation of smoke from another’s smoking—is a cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. A passive smoker can be defined as someone living or working with a smoker. Studies from the US, Europe, and the UK have consistently shown a significantly increased risk among those exposed to passive smoke. Those who live with someone who smokes have a 20–30% increase in risk while those who work in an environment with secondhand smoke have a 16–19% increase in risk. Investigations of side-stream smoke suggest it is more dangerous than direct smoke. Passive smoking causes about 3,400 deaths from lung cancer each year in the USA.


The term, carcinogens are a type of substances, which directly responsible for DNA damage to promote cancer. Your body exposes to carcinogens, the free radicals forms while trying to steal electrons from body molecules. These are liable for damaging cells that affect your cell’s ability to divide and functioning. Around 87% lung cancers happen while smoking and carcinogens inhalation with tobacco smoke.


Lung cancer is the result of the predisposition to genes that comes from family members. You can be born with a certain mutation of genes or, a fault of the gene that develops cancer later time in the life. It happens to either direct lung cancer or other relating issues.

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